Biography of Andrei Volkov

Andrei Volkov has been involved in sports since his youth, Love for skis pushed him into the freestyle section in his native land. He is a two-time world champion among juniors in 2006 (single and doubles mogul). In 2012, a young athlete won a bronze medal in the mogul category in the European Cup in Sochi.

Andrei Volkov's childhood

Andrei's childhood passed in Chusovoy, in the Perm region. In this city, various freestyle competitions and national championships were often held. When the question arose about what kind of sports to do with him and his younger brother Sergey, it was decided to go skiing. At that time, the freestyle section was not in the city. Mogul was well developed in the city, so Andrei, as well as his brother, chose this one from all the freestyle disciplines. Volkov started skiing at the age of seven, and he moved to freestyle later.
Andrei Volkov started playing sports in elementary schoolAndrei Volkov started playing sports in elementary school
Andrei had a small age difference with his younger brother, so they easily found a common language, made friends and went in for sports together, supporting each other in everything.

The beginning of Andrei Volkov’s career in sports

Andrey's successes in sports were obvious. Thanks to hard training and the will to win, in 2005 he was already in the national team. It took only a year, and at the World Junior Championships Volkov became the champion in the pair mogul. 2008 was also a good year for a young athlete - the Russian championship brought him a bronze. Andrei Zaur Makiev is training.
The highest achievement in the athlete's career was the third place he received at the World Cup stage in Dir. This event was a real sensation for everyone. The joy was greater when it turned out that Sergey, his brother, deserved the "gold". It turned out a kind of family contract.
According to Sergey, he himself did not expect this victory. She became completely unexpected for him. No, he, of course, practiced a lot, put a lot of effort, but what would be on the highest step of the pedestal was a sensation for himself. It turned out to tune in to the fight thanks to teammates.
Speech by Andrei Volkov
Michael Kingsbury himself, who had been the leader for a long time, remained behind Sergei. It was his brothers, the Volkovs, who considered their main rival. Michael highly appreciated Sergey’s successes and skills, noting that he was the best at competitions.
The company Sergey and Michael was Andrei Volkov.He managed to break through to the third position, although it was very difficult due to a recent injury (rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the knee). This injury wrenched him from the usual training rhythm. It took many months to be treated. The injury was very serious. But Andrew did not stop training at home, while other mogulists were preparing for the upcoming competitions and gatherings at the bases.
Andrei, during the time of illness, was able to spend more time studying. He was already in his last year at the Sholokhov Moscow University, preparing to pass state exams and to defend a diploma.
Arriving at the training camp after an injury, Andrew difficult to gain shape, it was hard to train, the load seemed very heavy. But soon everything returned to normal. Thanks to perseverance, he was able to reach an excellent level by the beginning of the competition.
Andrei dreams that sometime they will meet his younger brother in the final, where they will fight for first place. It can be said their common dream. And for neither one nor the other it does not matter which of them will be the first.
Andrei Volkov has achieved great success in freestyleAndrei Volkov has achieved great success in freestyle
Brothers and in their hometown are trained as usual.Days of rest they are very rare. Sport does not allow to relax, because you can not lose shape. Even outside the fees, everyone is engaged in individual physical training plans that the coach makes.

Andrey Volkov today

Today, Andrei Volkov is considered the most experienced member of the Russian national mogul team. He has a lot of experience behind him - this is the Vancouver Olympics, the world freestyle championships, the world championship among juniors, and more than fifty stages of the World Cup. The whole country has high hopes for him.
At the Olympic Games in Canada, he really took only 25th place. And in 2012 he won a bronze medal in the Russian Championship in Mogul.
Speaking for the Russian team at the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, Andrei reached the final as one of the ten best mogulists, gaining the most points. But he could not get the coveted medal.
In the summer of 2014, Andrew announced the completion of his sports career and that he is switching to coaching for technical training in the Russian national team. The main reason for this decision is an injury to the athlete's knee.

The personal life of Andrei Volkov

Recently, Andrei Volkov got married.His wife, Lyubov Volkova, is a freestyle judge, besides, she was seriously engaged in alpine skiing and is a master of sports in this discipline. The guys have known each other for over ten years. Together with Andrew in the same team was the best friend of Lyuba, who introduced them to them.
Andrey Volkov with his wife LyubaAndrey Volkov with his wife Lyuba
Lyubov Volkova also practiced freestyle for about a year, but stopped her classes due to various circumstances. She is very worried when Andrew is at the competitions, so she prefers to watch his performance after finding out the result.
The guys have a sports family. Everyone realizes that family life should not interfere with sport. That is why, their sport comes first. The main thing is that there is mutual understanding between them, they always support each other.

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