The story "The Green Lamp": a summary

The story of Alexander Grinevsky, better known as Green, is one of the works of Russian classical literature. The Green Lamp, a brief summary of which will be presented below, is a work that can show every reader how a person can achieve results without anything: no money, no acquaintances, no prospects.

Summary of the "Green Lamp"

It is important to note that the work is very small, so it is easy to read it in the original. However, for those who do not have even ten minutes of free time, we present a brief summary of the Green Lamp.

green lamp summary

It should be noted that the work was written in 1930. The summary of the Green Lamp, like the original of this story, perfectly reflects all the moral principles of that time. Despite the fact that events unfolded in England, in Russia such an attitude toward people was in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

In order for even a very brief content of the “Green Lamp” to be understandable for each reader, we will divide the original work into several parts, and then consider each of them in detail.


Retelling the summary of Green Lamp Green will begin with the events that unfold in the winter of 1920 in the English capital London.

green green lamp summary

From the expensive restaurant there are two respectable men. On the sidewalk lay a young man unconscious. The rich have already thought that this guy was just drunk or completely dead. However, the boy of twenty-five years old woke up and said that he had starved fainting, and that was one of them.

The idea of ​​a joke

One of the millionaires decided to play the poor guy. He helps the protagonist to get up, sits him in a wagon, and with him goes to a restaurant nearby. There he allows the poor fellow to eat and get drunk. The poor man calls his name - John Eve. Eve tells the rich man his story, but the second is bored; he thinks through all the nuances of his joke in his head.

John's life

John tells the millionaire how he got to England. Being still quite a boy, he was orphaned. He was sent to a forester's family from Ireland so that he could be raised properly. When Yves was fifteen years old, the forester died.All of John's brothers went to different parts of the world, and he had to work. The work was sometimes very hard. When the boy was twenty-two years old, he became very sick. Hardly recovered from pneumonia, Yves decided to try to build his life in London. Arriving in London and not finding a job here, John very soon realized that it was very difficult to build his career in the city, especially when you have no education other than primary education. So the guy and became a tramp.

Joke of a millionaire

The summary of Green's Green Lamp continues with the joke of a stupid and brazen millionaire.

The rich man believed that people are the best toys that just need to be used. He offers Yves a deal - he will pay the guy if he promises to rent an apartment and every night he will have a lamp on one of the windows. He should cover the lamp with a green shade. In addition, while the lamp is lit in the room, the poor fellow should not go anywhere and talk to anyone. The millionaire says that Yves will have to wait for his people, who will come one day and make him rich if he keeps it all secret.

story green lamp summary

John does not understand what is happening: whether he is so lucky, or whether this rich man is just a fool who does not know where to invest money. Despite the dubious proposal, Yves nevertheless agrees and fulfills all the conditions. A millionaire's friend does not understand what the joke is about. Then the rich man explains to him that this guy will not be able to spend a long time in constant waiting and will go crazy. The rich man wants to prove it in practice.

Eight years later

The summary of the story "The Green Lamp" continues with very touching events.

A dirty and skinny old man is brought to one of the London hospitals. The poor man is screaming in pain, because not the most pleasant thing happened to him: going down the stairs in the den in the dark, he fell and broke his leg. Fragments of the bone severely damaged the vessels, and the inflammatory process has already begun. The surgeon, who took the beggar, decides to urgently amputate the leg.

the green lamp is very brief

After the operation was done, the surgeon sat beside the old man’s bed. This surgeon was John Eve. He told the old man that he would recognize in him his old richman. Yves asked how it happened that the millionaire had come to poverty.He told him about several card losses, about the fall of the exchange. For two years now the old man has been living in such conditions. The former millionaire asked how John was able to achieve such success. The doctor tells him how from idleness in the light of a lamp he read all the books he had on hand. Once he came across a book on anatomy. He was very interested in the question. I went to the library, took a huge amount of textbooks and reference books, and began to prepare for the exam in order to enter the medical college. Once, when he was returning home, he saw under his window a rich man who mumbled under his breath that he would soon be ruined, and this beggar was a fool who had been waiting for his people that year. Then John wanted to beat the rich man, but he restrained himself.

He did not receive more money, but he already had enough books to get an education. A roommate helped Yves get ready, he was able to go to college and now works as a doctor. After telling his story, John decides to leave. In parting, he tells his old friend to call him when he is well, he will help him find a job. In addition, he gives advice to the old man - when he walks along the dark stairs, let him kindle ... at least a match.

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