The tailbone hurts when you sit or get up: causes and treatment

Coccyx pain is a fairly common problem. For the uninitiated man in the street, such pain may seem like a minor symptom. In fact, pain in the tailbone in most cases can be defined as a manifestation of a serious pathology or injury.

Causes of pain in the coccyx

Initially, it is necessary to determine that the tailbone is the lower part of the spine, consisting of 3-5 rudimentary vertebrae, fused together. Anterior sections are necessary for attaching the muscles and ligaments involved in the functioning of the urogenital system and the distal sections of the large intestine. Moreover, it is to the tailbone that some muscle bundles of the gluteus maximus muscle are attached. These rudimentary vertebrae are also involved in the redistribution of physical activity.

your tailbone hurts when you sit

If the tailbone hurts when you sit, it means that there is a problem that is serious enough to pay attention to it.Various factors can affect the state of this department:

- the negative impact of a solid bicycle seat, which often injures the tailbone while driving on the road with noticeable irregularities;

- fall on the buttocks in the process of active rest;

- if the body is in the wrong position for a long time on the chair (the pelvis is shifted down), then the overloads exerted on the tailbone in this case can lead to damage.

In other words, getting injured is easy enough, so a visit to the doctor should be a reaction to pain in the said place.

Anorectal pain and coccygodynia

These terms are necessary in order to divide the pain in the field of the coccyx into 2 types.

If we talk about such a concept as "coccygodynia", then it should be noted that it characterizes the pain in the coccyx itself. The causes of this condition can be identified changes in the joints, injuries, neuralgic manifestations and salt deposits. With coccygodynia, the tailbone often hurts when you sit and get up. Moreover, in most cases, the patient is often unable to determine the exact localization of pain. In order to clarify the nature of the problem, additional research is often assigned.

why does the tailbone hurt when you sit

As for anorectal pain, its feature is as follows: it gives to the tailbone, but originates in the anus or rectum. The reasons for such discomfort are postoperative scars, various inflammatory diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.

Anorectal disease can also provoke a condition in which the tailbone hurts when you sit. This disease is more common in women of retirement age. You can feel discomfort in the sacrum, coccyx, anus and perineum.

Proctalgia can also be attributed to the causes of pain in the coccyx. At the same time, the sensation of pain is impulsive and lasts from a few seconds to 30-40 minutes.

Causes of pain in the coccyx when standing up

In most cases, pain during lifting from a chair or bed can occur due to injuries. After impact, injury or fall, there is the likelihood of debris, cracks, fractures and displacements. And if the tailbone hurts when you sit and get up, then it should be taken as a signal that there is a specific problem.

Unpleasant sensations while getting up are sometimes the result of surgery or injury in the pelvic region. Adhesions, scars and scars may be related to this condition.

your tailbone hurts when you sit and get up

To correctly answer the question: “Why does the tailbone hurt when you get up?”, You need to consider the following reasons for this condition:

- salt deposits;

- diarrhea;

- pathology of the muscles in the perineum;

- pregnancy;

- postpartum perineal sensation;

- constipation;

- pathology of the nerves in the perineum;

- scar in the anus, formed as a result of surgical intervention;

- pathology of nearby organs;

- violation of blood circulation.

Understanding why the tailbone hurts, it is necessary to realize that the reason for such sensations may be a violation of certain body functions. About this and talk.

Why does the tailbone hurt when you sit

As mentioned above, pain in the coccyx can occur in those who sit a lot and move a little after work. Discomfort can also be a consequence of an overly active lifestyle.

Problems with the coccyx sometimes develop for a more banal reason: people who sit a lot, choose the wrong chair. The bottom line is that the tailbone is one of those areas of the body where the nerve tissue is located. In addition, it is here that muscle fibers are fixed that set the lower limbs in motion.For this reason, proper blood supply is extremely important, as is the innervation of this part of the body.

the tailbone hurts when you sit

In the event that the chair or chair is chosen incorrectly, the cartilage tissue deforms, the vertebrae are displaced and the soft tissues are squeezed. Under these conditions, and the tailbone hurts when you sit. This explains why many office workers at the end of their workday have a feeling of dull pain in the aforementioned spine, accompanied by a slight numbness in the legs.

If we talk about the somatic causes of the disease, it is worth mentioning the following health problems:

- gynecological diseases of the pelvic organs;

- cracks in the anus;

- paraproctitis and proctitis;

- rectal fistula;

- hemorrhoids of the sphincter and rectum.

Each of these pathologies is accompanied by severe clinical symptoms that complement the pain in the coccyx. We are talking about vaginal discharge, palpable palpable hemorrhoidal cones, pain during bowel movements and fever.

Pain in coccyx during pregnancy

As practice shows, the topic: "The tailbone hurts when you sit: causes" is relevant for many mothers who have just given birth, and women still bearing a child.One of the main factors influencing the occurrence of pain in the coccyx during pregnancy is the lack of calcium in the body. The trauma of this part of the spine, whose treatment has not been completed, may also be felt.

hurts tailbone during pregnancy when you sit

Causes of pain in the tailbone in pregnant women include the following problems:

- the threat of abortion;

- the growth of the uterus, creating tension in the bones of the pelvis, sacrum and tailbone;

- inflammation in the area of ​​the fallopian tubes, appendages and ovaries;

- pain after surgery;

- diseases of the bladder;

- diseases of the rectum;

- hemorrhage in the tissues surrounding the tailbone during childbirth;

- spinal diseases;

- infringement of the nerves coming out of the tailbone, fruit;

- the expansion of the pelvic bones leading to the back of the tailbone;

- omission of the perineum;

- postpartum injury.

As part of the theme: "The tailbone hurts during pregnancy when you sit," it is worth noting that pain during or before menstruation may be associated with various neurological and gynecological diseases. To neutralize the problems related to the reproductive system, it is necessary to contact a specialist, leaving attempts to independently influence the disease.

Different types of pain in the coccyx

If the coccyx hurts badly when you sit, and at the same time the discomfort is fixed in the lumbar region (or slightly lower), then it makes sense to talk about neuralgia. We are talking about inflammation of the nerves that go from the sacral or lumbar spine. In the case when the pain is felt under the tailbone, the cause is likely to lie in rectal diseases or in the presence of scars remaining after the operation.

what to do if your tailbone hurts when you sit

Speaking of men, it is worth mentioning the so-called jeep disease, which develops with constant driving on hard vehicles (armored personnel carriers, tanks, tracked tractors, etc.). While moving on such a technique, the tailbone is heavily stressed, which often leads to a cyst or inflammation of the coccygeal stroke.

If such consequences do not lead to timely treatment, then there is a risk of the disease going into the purulent stage and the occurrence of a fistula (pus outward). In the event of such a development, only surgical intervention will be effective.

Disorders of the musculoskeletal system

As mentioned above, one of the answers to the question: “Why, when you sit for a long time, does the tailbone hurt?” Is a spinal deformity.But as a cause of the deformation itself, you can identify diseases such as spondylarthrosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, osteochondrosis, and others. The consequence of these destructive processes is the displacement of the vertebrae and the subsequent pinching of the nerves.

The incorrect position of the spine can also lead to impaired blood supply, which is one of the key conditions for the full operation of any part of the body. As a result, the spine does not receive the required amount of oxygen and nutrients, the lack of which leads to the destruction of bone and cartilage tissues.


If the tailbone hurts when you sit, treatment can be effective only if there is an exact cause of the pain. Without modern diagnostics, this is hardly possible. Therefore, leaving attempts to independently identify the essence of the problem, it is worth a visit to the doctor.

your tailbone hurts when you sit and get up

In this situation, the following diagnostic methods can be considered as relevant:

- Mandatory are X-rays of the sacrum and coccyx;

- sphincterometry and balloonography;

- If necessary, it is necessary to undergo MRI and CT (they allow you to identify the edematous processes and inflammation in the tissues surrounding the tailbone);

- conducting a digital examination in the rectum with concomitant palpation of the coccyx;

- Sigmoidoscopy and rectoscopy.

If we are talking about such a diagnosis as "anocopchic syndrome", then it is important to make sure that the causes of pain are not associated with paraproctitis, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, sciatica and radiculitis. If the tailbone hurts when you sit, you should consider the possibility of dysbiosis.

In order for the diagnosis to be extremely objective, you need to be examined by such doctors as a traumatologist, neuropathologist, urologist and gynecologist.

Treatment methods

In the vast majority of cases, the treatment of pain in the coccyx is carried out using traditional techniques that do not imply a surgical intervention. We are talking about the use of painkillers, complex therapy, including the provision of patient peace, physical therapy, manual therapy, physiotherapy and restoration of blood circulation with the help of massage.

As mentioned above, if the tailbone hurts, when you sit and get up, the reasons are determined before a specific treatment is prescribed. Therefore, the choice of a particular method occurs only after the presence or absence of associated diseases is established.If additional irregularities were found in the body, they are necessarily neutralized.

At the initial stage, treatment is often aimed at correcting all the detected violations, which may be of a combined nature. But initially the patient should get ready for the fact that they may have to deal with diseases such as osteochondrosis, inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system and dysbacteriosis, since they are most often the cause of pain in the coccyx.

In the process of overcoming diseases, ultrasound procedures, physiotherapy, applications and blockades, rectal darsonvalization, mud tampons and UHF therapy are often used. If we are talking about a severe case, then it makes sense to talk about the use of painkillers and inflammatory soothing candles, as well as radiotherapy. There are cases when the patient has blocked muscles in the pelvic floor. To overcome this problem, a massage is prescribed to relieve muscle spasm.

In the presence of serious injuries that serve as a source of pain, surgery is carried out. In some cases, patients receive the help of a psychiatrist.the tailbone hurts when you sit treatment


Answering the question: “What to do if the tailbone hurts when you sit?”, It is worth mentioning the physical exercises that the patient is able to do on his own. Physical therapy is extremely useful for overcoming pain in the coccyx. But it is worth considering some important limitations: the elements of gymnastics should not be associated with fast walking, jogging, jumping, straining and sudden, jerky movements.

If after giving birth the coccyx hurts when you sit, then before you begin to perform the exercises, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor without fail. Elements of the gym itself are as follows:

1. In the supine position, clamp the ball between the two straightened legs (in the area of ​​the feet). It is necessary with the effort to compress the feet for 5-7 seconds. The exercise should be repeated 6-8 times, taking intervals of 10-15 seconds.

2. Lying on your back, legs apart, legs bent at the knees. At the same time, palms should be placed on the inside of the knee joints. Next, you need to try to connect the knees, resisting this action with his hands. The actual number of repetitions - from 8 to 12 times at intervals of 10-15 seconds.

3. At the same position, the ball is clamped between the knees, while the hands are placed on the stomach.The projectile with effort is compressed for 5-7 seconds, and the hands at this time counteract the protrusion of the abdomen.

4. The legs bent at the knees are separated to the side (in the supine position), and the pelvis is raised for 5-7 seconds. As a result, the gluteal muscles are tightened. At intervals of 10-15 seconds, the exercise must be repeated 6-8 times.

Answering the question: “Why does the tailbone hurt when you sit?”, We note that the pain in this part of the spine often hides quite serious problems that, if not treated in time, can cause significant destructive processes in the body. Therefore, if pain is felt in the coccyx, you need to be diagnosed as soon as possible and get advice from a qualified doctor.

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