The title of "Honorary Donor of Russia". How to become an honorary donor of Russia?

"The world is not without good people" is an utterance familiar to everyone. A person can save a person's life - be it a doctor or a donor. The donor is the source of blood for the needy.

honorary donor of Russia how to become

There were cases when the patient was dying from excessiveloss of blood due to the fact that the donor was not found. Given the importance of the donor case, the state is actively practicing the so-called donor incentive program, and the title was introduced as an honorary donor of Russia. How to become it and what payments and benefits can you expect?

Who can become a donor: general rules

A person who has a desire to become a donor must:

  • to have good health;
  • inform the medical staff about the diseases that he had in childhood;
  • inform the physicians of all surgical interventions that have been performed;
  • confirm or refute contact with infectious patients.

Attention! A donor can become either a Russian citizen or a citizen of another country who has lived absolutely legally in Russia for at least one year.

Who can apply for the title of "Honorary Donor of Russia"?

The list of conditions, compliance with which provides an opportunity to receive the title of Honorary Donor of Russia, is regulated at the legislative level (Federal Law No. 125, No. 317).

To receive a rank of the deserved donor of Russia cannot every person who has visited the donor's office several times. In the list of conditions for obtaining the title there are certain quantitative restrictions.

honorary donor of Russia privileges

So, in order to count on conferring the title of "Honorary Donor of Russia", the benefits and payments to receive that it provides must be met with certain requirements.

  1. To donate blood at least 40 times on absolutely free basis. These donor procedures are carried out in special blood banks.
  2. To hand over plasma of blood not less than 60 times.
  3. Give blood and plasma at least 25 times. At the same time, the total number of donor procedures should be no more than 40 times.
  4. To hand over blood and plasma less than 25 times. The total number of donor procedures should be more than 40 times.

Important! Until 2013, the delivery of blood plasma and its other components were not taken into account. Only people who donate blood could become an Honorary donor.

Before applying for a rank"Honorary donor", make sure that the number of your blood and plasma solutions meets the above requirements. Otherwise, you can not get this title. However, the fact does not apply to Muscovite donors. In the capital, there are slightly different conditions for granting the title, namely, that:

  • the total number of krovosdach was at least 20 times;
  • the total number of plasmoads was at least 30 times.

Now you know how to become an Honorary Donor in Moscow. This turned out to be much simpler than in the other federal territory of Russia.

How to become

Honorary donor of Russia - how to become it? To get this serious title, just donate 40 times a little blood. Still need to collect a certain list of documents and pass a simple procedure for registration. Only after such actions you will officially, legally be called an Honorary donor.


  • Application for registration of the application for the assignment of the breastplate "Honorary Donor of Russia" and the corresponding certificate.
  • A document identifying the person who submits the application (usually a passport or a power of attorney in the case where the documents are filed by the applicant's representative).

how to become an honorary donor

  • A document confirming participation in donorthe required number of times (reference No. 448-05-U). The authorized body that issues such certificates is the city blood transfusion station.

Procedure for the provision of securities

There are several variations, resorting to whichYou can get the status of "Honorary donor of Russia". How to become it, using traditional, electronic or intermediary methods? What are they? In what organs to address? All of these questions will be answered below.

1. The traditional way. With the standard method of registration, a person who claims to be a "Honorary Donor" submits all documents for consideration to the Health Committee, which is located at: St. Petersburg, 191023, ul. Small Garden, house number 1. The body operates from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. The break time is from 13.00 to 14.00. Also, the specificity of the working schedule implies a reduction in the work day for 1 hour on holiday days.

Attention! The filing of securities can be carried out both with direct contact with the health protection office and with the help of postal service.

2. The electronic way. Formed with the help of the Internet resource title "Honorary donor of Russia". How to become it in online mode? To do this, go to the official portal of state services of St. Petersburg and fill out the application in electronic form. When personal data is entered, scanned pages of the identity document (passports) should be attached and certificates confirming the availability of the required quantity of blood and plasma transfers. Also, in online mode, it is possible to check the status of the application for an honorary title.

3. Mediation. Registration takes place through the use of multifunctional centers, in which the documents are submitted. There are such centers in every region of the Russian Federation. As for the package of papers, for the applicant it consists of original documents or their notarized copies. If, however, the applicant's representative addresses the authorized bodies, then he should have his own passport, in addition to the power of attorney.

Now you know all the ways of becoming an Honorary Donor by submitting an appropriate request.


Application for the title of an honorary donorRussia is considered within 95 days from the moment of its submission. At the end of this period, the applicant must be given a badge and a certificate of the Honorary donor, or the applicant candidate receives an official refusal.

Reasons for failure

  • The applicant does not have a registration at the place of residence.
  • The applicant did not submit a document confirming the donation of blood on a gratuitous basis in the amount of 40 times or more or the delivery of blood plasma in an amount of 60 times or more.

Handing over

The breastplate "Honorary donor" is supplied with the certificate in a solemn atmosphere according to the order of the Ministry of Health of the executive authority of the subject of the Russian Federation.

certificate of honorary donor

In St. Petersburg, this body is the Committee on Health. It is he who rewards the donor.

Attention! The badge "The Honorary Donor of Russia" and the certificate, with which it is supported, are issued once. The term of their validity is not regulated, and therefore unlimited.

Honorary donor: benefits and payments

Now we learn how the state encourages people,actively donating blood or plasma. Certain privileges include the title of "Honorary Donor of Russia". These include the list of benefits and financial payments.


In order to fully experience all the privileges that this title gives you, you need to know clearly what benefits the Honorary donor has. The list implies different possibilities.

  1. Independent choice of the time of year in which the next paid vacation will take place in accordance with labor legislation.
  2. Service in medical institutions and organizations of state and municipal importance is out of the queue.
  3. Getting free medical services instate and municipal medical institutions. It is implemented due to the functioning of the program of state guarantees of medical care on a free basis.
  4. Acquisition of vouchers in the sanatorium for the purpose of recovery at "ridiculous" prices and outside the main line. Such permits can be purchased at the place of employment or study.
  5. Receiving annual monetary compensation.

what are the privileges of an honorary donor

Attention! Benefits, which are intended for people who have the title of "Honorary donor of Russia", also apply to the Honorary Donors of the USSR.

badge of honor

The list of benefits can vary depending on thefrom the territorial feature, that is, the district, the region, the city where you live. The exact list of privileges can be found by contacting the social protection authorities in the place of residence.

Special payments

Payments to Honorary donors are appointed annually. The amount of cash benefit initially was 6 thousand rubles, but due to the fact that this amount is systematically indexed (every year), for 2015 the amount of the benefit is fixed at the level of 12,373 rubles. Payments are made no later than April 1 of each year.

Important! According to the law of the Russian Federation No. 68-FZ of April 6, 2015, indexation of material compensation for Honorary Donors of Russia is suspended until January 1 of the next year. If we take into account that the preparation and adoption of the budget will take place in the fall of this year, it becomes evident that in 2016 the annual allowance of this category of population will remain at the same level and will amount to 12,373 rubles.

When is the payment due and under what conditions?

To all Honorary donors of Russia, who were awardedthe appropriate breastplate and a certificate to him, the appointment of annual donor benefits should be addressed to the social protection authorities at the place of residence and provide the following documents:

  • a certain sample application;
  • a document identifying the person and his photocopy (usually a passport);
  • a document proving that you are the owner of the breastplate "Honorary donor of Russia", and his copy (certificate).

 honorary donor title

When registering cash payments, the desired method for their transfer is indicated: the postal office, bank card details or accounts.

Attention! The right to receive regular donations should be confirmed annually. Therefore, the aforementioned package of documents is submitted by the donor to the authorized bodies every year.

And that is not all!

In addition to the basic (federal) benefits and payments,certain regions of the Russian Federation provide additional (regional) opportunities for the preferential category of the population in question. It turns out that the rights of an Honorary donor are significant and numerous.

Thus, Honorary donors who live in the capital on an ongoing basis have the opportunity to use the services of the Moscow public transport absolutely free of charge.

And for the services of denture, these people do not pay a penny (but only in public institutions).

Honorary donor of Russia also has the right to receive a communal discount. Benefits are accrued in 50% of the amount.

In addition, Moscow donors are given a 50% discount on the purchase of medicines at municipal and state drugstores.

honorary donor benefits and payments

However, in order to take advantage of these unique "bonuses", the donor must necessarily sacrifice his blood at least once a half-year.

Some statistics

It should be noted that the number of people who took part in the donor programs is increasing every year.

payments to honorable donors

In 2007 for every 1000 people there are 12donor people, in 2008 - 14 donors, in 2009 - 17 donors, in 2011 - 22 donors, in 2014 - 25 donors. But, despite the positive dynamics, the indicator indicating the normal development of the health protection system, and this is 40 donors for every 1,000 people, has not yet been achieved.

Being an Honorary Donor is useful and profitable! Saving someone else's life and doing a good deed for others, you greatly simplify your life, receiving payments, all sorts of benefits, privileges and rights.

It is interesting!

Donors are people who are respected all over the world. In Spain, even erected a monument in their honor.

 rights of an honorary donor

Governmental bodies of most countries of the worldThey introduced their norms of encouraging people who "give" blood. Privileges can be in both material and non-material forms. The first should include money payments, the second - the receipt of time off and additional days off at work, drawing of symbolic T-shirts, pens, keyrings and other interesting things, awarding in the form of signs and others. The last type of promotion is used in almost all countries. So, for example, in Singapore and Great Britain, whole dynasties of breastplates were introduced: for 25, 50, 75 and 100 donations.

Who would have thought, but there are also such countries inwhose compensation for donation is considered illegal. At the same time it does not matter at all whether this is a monetary reward or not. These countries include Australia and Brazil.

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