The warmest sea in the world - what is it?

The seas are part of the World Ocean. They are connected to each other in a single network, although they have their own characteristics, which primarily depend on the geographic location of the object. For example, the warmest sea in the world is closest to the equator.

What sea is the warmest

the warmest sea in the world

The Red Sea, located between Eurasia(Arabian Peninsula) and Africa, bewitching beauty. It is the warmest sea in the world. Its waters do not cool below +20 degrees Celsius even on the coldest days. The average water temperature in summer is +27 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the fact that the Red Sea is very close to the equator, rivers do not flow into it. Because of this, it is not replenished with cooler water.

The climate on the coast refers to the tropical desert, and in the far north - to the Mediterranean.

Historical reference

The warmest sea in the world has a fairly telling name. Why was he called Red? In this respect, there are two main versions.

The first explains this by reading the word withSemitic language, consisting of three consonant letters "x", "m", "p". The letters of the Semitic people were translated as "Ahmar", which means "red" from Arabic. Perhaps this translation is erroneous.

The second version relates to the division of the world into parts of the world. Many peoples of antiquity gave parts of the world certain shades. It was believed that:

  • south - red;
  • north - black;
  • east - white.

Perhaps because of the southern location it was called Red.

what is the warmest sea in the world

There is a simpler answer. Many believe that the warmest sea in the world has its name from corals, which have a reddish hue and occupy a significant part of the seabed.

General information

When it became clear what is the warmest sea in the world and why it has such a name, it is worth learning about its physical characteristics.

There is a sea between Africa and Eurasia. It washes the shores of eight states, among which the most famous are Egypt and Israel.

The total area is 450,000 square kilometers, and the water volume is 250,000 cubic kilometers.

The shoreline is not very strong. A noteworthy fact is that the eastern and western coasts run parallel to each other almost along their entire length.

the most salty and warm sea in the world

The water in the sea is very clean. This is due to the already well-known fact that there is no river supply, so that silt and sand do not enter the water. Thus, the transparency of the water is not disturbed.

By age, the Red Sea is veryyoung formations. The beginning of its formation is associated with a crack in the crust of the planet and the formation of the East African fault. It happened 25 million years ago. Since the slabs (Arabian, African) continue to separate from each other, the sea coasts annually diverges by one centimeter.

The Salt Sea in the World Ocean

The Red Sea can rightfully berecord holders, because it is the most salty and warm sea in the world. One liter of water contains 40 grams of salt. For example, in the Black Sea, this figure is one liter to 18 grams.

This is due to the fact that, in addition to the lack of fresh waterwater from rivers, the object drops to 100 mm moisture per year. Evaporates at the same time more than 2000 mm moisture per year. Calculations show that every two days about one centimeter of water evaporates from the sea.

Many expeditions discovered on the bottom of the Red Seamore than 15 places, where at a depth of more than two kilometers the water temperature reaches about +40 degrees Celsius, and the salinity is 261 grams per liter. Hardly after such temperature indicators, we can say that the Mediterranean Sea is the warmest in the world.

Why the Dead Sea is not a leader in salinity

The Mediterranean Sea is the warmest in the world

Often the Dead Sea is considered the most salty. The concentration of salt in it is indeed higher, it is more than 300 grams per liter. Because of this, the existence of most living organisms is not possible there.

However, despite its name, the reservoir belongs to lakes. Therefore, among the seas, the leader in salinity is the Red Sea.

However, these two objects are still related to each other.friend. In order to prevent the Dead Sea from drying out, some scientists consider it advisable to connect it to the Red Artificial Canal. Perhaps in the future they will do so. While the lake remains under threat of extinction. This is due not only to natural factors, but also to human activities.

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