Initially, pneumatic weapons served only for entertainment and sporting purposes. Back in Soviet times, dozens of people crowded in each amusement parks in the amusement parks. Children swung swings and merry-go-rounds, and adults sitting on benches for the right to shoot at targets. Then the air rifles were called "ducks" and each of them was chained to the counter. However, it never occurred to anyone to take this weapon. And this is for the simple reason that the pneumatics was weak. Even from five meters lead bullet did not break through and clothes.
And now, at the time of total progress, the usual “ghost”, which was like a toy, was turned into a real military weapon. And the true male nature has always had almost insurmountable craving for arms, so that the latter is not meant. Moreover, a strong half of humanity, for the most part, tries to get all the best and the strongest. For example, if we are talking about a hunting knife, then it must have steel Damascus or damask, and the grip of an indispensable bone.And even it does not matter that this means of hunting will lie in the sheath in the farthest box. A similar picture with air guns.
However, in order to determine which air gun is the most powerful, you need to shoot from each, and in the same conditions. But only a few can do this, so it remains only to read about the best models.
However, in the review of the most powerful pistol, the “bullet speed” is taken as the basis. Almost all gas pneumatics, that is, working on the energy of CO2 compressed into a cylinder, they shoot explosives like explosives. They are copper coated balls of 4.5 caliber. And with an average speed of a bullet at 150 meters per second from a distance of 15 meters, you can punch a hole in bottle glass.

The most powerful air gun
It is worth noting that in Russia self-defense, as well as hunting with pneumatics is prohibited. However, sports "shootout" in the fresh air (those outside the city or in a specially designated place) was not canceled. In addition, under the law, pneumatic weapons are commercially available and can even be worn.
American cannon
Experts and consultants unanimously say that the most powerful of the foreign pistols is the American product Crosman C 31. This gas cylinder type pistol has an elongated barrel without rifling.That is why he has a pretty good initial bullet speed. It reaches 151 meters per second. The gun itself lies well in the hand and is not bad in handling.
Crosman C 31Crosman C 31
This air pistol has fiberoptic threads that are used as sights. They are made in order to ensure accurate shooting, even if visibility is poor. The Crosman C 31 in a very economical mode configured consumption of a cylinder with carbon dioxide. Therefore, one can is enough for a hundred, if not more shots. The gun has a non-automatic fuse, as well as a guide bar for mounting the laser pointer or mounting the flashlight. Caliber Crosman C 31 4.5 millimeters. In the store, exactly 18 bullet balls fit. The air gun weighs only 680 grams.
Spane boycott
Here, for those who want to buy an air pistol, not so that it gathers dust on the mezzanine, and does not hide the reason for the purchase, and says, “the rascal is tired!”, The most suitable option is the Beretta pistol. It is almost an exact copy of its prototype - the Beretta 92 combat firearm.
Beretta 92Beretta 92
And not every hooligan can at first glance understand what kind of a gun is in a man’s hand. Psychosomatics immediately begins to work here.
Russian leader
But with regard to the pneumatic leaders of Russian production. Here, experts say that the most powerful gun is the product of the firm "Anix". The company has assembled a semi-automatic type air pistol. The prototype of this type of weapon was the Belgian Browning called “High Power”. This gun has a self-cocking system, so for a shot you just need to remove the fuse and then pull the trigger. Anix A-112 will immediately start firing. There are exactly 15 spherical steel bullets in his shop. Anix has a caliber of 4.5 millimeters. One can of carbon dioxide is enough for about 50 shots. By the way, the speed of the steel ball at the time of departure from the barrel is quite decent, it is equal to 150 meters per second. Experts say that Anix’s bullet can take a hole in a glass bottle from fifteen steps.
This pneumatic steel rifled barrel. Manufacturers used in the creation of a pistol patented scheme "movable barrel." This means that the balls are fed from the store thanks to a self-cocking system.And the gas leak when fired is minimal. These qualities allow you to increase the power of fire.
Anix A-112Anix A-112
Air gun weighs only 980 grams. Among other things, it is quite comfortable and fits well in the palm.
In the model pistol Anix A - 112 developed a sports version. The manufacturers were given a certificate of sports pneumatics for it. The muzzle energy that is being used comes to 7.5 J. To this value one can add a bullet-ball speed that is rather high for such a weapon. Therefore, it turns out that Anix is ​​perhaps the most powerful pneumatic pistol in its class.
By the way, similar indicators are in the western models Crosman C11 / C21 / C31, KWC KM42 ZDHN, Crosman 357 or 6.
Surprise no limit!
If we talk about air guns, it is impossible not to mention the rifles. The opinions of professionals about the most powerful diverge, but many still call the world's most powerful Quackenbush 0.458 caliber. She shoots a bullet weighing 32 grams, which flies at a speed of up to 214 meters per second and with a muzzle energy of up to 650 J. Another rifle to which the air pistol far away is South Korean product Dragon Career Slayer 12.7 millimeters in class PCR.For shooting, it uses compressed air. This rifle shoots bullets weighing 16-20 grams. Such weapons are intended for hunting small game. At least, this informs the instruction. However, they say that Dragon Career Slayer even shot boars, bears and bison, as well as roe deer and wolves.

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