The widest road in the world and in Russia

Organization of automobile traffic in largecities and for communication between the most important regions has long been a problem in the most developed countries of the world. Experts from various branches of transport and construction work on its solution.the widest road in the worldThe modern highway is the most complicated and expensive construction. And where is the widest road in the world? There are several options.

What is expensive?

If you define the road not only as puremotorway with several lanes in both directions, but also include dividing strips, soundproofing and other structures, sidewalks, amenities, lighting and navigation systems, that is, to bring together two concepts - road and street, the circle of applicants for the title "the widest road in the world "will be very large. The width of such objects is logically measured in meters and reaches several hundred.

The width of the motorway istraffic movements, it is customary to measure lanes. The most global transport facilities have a total of more than two dozen. Advertising moves in the form of a possible placement on the entire width of the road 160 cars seem to be incorrect. There are cases when on the highway Beijing - Hong Kong - Macao formed a multikilometer plugs with a width of 50 cars. But to consider that this is the widest road in the world is wrong - after all, the road is intended for movement, and not for standing close to each other. In addition, most of this route is paid.

Prospectus of Ministries, Brasilia

This boulevard on a section of 2.4 km long,connecting the Municipal Square and the Area of ​​the Three Powers in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia, has 6 lanes for traffic in each direction. The total width of this street is 250 meters. Most of it is occupied by landscaping, recreational areas, ways for foot communication. On the central avenue of the Brazilian capital - a city specially designed for this function with the participation of famous architects - there are many important objects of city and state scale.

Prospectus of Ministries is listed in the record bookGuinness as the widest road in the world. It was finally built, like the entire young capital of Brazil, in 1960. At its widest point, it has a huge open space - an explant - near unique architectural sites designed by the great architect Oscar Niemeyer. This complex is considered the pearl of the world architecture, although, from the point of view of functionality, it is seriously criticized by both professionals and local residents.

Katy Freeway, Houston, USA

At the end of 2008, theA section of the highway between Houston and its suburbs - Katie. This highway is part of the Interstate 10 (I 10) highway, a state-owned road connecting 8 US states. High traffic intensity required bringing the total number of lanes for traffic to 26. Now about half a million cars a day can pass here.the widest road in the world photo

Of these 26 bands, 12 are the main ones laid fortraffic, 8 - access roads along the edges. Another 6 lanes in the central part are designed for vehicles of high power, capable of moving at great speed. Section I10 highway near Houston - the fourth city in terms of population in the US, Katie Freeway - is the widest road in the world. Photo of this highway, where many complex engineering structures are located, including multi-level interchanges, is an excellent illustration of the problems of modern civilization associated with the growth of the intensity of trucking and the increase in the number of cars.

Along the St. Petersburg ...

As you know, in our country to the roads is special,uneasy attitude. They traditionally refer to disasters, which, of course, do not simplify life, but make it more difficult. Therefore, the widest road in Russia is, like much in recent times, in the metropolitan metropolis. This claim is claimed by two grandiose Moscow highways - the Leningrad and Leninsky Prospects. In some places, the width of these streets reaches 120 meters.the widest road in Moscow

Leningradka begins as a continuation of the mainMoscow street - the 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya from the square near the Belorussky railway station. This direction, which connects the two Russian capitals, since the foundation of Moscow was the most important, having state significance. The road to Tver was a grand entrance to the capital from the time of Yuri Dolgoruky, and from the founding of St. Petersburg acquired the status of the royal tract.

Another major highway in Moscow is the radialLeninsky Prospect, going under one name from the center, from the Big Yakimanka, to the Moscow Ring Road. The basis of this highway was the large Kaluga street that existed before.

Garden Ring road

Reconstruction of the center of Moscow, started in the Soviettime, assumed the maximum expansion of the main Moscow highways. To do this, the demolition of buildings interfering with this process was carried out, or even the movement of entire buildings up to a distance of hundreds of meters. Due to this, in the busiest places of the Garden Ring movement is organized using the largest number of rows in the country.the widest road in Russia

Today the widest road in Moscow,intended mainly for the traffic of motor vehicles, is a section of the Garden Ring in the area of ​​Zubovsky Boulevard. Here you can move in a row of 8 cars in each direction. In some places, you can count 19 bands here.

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The widest road in the world and in Russia The widest road in the world and in Russia The widest road in the world and in Russia The widest road in the world and in Russia The widest road in the world and in Russia The widest road in the world and in Russia