The most popular rock bands: foreign and domestic

the most popular rock bandsPeriodically come across the mention of those or othergroups that allegedly belong to rock, but in actual fact it turns out that this is a veiled pop. In addition, the old school of rock slowly dies out, but the young performers either create a new thing or copy the old one. Therefore, we will review the most popular rock bands of domestic and foreign production. I propose a list of those who are starting to conquer or have long ago won human hearts around the world.

The most popular rock bands of foreign production

So, the world's music machine in the firstqueue are "dinosaurs" of the rock scene. These include Metallica, System of a down, Queen, Nirvana, Deep Purple, AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Ramstein, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbat in general, and Oz the Great and Terrible in In particular, Offspring, Accept, The Beatles. Strictly speaking, the list is incomplete. This list has been suggested by a number of world magazines, but I would like to add Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Slayer, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine, Papa Roach, My Darkest Days, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sunrise Avenue, Oomph. !, Nightwish, Evanescens.

There are younger, and maybe even possessingperspectives and charisma of the band and performers, but sometimes they feel like crying, because the songs are clearly allied, and inept. Some of the above groups do not exist anymore, as the participants retired, created solo projects, or simply retired to a different world. But the work and creativity of them lives out of time, and fans are still ready with foam at the mouth to defend their magnificent heritage.the most popular rock bands of foreign

In addition, the very perception of the word "rock" is changing: to it begin to attribute frankly pop singer. Sadly, but the fact that the most popular foreign rock bands that are popular with young people have a good appearance, but the content is clearly limping, remaining performers for one day. There are new styles, however, they just as quickly and leave. But while there are "grandfathers" who write songs and just high-quality music, we do not hang our nose.

Domestic production. The most popular rock bands

Here too grandparents are leading, but if we take inaccounting that domestic rock is somewhat younger than the foreign, we list the pioneers and subsequent generations. So, let's go! Alisa, Picnic, Cinema, Chaif, Night Snipers, Bi-2, Cockroaches, Surganova and Orchestra, Zemfira, Pilot, Lyapis Trubetskoy, DDT, Time Machine, Auktsion, Sunday, Bravo, Corrosion of Metal, Aquarium, Accent, Automatic Satisfactors, Nautilus Pompilius, Zoo, Aria, Kipelov, "GrB", Yanka Diaghilev, "Brigade C" and many others.

Many of me "zafukayut", but still domesticmusical creativity remains to me more close, although there are a number of foreign performers who really cling. In the texts, however, there is a certain amount of the Russian spirit, although in recent times Westerners have been increasingly influentialthe most popular rock band 2013on the creativity of our groups. There are those who keep to the last on the same wave, but, like abroad, new trends and already soulless, faceless and meaningless songs with similar music capture scenes.

The most popular rock band 2013

Summarize all of the above can only sectionabout the popularity of a particular artist. Here we also divide into "our" and "not ours". Let's start with foreign. Indisputable leader is Metallica, which has been making hits for several decades and remains an example for many performers. But in the CIS countries, in connection with the latest events, the guys from "The King and the Jester" gained special popularity (and without that not a small one). Very predictable popularity, I must say. In connection with the unexpected death of Mikhail Gorshenev, the group was remembered by everyone who even could not stand them. But to be honest, I do not know of any other domestic group, in which absolutely every text is interesting and it captures not only the mind, but also the imagination. High-quality music, excellent voices of vocalists and a wide variety in subjects (coupled with the last musical) ... In a word, at their own risk and risk give the palm to the boys from the "King and the Fool". And Mikhail Gorška Gorshenev - a special thank you for a wonderful and interesting youth with extremely terrible fairy tales.

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The most popular rock bands: foreign and domestic The most popular rock bands: foreign and domestic The most popular rock bands: foreign and domestic The most popular rock bands: foreign and domestic The most popular rock bands: foreign and domestic