The population of Yaroslavl. Population of Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl is a unique city, whose history goes back over a thousand years, a major tourist center. It is located in the picturesque place of the confluence of two rivers - the Volga and Kotorosl. In the center of the city there are many architectural monuments and pearls of old Russian art.

The high level of cultural heritage is the object of attention not only of Russian, but also of foreign tourists, as well as the pride of the inhabitants of Yaroslavl. Therefore, it is of particular importance to preserve the integrity of the city and transfer its wealth to the next generations.

The population of Yaroslavl is more than 45% of the total population of the region. Most of the inhabitants are Russians, however, more than 100 nationalities also live in the city.

The population of Yaroslavl

Population dynamics

Since the founding of the city, the population of Yaroslavl has gradually increased.The maximum number of inhabitants was established at the end of the 1980s - approximately 650 thousand people. After that, the population of Yaroslavl began to decline gradually due to the economic crisis in the country.

After more than a twenty-year recession, the increase in the number of inhabitants was observed in 2007. Beginning in 2010, the population of Yaroslavl began to decrease again, until 2014, when the situation improved slightly.

Population of Yaroslavl

The current demographic situation

How many people are in Yaroslavl now? In early January 2015, the number of city residents was 604 thousand people (according to the data of the regional statistical service). The population of Yaroslavl grew by 0.3 percent compared with the beginning of 2014.

According to the results of 2014, the increase in the number of residents due to migrants amounted to 2,704 people, which is 1.6 times less than the 2013 figure. Most immigrants come from other regions of Russia and countries that were part of the USSR in the past.

Compared with 2013, the natural loss of inhabitants decreased by 20 people. In general, the death rate continues to prevail over the birth rate.The most frequent causes of death in the Yaroslavl region are circulatory system diseases and malignant tumors. A large number of people die as a result of traffic accidents, alcohol poisoning, homicide and suicide.

The number of men in the city significantly exceeds the number of women. Especially noticeable advantage is observed in the age group over 30 years. This fact is explained by the fact that the average life expectancy of men is less. If men rarely celebrate the 65th anniversary, then many women have time to celebrate the 75th anniversary.

City population (Yaroslavl)

The influence of the location of the city on the number of inhabitants

Location on the map of Russia affects the population of the city. Yaroslavl is located 282 km (by rail) from Moscow, moreover, it is the largest city in the belt of regions around the capital. Given this factor, a large number of young people from Yaroslavl are moving to Moscow, and the proportion of older people in the city is increasing. Creating a favorable living environment and increasing the number of jobs can reduce the number of people moving.


In 2014, out of the total number of residents, almost 326 thousand were employed in the city’s economy.more than half of them were specialists of large and medium-sized organizations.

The population of Yaroslavl works in the following industries (as a percentage):

  • processing industries - 23.5%;
  • educational services - 13.9%;
  • social services and health care - 10.6%;
  • public service - 10.5%;
  • transport and communications - 10.5%;
  • wholesale and retail trade - 7.7%;
  • real estate transactions and rental services - 6.1%;
  • provision of other personal services to the population - 4.6%;
  • production and distribution of electricity, water and gas - 4.1%;
  • activity in the field of finance - 4.0%;
  • construction activity - 3.3%;
  • hotels and restaurants - 0.9%;
  • other - 0.3%.

The average salary among employees of medium and large organizations in 2014 was about 31.5 thousand rubles per month. Compared with 2013, this figure increased by 8.9%.

In recent years, the population of Yaroslavl has “aged”, that is, the proportion of older people has increased, so the number of able-bodied residents has slightly decreased. In addition, the generation of the 90s, which is considered to be small in number, enters into working life. This trend is noted not only in Yaroslavl, but throughout Russia.

As for the residents who are unemployed by labor activity, their number was 3 thousand people (according to the data of the Employment Center of the population), of which 2,1 thousand people were given the status of unemployed. The structure of unemployed residents includes the following categories: citizens of pre-retirement age - about 20%, youth (from 18 to 29 years old) - about 22%. At the same time, the proportion of men is almost 47% of the total number of unemployed.

The population of the city. Yaroslavl.

Municipality employment policy

To improve the situation on the labor market, the authorities of Yaroslavl participated in the implementation of two programs to assist the population.

As a result of their actions for 2014:

  • more than 400 unemployed and almost 50 women who took parental leave (up to the age of three) have studied or improved their qualifications;
  • were employed in the following types of work: public - more than 400 people, temporary - 40 people;
  • assisted in the employment of 36 persons with disabilities and 900 minors;
  • financial support was provided to 82 citizens wishing to start their own business.

The unemployment rate of the population has decreased in recent years and amounted to 0.6% at the end of 2014.

How many people are in Yaroslavl?

Demographic policy

The authorities of the Yaroslavl region reported on activities in the field of demographic policy until 2025. Its main tasks are:

- reduce infant mortality;

- to strengthen the reproductive health of residents;

- create conditions for increasing the birth rate, including by strengthening the institution of the family;

- to ensure the needs of families in the services of kindergartens;

- to create opportunities for improving housing conditions.

Great people of Yaroslavl

Speaking about the inhabitants of Yaroslavl, it is impossible not to recall the famous people, thanks to whom this city deserved national glory. Among them are the famous naval commanders G. A. Spiridonov and F. F. Ushakov, the prominent Russian poet N. A. Nekrasov, the opera singer L. V. Sobinov, the founder of the theater in Russia, F. G. Volkov, the designer V. I. Kalashnikov, inventor I.K. Matrosov, the luminary of scientific pedagogy KD Ushinsky, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater A. O. Bantyshev, the first woman cosmonaut V. V. Tereshkova.

The monarchist A. M. Opekushin, the outstanding chemist D. I. Mendeleev, the famous landscape painter A. K. Savrasov, the professor of painting P. D. Buchkin worked in Yaroslavl.

Population of Yaroslavl

Thus, various factors influence the demographic situation and the population of the city. Yaroslavl has many faces and unique, and its natives can certainly be proud of the fact that they live in such a beautiful place with a long history.

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