The origin of the name is Melissa. Name Melissa: meaning

There are so many beautiful names in the world. So parents always have a choice and the torment connected with it also seldom bypass them. In this article we will talk about such a wonderful female name like Melissa.

Melissa - name

Melissa: name, origin, meaning

Unlike many other names marked by the stamp of antiquity, the origin and meaning of this name are reliably known. The female name Melissa comes from Ancient Hellas, that is, Greece and it is translated as "bee". But this is not just the name of an insect - this name hides a vast mythological layer. The fact is that according to ancient Greek legends, Melissa was called the ancestor goddess of all bees. These insects for the ancient Greeks were sacred animals, to whom they were treated with reverence and reverence. They believed that in each of the bees is the soul of a nymph. So, by its origin, this name is very ancient, but in essence it is pagan and the Greeks forgot about it after the spread of Christianity. Therefore, the name Melissa is absent in Orthodoxy.

Melissa meaning of the name

Characteristics of the child

Since childhood, baby has such character traits as sociability, interpersonal skills and charm. She is also deprived of impulsiveness and emotionality, therefore she often demonstrates a hot temper - “showing teeth” and “releasing claws”. A lively disposition makes a girl among many peers. Melissa is a name that also affects the fact that the girl is especially obedient; she performs all the tasks from her parents without whims and with pleasure. At the same time it does it with all the responsibility and even thoroughness. This child will not achieve the desired through nagging, as the moodiness is not at all in the style of Melissa. The baby, however, has a tendency to imitate the mother, so it can often demonstrate a variety of character traits, both bad and good. Therefore, mother should especially take care of herself and not show her daughter a bad example. Melissa is a name that makes its owner a rather predictable person. This means that in similar situations, she is inclined to act in the same way, and over time these habits do not change at all.Therefore, the first years of life, when the character of the child is formed, are especially important. And if parents make any mistakes or flaws in raising their offspring, then it will be incredibly difficult and problematic to correct them.

what does the name melissa mean

Youth, youth and maturity

Incredible perseverance and perseverance - that is what the name Melissa means in the adult life of a girl. She is quite temperamental and stands out against the others with her singularity and extravagance. It builds relationships with people on the basis of mutual sympathy and sincere friendliness. This means that Melissa is a name that makes her mistress a reliable, honest person who will not use people for her selfish interests and selfish purposes. In public, social life, the girl shows herself to be an extremely active and energetic person. For a girl, a lot of things mean that life does not stand still, but constantly move, change and develop. Accordingly, boredom and periods of stagnation affect the girl extremely negatively, up to and including the development of depression. Therefore, she always tries to surround herself with active, sociable, interesting people who would not let her get bored.She adores new acquaintances and meetings where a large number of people gather. At the same time clubs and restaurants are far from the only places that Melissa attends. The meaning of the girl's name makes her a rather diversified person, and therefore she can often be found in various museums, theaters, thematic meetings. Melissa is very sensitive about the choice of close friends. She is surrounded by a huge number of buddies and girlfriends, but not everyone enters the inner circle. The girl tentatively tests people to trust them to the end. But at the same time, she is not one of those who limit her trust to two or three best friends - Melissa has an order of magnitude more of them. They are all the same as she is cheerful, cheerful and sociable. Friendship girl really appreciates and supports her, even at a considerable distance.

Melissa Name Origin


Melissa is the name that gives its owner a mass of positive qualities. Firstly, it is not killed by life optimism, which allows it to easily cope with all difficulties. The girl in the most desperate situation looks to the future with hope, and this gives her the strength to fight the troubles in the present.She never makes compromises with destiny and does not go with the flow, but she creates her own destiny. In addition, Melissa is a very reliable person who you can always rely on and in everything. Not devoid of a girl and such feelings as compassion and empathy. She easily knows how to delve into other people's problems and emotionally help people, comforting and encouraging them. If Melissa is not a prisoner of circumstances, she almost never suffers from depression. And striving for her goal, she demonstrates an incredible hard work, perseverance, perseverance, dedication and enormous faith in the result. For a person who is weaker in one way or another, she can become a good friend and support. The girl is not arrogant, does not like to demonstrate their superiority and always tries to keep the format of communication on an equal footing. She is sensitive to the self-esteem of other people, so she tries not to hurt him or hurt him under any circumstances. Melissa categorically does not tolerate monotony and routine in anything. Being engaged in something, she tries to immerse herself in it with her head and acquire as many sensations, impressions and knowledge as possible. Does everything so that every day was filled with positive emotions.Melissa pays great attention to her appearance, and therefore is often a regular at gyms and sits on various diets. As for the sport, it is generally, as a rule, a very serious passion in the life of Melissa, which can bring her fame, if she chooses it as a matter of her life.

female name Melissa


If we talk about the minuses of Melissa's character, then the first thing to do is to note excessive self-confidence, which periodically manifests itself and destructively affects the affairs of the girl and her relationship with other people. It is around this fundamental quality that all the other unpleasant personality traits of Melissa are formed. Therefore, it is very important for a girl to develop self-restraint and sometimes listen to other people.

Personal relationships

Regarding love relationships, emotions are what Melissa is completely subordinate to. The meaning of a name in this area of ​​life is manifested in the fact that a girl, having fallen in love, loses all common sense, sanity and control over herself. And because of this, her youth is often dotted with a multitude of tumultuous, vivid, but tragic novels, incredible in the power of emotions and a succession of total mistakes.

name melissa in orthodoxy

A family

Married Melissa goes without fail for love and a warm emotional atmosphere in the house attaches great importance. This means that the girl seeks to avoid conflicts by all means. The place of the leader is inferior to the husband, and she manifests herself as a wise, caring spouse and mother.

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