The penalty for xenon: myth or reality?

Any car enthusiast knows and understands allthe importance of sufficient lighting of the roadway. The psychology of man is arranged in such a way that when we have something, we want more, and as much as possible! That's with the headlights the same trouble. After all, the xenon headlights benefit from halogen in all respects.

xenon penaltyTraditional incandescent lamps (halogen) emit more heat than light. This is due to the incandescence of the spiral, while the temperature in the lamp rises.

In a gas discharge lamp (xenon), the light fluxis obtained by radiation of an arc between electrodes, which arises in an inert gas-xenon and metal salts. The electrodes are in the flask under pressure. At the same power, xenon consumes almost half as much energy as a standard incandescent lamp, while illuminating the road much better at night, in fog, in the rain, in snowy weather, and this is an important safety indicator! Xenon beam powerfully "penetrates" bad weather, illuminating not a drop of rain or snow, namely the road surface.penalty for xenonSo, the main and indisputable advantagexenon lamps in front of halogen lamps - this is a significant increase in the brightness of the light flux. However, the most interesting thing with all this is that many car owners do not even think about the significant advantage of xenon before halogen, they put it exclusively for cosmetic purposes, because nowadays the white-lunar or bluish hue of xenon headlights is a pretty stylish note of tuning car.penalty for xenonBut no one canceled the penalty for xenon! What is the danger of motorists such a ride?

The penalty for xenon exists, but not for everyone. In the risk group, drivers who have made changes in the design of their car, contrary to the requirements of the manufacturer. What is the danger to us of an "illegal" xenon, is it a fine or a ruthless deprivation of a driving license?

Usually, the misuse of xenonis justified by the violation of Article 12.5.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation: the mode of operation of the headlamps must strictly comply with the requirements of the car's design. In other words, if in your vehicle xenon was installed by default by the manufacturer, then you are not taking any risks, but if it is stuck in a halo with a barbarous method, the risk is significantly increased. The penalty for xenon in this case deprives the driver of the right to drive a car for a period of six months to a year.

As practice shows, for "illegal" xenonusually no one fined. At least in Russia. Apparently, we already have many reasons, for which we are deprived of the rights. In the light of what the "xenon drivers" simply do not have time ...

According to some reports, Europe isthe possibility of completely banning the xenon headlights. The reason for this is the blinding of the oncoming driver.

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The penalty for xenon: myth or reality The penalty for xenon: myth or reality The penalty for xenon: myth or reality The penalty for xenon: myth or reality The penalty for xenon: myth or reality The penalty for xenon: myth or reality The penalty for xenon: myth or reality The penalty for xenon: myth or reality