Often gardeners tend to decorate the site with unusual varieties of roses. There are those who prefer curly or miniature varieties. Interesting art - making bouquets, especially if it is a bouquet of roses.

Unusual Roses

Roses are unusual not only in color but also in shape. Breeders are working to create these flowers of different shapes and colors. One of the most unusual are the Ruffles roses. Flower petals are wavy, while deeply embedded and can be different shades. The most interesting are smoky terracotta and rich apricot roses of this series.
Ruffles roses have unusual wavy petals.Ruffles roses have unusual wavy petals.
Richly apricot roses with wavy scalloped petals appearing in the tassels look extraordinary. This is Polka from the Romantica series.
No less interesting are the so-called "corrugated" roses. Particularly beautiful are Tequila Meiyan of a copper-apricot color and Soleillade of a sunny yellow hue. Tequila is a medium-sized bush with abundant flowering. Brushes can be a variety of colors: from greenish cream to bright orange. Gustomachrovy grades differ in the dense buds reminding coaches of decorative cabbage.These include the Cesar, Augusta Luise and the American variety Wedding Cake.
Amazing Corrugated RosesAmazing Corrugated Roses
Exotic roses look similar in appearance to other flowers. It is difficult to surprise a rose resembling a peony, but a rose that looks like clematis is very rare and unusual. Clematis Rose non-curved, pointed flowers of cream shade are very similar to clematis. English rose Grace reminds dahlia. Its petals as well as dahlia petals are pointed. Phlox Meidiland roses are similar to phloxes, and Roville variety is similar to bindweed.
Roses, not like roses Phlox MeidilandRoses, not like roses Phlox Meidiland
Unique Raubritter - hybrid macrantha roses. Despite a single bloom, this rose has long been one of the most popular. Her small flowers are semi-double, perfectly spherical in shape. They resemble balls-pompons.
Pink Magic and Laque de Chine rose flowers look rather strange. Their peculiarity is that as the petals age, they are bent along, becoming like small propellers.
Pink Magic Roses are among the most exquisite.Pink Magic Roses are among the most exquisite.
Chinese rose Viridiflora can be called the most unusual among all existing varieties. When looking at her, it is not immediately clear that this is a rose. Her shaggy green flowers look like little panicles, someone compares them in shape with bottle brushes.The petals of this rose are overgrown sepals. Over time, the flowers become bronze.

The most beautiful bouquets of roses

From time to time, everyone has to choose a bouquet, including a bouquet of roses, for some celebration, loved one, hero of the day, and so on. People at all times admired the rose. This flower is a symbol of harmony, love and loyalty.
Bouquets even from expensive flowers can be tastelessBouquets even from expensive flowers can be tasteless
Bouquet making is an art that requires talent and taste. Mandatory standards do not exist, therefore the field for fantasy is the most extensive. All that is required is knowledge of the basics of proportion and harmony.
Many famous flower growers of the world, as if competing with each other, strive to create the unique and most beautiful bouquet of roses.
Some consider beautiful bouquets of roses with sparklesSome consider beautiful bouquets of roses with sparkles
It is difficult to clearly name which particular bouquet of roses is the most beautiful. However, it should definitely be assembled in a certain style, be refined in color, with beautiful, delicate flowers.

Lovely little roses

For varieties of roses with small flowers are varieties Rambler (curly), characterized by thin drooping stems and loose buds.Small roses are plants that are between fifteen and twenty five centimeters high. Their buds are very small in size, opening up, they barely reach three centimeters in diameter.
Sometimes flowers of miniature roses are collected in inflorescences, sometimes they bloom in separate flowers. Climbing miniature roses can grow quite thick carpet, covering an area of ​​several meters. Miniature roses are also called indoor roses.
Curly Roses RamblerCurly Roses Rambler
The ancestor of miniature roses is the Chinese rose Minima, brought to Europe in the early nineteenth century. Often it is a spherical bush with flowers from two and a half to four centimeters. Among them there are climbing varieties, as well as indoor varieties, which are capable of blooming throughout the year every two months with proper care.
The most popular miniature varieties of roses are Beybimaxerad, Daniella, Madei, Chipper. Small roses are indispensable when decorating rock gardens, flower beds, creating the foreground of flower beds and low curbs.

The most beautiful roses in the world

Each person from the proposed varieties of roses will choose the most beautiful roses to their liking, it is impossible to name one the most beautiful for everyone.However, we can distinguish three varieties that are most often called the most attractive.
Large roses of unusual shape GallicLarge roses of unusual shape Gallic
Hybrid rose Gallica, perhaps, is in the first place among all existing varieties. The hybrid appeared in the seventeenth century, it originated from a plant known before the fifteenth century. The height of the bush is one and a half meters, the diameter of flowers is nine centimeters. The color is purple, pink, red and even striped.
Gloire de Dijon is another beautiful variety, although not very common. The flowers of the plant are cupped and large with wavy petals. The diameter of the flowers - ten centimeters. In the tropics, this rose is able to bloom all year.
Rose de Resht vintage beautiful variety of flowersRose de Resht vintage beautiful variety of flowers
In third place is a Portland class rose. Her name is Rose de Resht. The variety was known in the seventeenth century. The bush grows up to a meter of twenty centimeters. The flowers have a very strong aroma.
True, some believe that the most beautiful flower in the world is not a rose, but sakura. The site uznayvse.ru is.

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