The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description

At the moment when a person thinks about sharing his shelter with a four-legged friend, the main question arises before him: who will become this friend for at least a decade? Which breed is the best, the best? What should be foreseen when choosing a four-legged companion?

Choose your "own" breed of dogs

Considering the question of which breed to stop your eye on, you need to think about a few serious points:

  • Where the dog will spend most of his life: in a spacious or small apartment, in a country house, in conditions of free-range walking on a farm or in an individual subsidiary farm.
  • What character is incorporated in the breed signs of the dog, does it correspond to the temperament of the future owner.
  • Will the future owner be able to create the necessary conditions for his pet related to its contents. In other words, what amount of financial investments can be afforded by one who takes responsibility for the life and health of a pet, who has not yet entered into his life. In this case, it is not about how much you need to pay for the purchase of a dog - it's about how much the future owner can allocate for its maintenance on a monthly basis, taking into account the breed characteristics of nutrition, health, and necessary care.

The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description

Quiet breeds of dogs

Having considered these factors and determined on all the above issues, you can move on. If the calm companions of dogs are considered for the role of the future companion, then first of all it is worth paying attention to the big dogs.

These include:

  • St. Bernard.
  • German dog.
  • Newfoundland.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • Bloodhound.
  • The Moscow watchdog.
  • Mastiff.

These good-natured giants only seem outwardly threatening and impressive, and in their soul they are calm dandies, infinitely fond of the owner and family members.

If the life of a four-legged member of the family takes place in a small space enclosed in four walls, then one should consider quiet breeds of dogs for an apartment. They are divided into two large groups.

Calm small breeds of dogs

For small dogs in an apartment, it is sufficient to have an armchair or sofa in which they will spend most of the time.

Tiny growth, low weight, sweet nature, gullibility and an unquenchable desire to please the owner are the hallmarks of small dogs.

But do not forget that most small dogs are representatives of hunting breeds that require considerable physical exertion, possessing innate aggression, active and mobile.

Given these features, not all small breeds of dogs can be considered calm. These include only breeds:

  • Australian silky terrier.
  • Alaskan Kli-kai.
  • English Toy Terrier.
  • Bichon Frize. Boston Terrier.
  • Brussels Griffon.
  • The Havana bishon.
  • The Italian spinon.
  • Coton de Tulear.
  • The Lionretka.
  • Lhasa Apso.
  • Pug.
  • Shi Tsu.
  • Japanese hin.

Dogs of medium size

Quiet breeds of medium-sized dogs are animals with a height of up to 57 cm, weight - up to 25 kg.

Such breeds are harmonious, have strong constitution, are active enough, have high intelligence.

Among the most calm dogs of medium size, the following breeds can be distinguished:

  • Basset Hound.
  • Clumber Spaniel.
  • Sharpei.
  • English bulldog.
  • Barbet.
  • White Swiss Shepherd.

Considering the most calm breeds of dogs for an apartment, it is worth paying more attention to several breeds, most vividly possessing such features as calmness, poise, equanimity.

Bichon Frize (curly bichon, curly lapdog)

A ball of snow-white wool with dark beady eyes, a velvety nose button and a cheerful tongue - this is the impression the first meeting with an amazing breed.

A sort of dandelion with curling in small rings of weightless hair, hanging ears and tail, gaily thrown on his back.

The native land of the decorative intelligent companions known from the XIV century - the Mediterranean.

Determining the most calm breeds of dogs for an apartment, you can call it bishon-frize.

Miniature fluffy representatives of this breed are extremely affectionate, friendly, respond to the mood of the owner, get along well with children. Possessing a calm, balanced temper, they are at the same time ready to take part in games and entertainments, while never allowing aggression, adore communication and attention to one's own person.

Curly bishons are easily trained, they like not only to recognize and fulfill new commands, but also happily demonstrate to everyone around everything they have learned.

It should be noted that long-term physical activity is contraindicated.

Homeland of a small stocky and strong dog with a flattened face - China. In the XVII century this breed of calm dogs becomes a favorite of the royal nobility in Europe, Holland, Great Britain due to its appearance and affectionate, cheerful disposition.

Round head, small ears, convex forehead and cute folds on forehead create a thoughtful sad image. A stiff short hair, strong paws, a tail wrapped in a bagel finish the overall appearance of a peace-loving pug.

Affectionate, calm and sociable dogs get along with all household members, get on well with animals.

Because of the flattened muzzle, they are hard to tolerate both heat and cold, so they need a maintenance.

In order for these fans to luxuriate not gain weight and remain mobile and cheerful, they need constant little physical activity.

These lovely creatures are moderately mobile, catch the mood of the owner, perfectly orientate themselves in the surrounding environment. They like to communicate with new people, but at the same time stand up for the protection of the owner if they feel threatened.

Leverka (a small Italian greyhound)

From Italy came to us many quiet breeds of dogs. In the first place - a lioness. This small Italian greyhound was worthy to live only among noble persons.

The intelligent graceful appearance of this breed is created due to the right proportions of the elongated body: a dry elongated muzzle, thin but powerful legs, an elongated body, large eyes bulging - all this gives the look a special subtlety and charm.

A clever lewrethan easily assimilates and eagerly repeats commands, without causing any problems in training.

The lovers love their family, are devoted to their masters, playful and affectionate. They sensitively capture a person's condition, they are guided by his mood.

If the family live in the family, it should not be forgotten that these tender creatures really need attention and suffer from its absence.

You can keep the greyhounds in a country house or in an apartment.

Basset Hound

A sad thoughtful look, a reasonable disposition - these traits are characterized by such calm breeds of dogs as Basset Hounds.

The appearance of the basset is unusual, and in some ways even absurd: short massive paws, a powerful squat elongated trunk, low set long ears, and the skin so much that it forms wrinkles and creases on the head, knees and legs. Hanging low eyelids give the muzzle an expression of gloominess, but behind this gloomy appearance lies a quiet, benevolent open character.

These immigrants from Great Britain are sluggish, even phlegmatic, impassive, intelligent, sincerely attached to their family, but sometimes they are pretty stubborn, which can lead to certain difficulties in the training process.

They never show aggression, have a strong character, calmly endure children's pranks, easily accept other animals in their social circle, but do not endure loneliness.

Basset Hounds can be kept in the courtyard of a private house and in an apartment. It is important to remember that physical load, active games and space are vitally important for them, because these are dogs originally intended for hunting rabbits and only afterwards become companion dogs.

Clumber Spaniel

Quiet breeds of medium-sized dogs are Clumber Spaniels, hatched in the 19th century for hunting birds, and later became domestic pets, nice and kind members of large families.

Externally, the dog looks solid, dense, yet compact: a squat body, a large head on a short neck, a low-set tail. A long and soft silky coat gives the dog the appearance of an aristocrat.

In this form, the character of the clambere is reflected: judicious, calm, self-assured, unlimitedly patient, sympathetic.

Clumber Spaniels never lose their temper, they do not express aggression. Train them easily, because they happily perform any team, while behaving in a sedate and confident manner, with a sense of dignity.

Clamber-spaniels are preferable to keep out of town, but they can be considered as calm breeds of dogs for an apartment. In the latter case, the dog needs to be physically stressed during walks and active games.

Owners shar pei, without hesitation, will answer a question, what breeds of dogs the most quiet. Meet Shar Pei, one of the oldest breeds bred in China as hunting and watchdog.

The look of the small eyes from under the drooping eyelids seems arrogant and wary. Only the owners of these amazing dogs know how good these gentle rivals have such a kind and gentle temper.

The appearance of Shar pei at the same time touches and inspires a sense of respect for this calm, calm breed of medium size, with a heavy snout and pressed to the head with small ears. Unusual appearance complements the blue-black tongue, and the skin, covered with short hard wool, is folded into countless folds and wrinkles that give the dog the charm of a plush toy.

Character sharieya combines a variety of qualities: independence, incredible stubbornness, the desire for leadership, loyalty, love for family members and distrust of outsiders.

The dog is intelligent, intelligent, intelligent, clean, self-confident, very alert, has sharp eyes, barks extremely rarely (only in the case of a perceived threat to the owners).

Cleanliness, calmness and compactness of sizes make Sharpeya the best breed for keeping in an apartment.

English bulldog

When answering the question of which breeds of dogs are calm, an English bulldog will inevitably be called.

This native of the UK is stocky, he has a large head on a strong short neck, massive jaws, a muscular body and thick short paws. Such a fierce look has nothing to do with the nature of pets: they are friendly, intelligent and affectionate.

English bulldogs feel absolutely comfortable both in the city and in the apartment. For this breed, it is important to observe the temperature regime and the distribution of physical activity, because overheating, hypothermia and overwork are the worst enemies of phlegmatic lovers to soak up the couch.

Calm, flexible, balanced, phlegmatic English bulldog as if specially created for owners who do not have a lot of time for walks.

Choosing the breed that most closely matches the character of the owner, do not forget that any dog ​​will eventually become a full member of the family, with its advantages and disadvantages, but in any case - the favorite of children and adults, ready to give joy.

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The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description The quietest breeds of dogs: a list, a photo and a description