The most terrible people: how they become

The most terrible people (in appearance) are dividedon those who, for some reason, deprived life of pleasant features (due to diseases), those who disfigured themselves consciously, most often at the whim of fashion or some other factors, and those who received a specific appearance as a result of accidents, catastrophes, etc.the most terrible people

Most often, determine who are the most terrible peoplein the world, representatives of the yellow press try. For example, the newspaper Weekly Word News was sued for what the publication attempted to make to its ranking of the police officer Jason Shechterley, who received severe burns as a result of the accident when another car crashed into his car and both vehicles flared up. To save lives, Jason had to remove a lot of burned tissue in the face. For publication, the court awarded significant compensation, and obliged the publishing house to dismiss employees who were involved in the rating.

American Lisa Velasquez, on the contrary, is not ashamedThe fact that it is included in the list of "the most terrible people." A woman has a very rare disease (no hypodermic fat), which leads to the fact that Lisa is like a skeleton. Despite the strange appearance, she has the strength to participate in public life, to give interviews and pose for photosets.

the most terrible people in the world photo

Without photos, perhaps not a single oneThe event, which visits Joseline Wildenstein. Spending $ 5 million on plastic surgery, she changed the parameters of the lower jaw, the incision of the eyes, the shape of the nose, the position of the lips, etc., spoiling all their natural data. It is rumored that she wanted to be like a lioness, but her name often flashes just when the most terrible people of the planet are being discussed. In the same situation, once Avner Denis, who made operations to change the shape of the lip (upper), once sawed teeth, increased his fangs and made a lot of tattoos to look like a tiger. Specialists suggest that behind extreme experiments on appearance, there are often deep psychological problems. Perhaps, that is why a man-tiger committed suicide in 2012 for unknown of the most terrible people

The most terrible people in the world whose photos are printedoften enough, sometimes not only do not enjoy the sympathy of others, but they can not always live without medical assistance. For example, Julia Whitmore does not have forty percent of her bones, which prevents her from eating and breathing without special tubes and equipment.

Pictures of the most terrible people do not always reflect,that is hidden under such an unusual appearance. The world-famous man-tree Dede after operations to remove 95% of supermassive warty growths caused by the virus, has become similar to the almost ordinary Indonesian. Doctors removed him about 6 kilograms of growths, and Dede can take his children from relatives where they lived because of his father's inability to take care of them because of his illness. It is much more terrible when under the standard external features a cruel, bloodthirsty person hides, which in the history of mankind was a lot.

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The most terrible people: how they become The most terrible people: how they become The most terrible people: how they become The most terrible people: how they become The most terrible people: how they become The most terrible people: how they become