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The Parable of Lost Love


Once upon a time, when Harmony and Peace reigned on Earth, the great Guardians lived.No one has ever seen them, so their image has remained a huge mystery. They guarded the senses. Every feeling had its Preserver and its own vessel. How these vessels looked like nobody knew. Whether they were made of glass, or whether they were made of silk, like small bags tied with a ribbon, were they big, or, conversely, small - the Guardians took this secret with them. Perhaps the vessels were completely invisible. Including love.

The vessel in which Love was placed was once lost. Therefore, the love that prevailed on Earth once disappeared.And then the war began and the endless contradictions between people. Peace and Harmony could no longer restrain Envy and Anger, Anger and Fear, Irritation and Arrogance. And came the general chaos. People are divided, distant from each other, deprived of Love. They began to compete with each other, unable to restrain their weaknesses and discontent. They stopped Loving. The keepers were desperate.Joy and Happiness could not exist independently: their vessels were devastated, because only Love filled them.

Then one of the Guardians went on a long journey, taking the image of an old man, dressed in snow-white clothes. He walked day and night, passing by villages and settlements. He saw the suffering of people, felt their pain and hatred. The road tired him and gradually deprived of strength. But Vera did not leave him. Exhausted, exhausted once he got to the top of the mountain, with which he had an incredible view.There, where the sea merged with the Sun, leaving a wide strip of light, was the Beginning.

The elder took out the vessel from which he had Love, and laid it on hard stones.Love spilled, mixing with the water that flowed from the slope, and the earth, saturated with powerlessness and bitterness, gradually healing the wounds and healing the soul.

The keepers left, leaving the vessels at the disposal of the people. Let the people decide which vessel to open for them, they decided.But people should not forget that only love can bring harmony and peace.Therefore, the vessel of love must be protected more than others, otherwise the world will be destroyed.Only Love is able to heal and regenerate, filling the vessels of Joy and Happiness, giving harmony and peace, but it must be preserved and not lost more. Not to the Keepers at all, but to the people.

People have put Love in their hearts so that it will never be lost again.
Love now lives in each of us and we must cherish it, because there are no more Guardians.

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