Here time has stopped its run. Stunned in amazement, you feel in paradise. The sand glitters in gold in the rays of the sun. The sea lulls the quiet rustle of the waves. From the beauty of the soul dies. And this is not a mirage, not a figment of imagination. These are the most beautiful beaches that cause admiration and a sense of freedom.

Largest beach

The largest beach in the world is Cox Bazar, which is located in Bangladesh near the Bay of Bengal. Its length is 125 kilometers. Because of his huge size, he not only got into the Guinness Book of Records, but was also declared to participate in a competition called “Seven New Wonders of the World”.
Cox's Bazar is the longest beach in the worldCox's Bazar is the longest beach in the world
125 kilometers of coast is not only fine, warm sand, silvery water and bright sun. Throughout the entire line of the beach there is an amazingly beautiful nature with the famous waterfalls of Happiness. Powerful waters, with a noise falling from a height, when in contact with the earth create the illumination of a rainbow. There is a belief that after standing under the water jets, a person finds joy and happiness.
Wonderful sunset at Cox's Bazar beachWonderful sunset at Cox's Bazar beach
But the main attraction of the beach is the sunset. This is a natural show of light and shadows that you will not see on any beach in the world. Hundreds of vacationers gather every evening on the beach to watch this fabulous sight, when the sun slowly sinks into the sea, suddenly disappears, leaving colorful drawings of incredible beauty in the sky.
Sometimes you should not go on long journeys to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

The best beaches of Crimea

Officially, about 600 beaches are registered in Crimea. The leaders were the most beautiful, clean and unusual beaches. The first position is occupied by the beach at Cape Tarkhankut.
Full house on the beach in CrimeaFull house on the beach in Crimea
Here is the purest and clear water, the beauty of nature is amazing. A large number of rocks make it difficult to reach, but lovers of quiet recreation and scuba diving choose this place.
The entire coastline of this beach is divided into small coves, bays or grottoes. It creates an atmosphere of privacy, having a romantic getaway. There is no urban bustle here. Peace and quiet. There are no trading shops with sellers, loudly inviting guests. No cafes or tents with food.This corner is outside of civilization, where you can simply enjoy the rest and admire the beauty of the wild nature.

Jasper Beach (Cape Fiolent)

Wild beach with a quiet sea surf, clear, emerald water and colorful shells and pebbles scattered around the coast. There is no crowded, even in the midst of the season. This beach is "an amateur." But those who have been here at least once, be sure to come back here to enjoy the peace and quiet.
Stones on Jasper BeachStones on Jasper Beach
Getting to the beach is not so easy. You have to go 800 steps along a steep descent to be on the shore. Vacationers call this descent "health path." The length of the beach is 450 meters, so you can easily find free space here.
Speaking of beaches, you can not go past Turkey. Thousands of compatriots rush to rest in this country to bask on the sandy beaches of the warm sea.

The most beautiful beaches in Turkey

Oludeniz Beach - it is his photos that adorn tourist brochures in order to attract as many tourists to Turkey as possible. And there really is something to admire. The golden sandy coast, which is a thin scythe to go into the blue waters of the sea, divides the blue of the sky into the bay and the Blue Lagoon.The high hills surrounding the coast are covered with centuries-old pines that fill the air with pine aroma.
The water is so clear and has a sky-blue color that the bottom of the sea can be seen for hundreds of meters. The white bottom, consisting of centuries-old Cretaceous sediments, reflects the sun's rays, causing the play of light on the surface of the water. Oludeniz Beach is on the list of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world.
Oludeniz Beach is among the top most beautiful beaches in the world.Oludeniz Beach is among the top most beautiful beaches in the world.
Patara Beach. In 2006, he was recognized as the most beautiful beach in Europe. Its duration is 22 kilometers. Having stretched away from places of mass tourism, it disposes to a solitude and quiet rest. Warm waters roll on the shore, give a feeling of peace and merging with nature. White sand, warmed by the rays of the sun, fills with warmth not only the body, but also the soul. There is no tomorrow or today. Time has stopped, giving minutes of bliss. Here is the eternal sun, clear sea and peace, filled with peace and tranquility.
Thinking about the beach, the warm sea, white sand and girls in bikinis standing at the water’s edge come to mind. But there are beaches that can not be combined with these views.

Unusual and famous beaches

On the Caribbean is the beach of Maho, which collects thousands of tourists and tourists. And they come here not to swim in the sea and not to sunbathe on the warm sand. Literally a hundred meters from the beach there is an international airport. Its runway is so small that airplanes have to land at the very border of the sea and the beach. Therefore, no one is surprised or frightened when, while “enjoying” the rest, a powerful Boeing flies tens of meters above his head. The beach takes 1st place in the world as the noisiest.
Maho Beach is the noisiest in the worldMaho Beach is the noisiest in the world
Speaking of this beach, I want to paraphrase a song that the beaches are different white, gray, and even green. There are two unusual green beaches all over the world. One is located in Hawaii and the other is on the island of Guam. The illusion of green sand is created by olivine crystals, with which the shores are strewn.
Green Beach in HawaiiGreen Beach in Hawaii
The leading position is occupied by the beach, which is absolutely black as coal. It seems that if you walk on this sand, the soles of your feet will immediately turn black. This is Punalu Beach, which again amazes Hawaii.
In the distant past after the eruption of a volcano, lava in contact with the water of the sea cooling down, scattered tens of meters of black granular crystals of sand. Here, no one sunbathes.And all because the black sand is so hot under the sun that it is even painful to step on it.
Amazing sand on a green beachAmazing sand on a green beach
But this is a favorite place of green turtles, which belong to the endangered species. They are sailing here to soak up the black heated sand.
Well, if you want an unforgettable experience, you should choose a vacation on the most beautiful beach in the world.

The most beautiful beach in the world

The most beautiful beach in the world is called Pink Sands Beach, which is located on the island of Harbor. This is one of the districts of the Bahamas. The beauty of this place really resembles a fabulous, magical country. The blue waves of the sea are so transparent that a snow-white bottom can be seen hundreds of meters deep. But as soon as sunset begins, under the rays of the setting sun, the sand becomes a delicate, pink with a glint of colors. The landscape is completely transformed. Water and sand acquire a pink hue, which causes an incredible sight.
Sand on the most beautiful beach in Pink SandsSand on the most beautiful beach in Pink Sands
Such a fabulous beauty of the beach is “obliged” to microscopic insect foraminifera that inhabit corals.At sunset, they remove their shells, painting the beach and the sea in a delicate pink shade, iridescent under the rays of the setting sun. The site is. Find out where the most beautiful sunsets are!

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