The story "Alien Blood": a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, "Don's stories"

One of the best works of the series "Don Stories" (author Sholokhov MA) - "Alien Blood" - tells of selfless parental love, which is an inexhaustible source of good on earth.

Kruchina old father

Grandfather Gavril woke up early. He lit a cigarette every morning, thinking about one thing - about a missing son in the war. Petro was their only one. When the war began, the old man, a former Cossack warrior, ordered him outfits and conducted with the order to fight gloriously, as was customary in their family. And since the son mounted his horse, bravo corrected his saber and moved away from his home base, no one saw him. On what earth did Peter collide his head? Heavy thoughts did not let go of Gavrilo for a minute.

alien blood short contents of sholokhov

Soviet authority

A month after his son left for the village,red. Since that time in the soul of the grandfather, a burning hatred for the new power has ripened. He deliberately wore sarouars with red stripes, and his chest decorated with the medals and crosses received for the years of service to the tsar.

The story continues with the description of Gavril's feelings"Someone else's blood." Summary (Sholokhov describes in detail how the once-stalled economy came to desolation) of the second chapter is that the father was tempted to hope for the return of his son. He prepared for him a sheepskin coat, a uniform, boots, a hat, which lay in a trunk, waiting for the master.

Slowly the time passed until one day GavrilaThe news was: a colleague from Petra returned from Turkey. Grandfather immediately went to Prokhor, but did not find him at home. The whole night the old man did not sleep, waiting for news of his son.

Bitter news

In the morning Prokhor appeared. The conversation began slowly. We discussed life under the Soviet regime, the weather. The father seemed to be afraid to ask the main question, Sholokhov reveals.

"Another's blood" - a short summary of the story youread - a work about what a tragedy the Civil War has become for the people. Like the verdict, Prokhor's words were heard for Gavril: "They cut down! ... To die ... I've seen it with my own eyes. " The only son, the breadwinner, for whose sake he worked all his life! And at night the old man went out to the threshing floor and called quietly: "Sonny! Petro! "Then he lay down on the trampled snow and" heavily closed his eyes "...

The surplus-appropriation

Grandfather lived by himself, did not know the news. The appearance on Sunday of a chairman on the porch and three with rifles surprised him, Sholokhov notes. "Alien blood" - a short summary does not allow us to convey all the details of the conversation - includes a description of the terrible process of seizing bread for the Cossacks. What was acquired by hard work, now passed to the Soviet authorities. Gavril could not save his own good.

Suddenly several horse mountedCossacks. Shoots were heard, then the Kubanese who was in front of him chopped down the orderly ... Everything happened swiftly. Observing what was happening, Gavril did not immediately realize that the Cossack who had jumped to him was asking for oats. But then there was a cry: "From the Mountain of the Infantry," and the mounted mounted from the courtyard - the head of Sholokhov ends.

analysis of the story of someone else's blood Sholokhov m

Someone else's blood

The summary continues with the description of the completely unpredictable deed of Gavrila, who hates the Soviets with all his soul.

Shots in the village died down only in the evening. The old man went out into the courtyard and saw next to the stacks stacked in a row of half-stripped proprietresses. Gavrila bent over the dead. His gaze attracted quite young - no more than nineteen years - a boy. Grandfather unconsciously touched his chest and suddenly felt a weak beating of life. He dragged the wounded man into the house where he had washed his blood, and then rubbed his "vile-cold" breasts until tired.

For four days the uncovered unconscious was lying. Gavril and the old woman poured milk and lamb into his mouth. And when the boy began to show signs of life, the old man sat at his bed and listened to rambling speeches. More and more often he felt, looking at the youngster, how the tears began to boil inside, and experienced unbearable pity. And when one day a commander of a regiment drove past him and asked to take care of the wounded man, Gavrilo firmly replied: "Let's save".

Do not depart from the sick and the old woman, who transferred to him all unbegotten love for the missing son.

Only on the sixteenth day did the boy speak for the first time. The old man, learning that his name was Nikolay, said briefly: "... we'll click on Peter."

sholokhov other people's blood

Content and analysis of the story "Alien Blood"Sholokhov, MA show how, in the soul of the old Cossack, hatred of Soviet power, which turned his whole life around and took away his only son, gives way to a love for an unfamiliar Red Army man who needed his help and care. Thus, the humanistic principle, embodied in every person, comes to the fore.

The son of a son

Nikolay was slowly recovering: thanks to the care of the elderly, the wounds were prolonged, and he was gaining strength. Gavrila felt that he was getting more and more attached to him. He even felt jealous of his wife when he went out into the yard, and she remained next to "Peter." Once my grandfather ordered her to get things out of the chest that she had prepared for her son.

Finally, in the spring, Peter said: "Today I will rise, father!" The last word gave Gavrila "embarrassed joy," Sholokhov writes. Alien blood - the summary does not include descriptions of all the experiences that the old people who looked after a strange son experienced - suddenly became a native.

Nikolai said that he was brought up at the plant,there he worked before the war. Learning that the guy does not have a family, Gavril invited him to stay with them forever. Petyushka replied that while the summer was on, it would be visible.


Nearer to autumn Nicholas brought a letter. The old man, who turned it in his hands, immediately felt wrong and was not mistaken. The former comrades of their named son called him to the plant. Peter lingered for a long time and finally made the decision, which Gavril was so afraid: to go to the Urals.

The parting was difficult: like an old man again accompanied by an old man: "The sun will clear up clear without you." He understood that Petro would never return.

The theme of parental love in the story

Talking about the fate of the old Gavrila, M. Sholokhov emphasizes how inhuman and destructive the Civil War was. Excites the author of another question. For a person it is very important to leave behind descendants who will honor his memory and the traditions of his ancestors. That is why with the death of his own son, Gavril's economy is in decline: there is no one to live for. And suddenly, as a salvation, Nicholas appears, again giving the old people the joy of parental love.

There is another story Sholokhov - "Wormhole". He is about how the hero, unable to overcome the hatred of the new power in his soul, kills his own son, who became a Komsomol member. This describes the terrible split that occurs in individual families and in society as a whole.

sholokhov m and other people's blood

The war spares no one. But in some it awakens humanity and compassion, in others it fuels an increasing hatred that makes one forget about moral laws. This idea proves the short content of the story "Wormhole" and "Another's blood".

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The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories The story Alien Blood: a brief summary. Sholokhov MA, Dons stories