The true meaning of Leila's name

What does the name Leila mean? From Farsi it is translated as "night", and even "dark", "black". So usually they called a girl who has black hair, as if to say: "she is black as the southern night". Therefore, do not give this name to a newborn baby, if it is clear that she will become a blonde or brown-haired woman in the future, it will not suit her. At first Leila was known only in Persia. But later the poet Nizami, revered throughout the East, wrote his famous poem. Therefore, after the saga "Leili and Majnun" became known, this name became popular throughout the Muslim world.The Meaning of Leila

By the way, from this literary work wewe draw a description of the woman herself, who was thus named. Certainly, the importance of Leil's name is influenced by the character of the heroine of the poem. Nizami described the persistent and purposeful girl who keeps loyalty to her lover, despite the fact that her father resolutely opposes their marriage. After all, Case - this is the real name of Majnun - belongs to the hostile tribe. The young man goes mad in separation from his beloved, so his nickname translates as "Obsessed with passion." Majnun and Leila die, never married. However, they unite in heaven. And the legend of their unearthly love - as well as the "tale of Romeo and Juliet."

In memory of them in Azerbaijan (in the homeland of Nizami),Uzbekistan (where according to legend there is a common tomb of lovers) and in the whole Middle East girls are called Leila. The meaning of the name influences the character of its bearer: it is passionate, faithful, intelligent and beautiful. Stubborn and sincere, she does not know how to weave intrigues and never betrays. In life she achieves everything by her work. This girl is neat and decent, an excellent mother and a faithful spouse.

What is the name of Leila

And, finally, the Tatar significance of Leila. It's just a flower - a lily. And his diminutive form is Lily. But the flower is not easy. As in the garden attracts attention with its regal look and aroma of snow-white lily, so a girl with this name immediately stands out among her friends. She is charming, intelligent, at school she studies well, and at work she is in good standing with the authorities, because she is executive, responsible and courteous. At the same time, Leila is sociable, spending time with her is easy and pleasant.

But there is another meaning of Leila's name,which comes from the biblical apocrypha. According to him, God first created Adam and Lilith. But the first woman was capricious, she wanted to be equal to Adam, so God destroyed her and created a more compliant Eve from the Adam's rib. In Armenians, the diminutive form of Lilith is Leila. It is believed that its nature depends on the time of birth. Autumn and winter are more stubborn and capricious, but at the same time they are punctual, principled and very assertive. Spring and summer Leila are less strict towards themselves and others, but they are not without ambition.Layla value of the name

It is interesting that in this way girls were calledand in Europe. In the Christian tradition, the female name of Dolores is sometimes used in a diminutive form as Leila, but Lolita and Lola variants are more popular. In the saints it is not listed. But with the onset of the era of globalization, more and more Europeans call their daughters Eastern names, and the meaning of Leila's name is of little interest to them. There are many well-known bearers of the glorious name: Leyla Bekhti - kinodiva from France, Georgian actress Abashidze, and also ballerina Vekilova and many others.

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The true meaning of Leilas name The true meaning of Leilas name The true meaning of Leilas name The true meaning of Leilas name The true meaning of Leilas name