The recipe for drying with minced meat

Drying with minced meat - an excellent solution for the festivethe table. Small meat "sandwiches", and even hot. However, they can be in any form, even cooled down. It is not for nothing that they say that everything original is simple, this proverb reflects the essence of this dish as well as possible.

Consider what the recipe is made of. Drying with minced meat - the basis, and in addition you need products such as milk, eggs and spices. Drying is better to choose small, without flavors, this is ordinary tea, drying to coffee, dairy, for baby food. Drying with the addition of vanillin is also possible, but undesirable, since vanilla is an additive more suitable for sweet dishes.

Minced meat comes from any meat, be it pork,beef or poultry. Ideal will be mixed minced meat, since the combination of two types of meat allows you to achieve a softer taste and optimal juiciness. Minced meat should be finely ground, very carefully blended and repulsed. To the meat is added salt and black ground pepper. Other spices are allowed, but not mandatory, so here everything will depend only on your taste preferences.

Proceeding from the foregoing it is clear that the recipedrying with minced meat is rather conditional. Trying different options for cooking stuffing, at the outlet each time you can get a slightly different dish. And if you show your imagination and decorate it beforehand with a variety of vegetables and herbs, then for a long time it will be the highlight of the feast.

Drying Preparation

When I first saw the recipe for drying with minced meat,the idea seemed interesting, but it was not clear how to chew the already dry dryings, and even baked in the oven. But the secret is simple, easy drying is easy to make soft if soak. On the packaging of drying 400-450 gr. you need 150-250 ml of milk or cream of low fat. Place the drying in a deep and not very wide dish and fill them with milk. Leave for 1-1.5 hours to get wet. Drying should be completely soaked, so soft that it was easy to break (nibble), but did not fall apart. Actually, therefore, they must be soaked in milk or cream, in no case adding water, otherwise they will simply turn into porridge and will be unsuitable for cooking.

A little more about stuffing

The above amount of drying is neededabout the same amount of minced meat, that is, 400-450 gr. Calculate the amount can be based on the fact that 1 drying requires 1 teaspoon of ground meat, and this is about 10-15 grams.

For the preparation of mixed stuffing, take in equal parts different meat. At the indicated amount, you will need to add one to two grams of red or black ground pepper and two to three grams of salt.

Minced meat is mixed first with hands, and thenlaid out on the table and beaten with the edge of the palm until you get a viscous, homogeneous structure, without visible division into the particles that are obtained after scrolling in the meat grinder.

Preparation for baking

The recipe for drying with minced meat implies its baking in the oven or a microwave with a grill.

Take a baking sheet, brush with a cooking brushVegetable oil and lay on it in rows of soaked drying. Then spread the mincemeat on top of each drying, lightly pressing it into the drying hole so that it is tightly connected to it. Put the baking tray in the oven, heated to 200-220 degrees, bake for 15-20 minutes.

The dish can be made more juicy and rosy, if before baking, each drying, stuffed with minced meat, grease the beaten egg. Over the egg glaze you can sprinkle grated cheese.

How to prepare a drying with minced meat in a special way? Fry them in batter or simply in the egg glaze in the deep fryer. The dish will turn out to be more fat, but somewhat different in taste and appearance.

To the table the ready dish can be served simplylaying in several tiers on a plate decorated with leaves of a green salad. Slices of olives, olives, tomatoes or cucumbers can be attached to eyes, horns or some other detail to "revive" snacks and turn them into wonderful figures.

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