The main sights of Satka

The town of Satka, though it can not boast of a largepopulation, but, of course, is the most famous settlement of the Chelyabinsk region. It is known far beyond the limits of this subject of the Russian Federation. There are quite a lot of attractions in Satka, so many tourists come here, though mostly from other parts of Russia. Foreigners visit the town infrequently.

A bit about the city itself

Satka is the administrative center of the Satka district as part of the Chelyabinsk region. The population of the city is slightly less than fifty thousand people (47.5 thousand inhabitants).satin attractions

Territorially the city is in Chelyabinskregion, but historically this land was Bashkir, that's why the name comes from the Bashkir word. The name "Satka" is translated as "Crossed", "Mesopotamia".

There is a city on the river. Big Satka in the north-western part of the Chelyabinsk region. In Satkinsky district there are only about 90 thousand inhabitants.

History of occurrence

The founder of the city is the famousThe industrial tycoon Stroganov, who built a metallurgical plant on this site. It happened in November 1758, on the 19th. It is this day is now considered to be the beginning of the existence of the city.

The 250-year history of the city left a considerable number of important historical and cultural monuments. Therefore in Satka attractions for such a small town abound.

In the years 1773-1974. to this locality (when he was not yet in the current status), the legendary EI Pugachev was raided, about which many legends and memories were preserved. They were passed from mouth to mouth, but there are some written evidence of this event.

In 1824 the emperor Alexander I came to the factory in Satka.

A new stage in the development of the city was the openingfactory "Magnezit", which is now famous throughout Russia. In the years of the Great Patriotic War large military-industrial production was based here. Refractory products produced at the Satkin plant, supplied not only the troops of the USSR, but also the allies of England and America.

The modern stage

Despite the fact that the Satka is traditionally considered the industrial, metallurgical center of the South Urals, in recent years the tourism industry is actively developing ​​satka attractions

There are many sights in the city of Satka that come to taste to visitors. The most beloved places will be described in this article below.

There is also a well-developed sport and allconditions for local residents to lead a healthy lifestyle and major sporting events. There are large-scale competitions in driving, cross-country skiing, car rallies, etc.

Also there were competitions on chess. An interesting fact is that several documentaries were shot in Satka, not only by Russian film studios, but also by foreign ones.

But no matter how other economic spheres developed, the main thing is still industry. Today, several large enterprises operate here.

Satka: attractions and description photos

In recent years, the number of tourists has increased significantly. Sights of Satka attract many people with their natural and cultural significance.

The national park "Zyuratkul", which occupiesalmost a third of the entire Satka district, the Bashkir language translates "Lake-Heart". And indeed, almost in the heart of the park is an incredibly beautiful and picturesque lake.

satka sights photo

In addition to luxurious natural landscapes and beauties,there is a large number of archaeological monuments: sites of ancient tribes, prayer stones, etc. Such important historical objects attract attention not only ordinary inhabitants, but also professional historians and archaeologists.

Around the Zyuratkul Lake folk legendscreated a halo of magical mystery. About him, countless legends and legends are composed. One of the beliefs says that if you wash in the waters of the lake, then youth and vivacity for a long time will not leave the person.

"Kitova pier" is an entertaining park,created and stylized for the fairy tales of the peoples of Russia. Here you can see Koshchei the Immortal, Daredevil and other fictional characters. This is a kind of "Disneyland", only adapted to local conditions. Also at the pier you can find two large brigantines, which are proudly called "Zyuratkul" and "Valentina". They can see the local water beauty.

"Thresholds" - the so-called almost the oldesta hydroelectric power station on the territory of Russia. It was opened in 1910. In 1993, the selection committee, selected by UNESCO, chose this plant as the object to be given the status of a monument of world significance.

satka sightseeing pictures with description

Sikiyaz-Tamak Cave Complex presentsAn ancient settlement, arranged in natural caves. In Russia, there are no such people anymore. This area is also widely known, thanks to E. Pugachev, who visited here during his uprising. Pugachevsky Val, Drunken Mountain and Salavatov key - this is not a complete list of all the memorable places associated with his name. In Satka the sights, which became known thanks to Pugachev, are very popular. However, not only natural and archaeological treasures exist in this city.

Satka: cultural attractions

There are several importantcultural and historical plan of church buildings. Among them, the Resurrection monasteries monastery, built in the first half of the XIX century, and the Satka St. Nicholas Monastery, which began its work in 1913.

The building of the two-year school, opened in 1894, still works today.

In the 50s of the XX century in the city was built a recreation center "Magnesite", which was recognized as the best building of architecture in 1951. He is reasonably considered to be in the Satka landmark (photo below).sights attractions


Our article has come to an end. One can say one thing: Satka and the sights of this city are certainly worthy of attention. That is why many tourists have now reached the city, who want to get acquainted with the cultural, historical and natural values ​​of the Satka municipal district.

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