The origin and meaning of the name Madina

Scientists have long proved that the name affects the fate of a person. Parapsychologists claim that some of the names bring happiness to their owners, while others, on the contrary, attract trouble. Astrologers, in turn, claim that thanks to the name, it is possible to establish the cause of a person’s ailments and eliminate it in time. As a result, most parents, before calling a newborn, turn to the "Book of Names" and try to choose the one that will make their baby happy and healthy.

At present, Muslim names are increasingly used in Russia, but the name Madina, the meaning, the origin of which will be described below, despite the beautiful sound, remains not very popular. Perhaps this is due to the fact that parents are not too aware of it.

meaning of the name Madina

Name Madina: the meaning of the name and fate

This name has several versions explaining its origin. The first is Arab. The meaning of the name Madina in Islam is the same as in Medina.In ancient times, it was the name of a city in Arabia, which is one of the many holy places in Islam. That is why the meaning of the name Madina is defined as "big city".

According to the next version, this name is of Greek origin. However, here it is derived, in this case on behalf of Madlin. Therefore, if you stick to this version, then the meaning of the name Madina will be “giving strength”, because this is what Madlin’s name means in translation.

There is a third version explaining the meaning of the name Madina. According to her, the given name of English origin comes from the more common, but masculine name Maden, which means “lucky”. Because of this, the meaning of the name Madina will mean the same thing.

meaning of the name madina in Islam


Little Madinochka is growing up a temperamental, clever and inquisitive girl. Despite her age, she is very independent and bold in her judgments. From early childhood, she fights for justice and is a ringleader in all fun. The girl has highly developed leadership abilities, Madina will not tolerate competition and will defend her own candidacy to the end.The baby has a cheerful disposition, however, she loves and pokapriznichat, instantly flashes, but just as quickly departs.

What else is remarkable little Madina? The meaning of the name, the character made her a strong-willed and responsive girl who not only copes with her problems, but always helps another. Madinochka happy to babysit with younger children and never give offense to animals. In childhood, the girl loves to be among adults, she, like a little old woman, tries to express her point of view everywhere and breaks into all adult conversations. Madina likes when guests are in their house, she is pleased to attract attention to herself, reading poems and dancing in front of adults.

name Madina name meaning and fate


Madina is a talented person in many areas, studying is very easy for her. The most attractive for her humanities. However, in mathematics and physics, Madina will also not be lagging behind. The girl loves to read, in her teens, she can even begin to write poetry, because her creative energy constantly requires going outside. Madina, in principle, could become a round pupil, but she lacks perseverance.The girl loves to run around, play, and if you forbid her to do this, then her studies will turn into routine work for her and will no longer be a joy. Parents should take into account this character trait and try to plan the day of the child as much as possible so that enough time is given not only for study, but also for rest.

Madina Meaning Name Character


The girl’s health is above average. Children's diseases practically do not stick to it, however, there is a tendency to cardiovascular diseases. Madinah is recommended to play sports, but, of course, after consulting with a specialist.

Madina: the meaning of the name, character and fate

In more mature age, the character of Madina practically does not change. She remains a purposeful and confident person, but the unpredictability of a girl often puzzles many acquaintances. She, as a rule, ponders all her decisions for a long time, scrupulously examining the situation, but sometimes she can make an absolutely rash and even stupid, at first glance, act. However, a well-developed intuition, as a rule, helps the girl to avoid trouble.

Summer Madina is more emotional than others, but if a person makes a valid remark to her, she will be able to accept defeat.Communicating with a girl should be only from a position of justice, necessarily respecting her opinion, shouts and threats from a conversation with her will not achieve anything good.

Winter Madina is unusually jealous and proud. Plus, the girl is a great fantasist, so many of her stories are invented by herself. Madina is very similar to her father, she is interested in art, it is possible that in the future she will graduate from drama school and will work by profession. However, she can stop at a hairdresser or a designer, but only if she is sure that this profession will not be monotonous.

Spring Madina - an addicting nature. She is laconic, selects friends very carefully and will never communicate with a person who does not meet her criteria. In communicating with her, one should take into account the instability of her psyche, so the interlocutor should in no case raise her voice to her.

Madina meaning the name of the character and fate

Mystery name

Secret Madina can be called her authority, in some cases a girl, having seized upon a high position, can behave somewhat despoticly. She should try to restrain her ardor, because it will not lead to anything good.

  • Zodiac sign - Sagittarius.
  • The planet name is Neptune.
  • The happy animal is Leo.
  • Happy color - bright green, turquoise, steel.
  • The plant is a rose.
  • The stone is blue jasper.

name Madina meaning origin

Family Children

In the choice of life partner, Madina is picky enough, she disagrees less than on a prince, therefore she is already married at a mature age. The family for the girl will occupy one of the most important sides in her life. In the future wife, Madina is looking for a like-minded person; she is attracted by men who are easy-going, have common interests, optimism and a good sense of humor. It should be noted that the person to whom she will entrust her heart will be very lucky, because she herself is also demanding. Madina is a great hostess and a caring mother, whose house is always in order, and the table is full of delicious dishes. The only negative quality is jealousy of a girl, so her husband should be prepared for constant monitoring. Madina treats her children with great love, trying to do everything for them that she can. Therefore, a woman rarely remains a housewife, trying to combine work and home, and everywhere she will be on top.

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