The medal "For victory over Japan" is a reward to those who won

As we all know from history, during the SecondWorld War II, after defeating the army of fascist Germany, the Soviet Army went to the Far East, where it took an active part in the war against the troops of militaristic Japan. To reward the soldiers and officers who participated in these hostilities, after the war was over, the medal "For victory over Japan", considered by us, was established.

medal for victory over Japan

A bit of history

Even at the conference in Yalta, the allies agreed,that the Soviet Union will enter the war with Japan no later than three full months after the defeat of Germany. On August 8, 1945, the USSR, fulfilling its obligations, began this war. The Kwantung Army was powerful enough, the number of Japanese troops was equal to one million 200 thousand people. The Soviet armed forces defeated these selective units in 22 days. On September 2, a historic act on the capitulation of the Land of the Rising Sun was signed. The medal "For Victory over Japan" was established on September 30, 1945 by the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Armed Forces. In December, they approved the situation and, of course, the description of the medal, on February 5, 1951 they were supplemented. This award for victory over Japan received approximately one million 800 thousand people.

for the victory over JapanDescription of the medal

In the photos posted in the article, you canlook at its appearance. And now a little about the medal itself. Designed by her artist ML Lukin. Made of brass material, diameter - 32 mm. Awarded this award to all participants in the fighting in the Pacific, Transbaikalia and the Far East. In terms of its status, it is very similar to the medal "For victory over Germany", the same with appearance. On one side, both awards have a portrait of Stalin.The difference is that in German it is facing west, and in the case of the Japanese east, on the reverse we have the date "September 3, 1945" and a five-pointed star.The upper part of the medal has a small eye, which is connected by means of a ring with a metal pentagonal peg. The peg is in turn covered with a band. , intended for n ... Ikrepleniya to dress the most medals A few words about the tape she moire, silk, 24 mm wide red stripe passes in the middle of the tape on either side of it - one narrow red and white strip is a narrow yellow strip bordering tape..

Details about who was awarded the medal "For victory over Japan"

rewards USSR

In accordance with the Regulations on the medal and the procedure for its delivery, she was awarded:

  • All military and civilian units andparts of the Soviet Army, the Navy and the NKVD troops who took direct part from August 9 to 23 in hostilities against imperialist Japan;
  • servicemen of the Central Organ of the NKO, NKVD and NKVMF, which provided military operations of the Soviet Union troops in the Far East (the chiefs of the Main Directorates approved personal lists for this).

Our medal was awarded to:

  1. On the basis of orders of heads of departments and commanders of units with the application of certificates or lists. Then the order about rewarding was given.
  2. Those servicemen who took part in the fighting in the Far East, who left the institutions and formations, military units, on the basis of certificates
    from these units. If the certificates were not issued, the awards were issued on the basis of documents that confirm the service in the relevant parts during the period from 9th to 23rd August.
  3. The same is true for servicemen who worked in the provision of combat operations. They received awards on personal lists or certificates issued by the Main Directorates with the signatures of their superiors.

Who handed the medal?

The following persons were awarded the medal "For victory over Japan":

  1. Those who served at that time in the army, commanders of units, units and chiefs of institutions.
  2. Those who dropped out of the fleet and the army - military commissariats, district, regional, city and regional in the place of residence of the recipients.

When the medal-winner dies, the reward andthe identification with it remains with his family as a memory. How does this reward go? On the left side of the chest. In the event that the awardee has other medals of the USSR, it is placed immediately after the anniversary government award "Forty Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War".

What day is considered the Victory Day over Japan?

Victory Day over Japan

In this final episode of World War IIwas first used nuclear weapons - the United States of America. On August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped from the plane to Hiroshima. Two days later the Soviet Union joined the war. Thanks to the experience of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Army moved very successfully toward Japan. August 14, the negotiation of an armistice began, and on August 20 the army of the Land of the Rising Sun capitulated. Two more operations were carried out by Soviet troops: the Kurile landing operation and the Yuzhno-Sakhalin land mission. Mamoru Shigemitsu, Japan's Foreign Minister, and Yoshijiro Umezu, Chief of Staff, on board the battleship "Missouri" on September 2 signed an act of surrender. Douglas MacArthur, the US Army General, Bruce Frazer, the British Admiral, Kuzma Derevianko, the general from the Soviet Union and Chester Nimitz, another American admiral, accepted the surrender from the allied forces. That is, Victory Day over Japan - the third of September 1945, the next after the signing of the act. This is the end of one of the bloodiest wars in human history.

for the victory over Japan price


Servicemen who were awardedconsidered by us a medal "For victory over Japan", received subsequently other awards: for example, jubilee medals that were issued by the twentieth anniversary and the thirtieth anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Time passes, manners change, views on life change. Now you can easily get the awards of the USSR. In wartime, soldiers and officers risked their lives for our bright future, perished for the Victory, in peace - they worked hard for the good of their Motherland, for which they received well-deserved awards from the state, and often posthumously. And in our time any person can, after paying a certain amount, buy them. Take, for example, the medal "For victory over Japan". The price of it on some sites is only 700-750 rubles. Although its value - sometimes a person's life. Therefore, it is unacceptable when original awards are sold. The only exception is collecting.

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