The meaning of Fevronia's name: character and destiny

Now it has become fashionable to call childrenOld Slavonic names. In recent years there has been a tendency for the newborns to be named Plato, Trophim, Thekla, Evdokia and Claudia. More and more of our compatriots prefer to give the kids beautiful, but old names. They sound unusual, original. The meaning of Fevronia's name has deep ancient Russian roots. It was especially popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Fevronia name: origin and meaning

Do not know how to name a girl? Fevronia is a great option. As mentioned earlier, the roots of this name are originally Russian. It is not very popular at the moment. However, there are parents who would like to name their daughter like that. The meaning of the name in the literal sense is translated as "independent and free". In fact, Fevronia from a young age is characterized by incomparable independence and a tendency to adventure.

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She does not have a sense of sentimentality. The girl wants to achieve high results in everything: both in study and in her personal life. Therefore, she does not intend to give up. Difficulties overcome easily and without much effort. It seems that everything is amazingly good for her.


Her nature is not very special. The meaning of Fevronia's name is not easy. It indicates that this person is striving to achieve the goals set and to satisfy his own interests. At the same time, Fevronia can not be called a selfish person who wants to take care of herself only. For her, great importance is the house and family, as well as the support of close people. Children in the life of Fevronia are important. Therefore, she will strive to invest all resources in their education and upbringing. The nature of Fevronia is largely absurd, uncompromising, purposeful, incredibly active. Sometimes it seems that she does not care.

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The girl from the smallest age differs frompeers curiosity and sociability. She is interested in everything new and fascinating. Fevronia will gladly start a new business or embark on a hobby that takes her. She has quite clear ideas about her own desires and possibilities. This person is very difficult to deceive or impose their opinions. This is Fevronia. The meaning of the name is connected with determination and responsible approach to life.


The most pleasant thing for parents is that,that the girl has a very good health from the youngest age. Fevronia rarely gets sick and delivers to relatives a minimum of hassle. It does not require attention to itself, does not bother with personal problems. Strong health allows her a lot of time and strive for high results. As a rule, to adolescence, she already has very significant achievements, which create an occasion to be proud of herself. Fevronia often takes a great interest in sports, drawing, dancing.

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Any physical activity for it becomespleasure, because the movement the girl loves. It is hardly possible to find another such person who can boast of excellent health. The meaning of Fevronia's name is connected with an active life position and cheerfulness of spirit.

Children and family

Fevronia is a good mother. She is ready to devote much time and attention to her babies. Children occupy a significant place in her life. However, she does not devote all her free hours to them. Fevronia is ready to give her son or daughter a certain amount of time, which can plan ahead in advance. This woman competently manages finances, is very wise and can correctly prioritize in any situation.

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Fevronia cherishes family traditions andremains true to them throughout life. The husband and children for her are in the first place, despite the fact that she does not give up personal ambitions and achievements. Such is the adult Fevronia. The meaning of the name, character and destiny in general show that she can become a true companion of life, a good friend to a loved one.

Skills & Abilities

In most cases, this girl is talented withthe earliest childhood. She has a lot of hobbies and achievements. Its capabilities are so uncommon that they can not be overlooked. As a rule, Fevronia's talents are conspicuous. She is always in sight, she has an open character that attracts attention. In adulthood Fevronia is notable for courage in judgment, relaxedness and self-confidence. She knows exactly what she really wants, how to achieve it. The significance of Fevronia's name is associated with the disclosure of the inner potential of the individual, taking responsibility for what is happening and an active life position. If it is taken for something, it certainly leads to the end.

The need for self-expression

Fevronia - a person with high lifeambitions. Despite strong attachment to the family, she has a huge need for self-expression. It is important for her that her opinion be taken into account, and desires satisfied. Fevronia can successfully engage in sports, choreography or painting. In any case, she will act boldly and enterprisingly.

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In this article, we looked at the meaning of the nameFevronia. For a girl, it fits perfectly. Despite the fact that the name is rather old, it is beautiful. It is very pleasant to say it aloud. If you want to call your own child, then you know that together with the name you give your daughter confidence, a sense of purpose and excellent health.

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The meaning of Fevronias name: character and destiny The meaning of Fevronias name: character and destiny The meaning of Fevronias name: character and destiny The meaning of Fevronias name: character and destiny The meaning of Fevronias name: character and destiny The meaning of Fevronias name: character and destiny