Long and well-groomed, in a word, beautiful hair always attracts attention. And almost every girl is trying to grow a chic head of hair now.
However, young people are not far behind them. One way or another, many champions are still far away. There are representatives in the world who can boast of their long hair.
Hairy record holders
Officially, the owner of the longest hair has become a resident of China. A woman named Xiye Kvipingt was even brought into the Guinness Book of Records because of her magnificent curls. At that moment, when the experts measured the length of her hair, the tape measure was 5,627 feet. And in order to achieve such a stunning result, a woman had to avoid visiting hairdressing salons for 13 years.

Xie Kwipingt and her prideXie Kwipingt and her pride
However, in fact, the longest hair in the world is completely from another person. The record length of the hair has also grown in the Oriental beauty, namely in an unknown Indian nun. Her strands were 7 meters and 92 centimeters.But this record did not affect the records in the Guinness Book of Records, and therefore is unofficial.
And another record holder, however, her hair has not grown to such an impressive length, but still the woman’s patience and perseverance can only be envied. American Ashe Mandera has grown hair much more than her height, namely 2 meters and 60 centimeters. She became known to the whole world with her own longest dreadlocks on the planet. And in order to keep her hair in order, she has to spend a whole bottle of not only shampoo, but also conditioner. Ashe admits that she used to wash her hair three times a week, but now this procedure takes a lot of time and her hair is taken only once a week. By the way, American began to grow hair about 20 years ago.
And one of the few owners of long hair. A 55-year-old resident of China named Ni Lingmei raised curls about 2.5 meters long. It took her about 14 years of life. Mom of two children lives in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and is very proud of her record. Even the fact that she has to spend much time caring for her head does not bother a woman.Nor does Lynmey even think of getting a haircut and getting rid of an incredible length of hair. She constantly refuses very lucrative offers, because she is regularly offered to donate her hair to wigs, that is, to donate her own locks in favor of women who cannot boast of hair.
The most long-haired beauty in the photo
By the way, Mrs. Linmey spends several hours a day on her “mane”, and this is only combing. How much time is spent on washing and how often a woman buys shampoo, is silent.
Now the Guinness Book of Records experts recommend the Chinese long-hairs to write a book about how to properly care for hair of such unusual length in order to reveal the secrets to millions of women in the world.
And another unregistered owner of long hair. This time, a man is on the list. Vietnamese resident Tran Van Hai has grown such a giant head of hair that any woman could well envy. However, now the record holder is no longer alive. And at the time of his death, the hair length was 6 meters and 80 centimeters. However, this result is not noted in the Guinness Book of Records.Tran Van Hai never cut his hair for 50 years. This is because he noticed that he begins to get sick after each visit to the hairdresser.
Tran Van Hai and his hairTran Van Hai and his hair
It is worth noting that Tran Van Hai did not bother to take care of his appearance and his hair. Therefore, his curls resembled more thick rope, he laid it around his head, so it turned out some kind of hat. As the man said, so his hair was the least disturbed. However, the hair of such an immense length is generally very difficult to care for. Therefore, even washing the hair turns into serious problems. After all, in order to rinse hair, you need several hours a day and not one bottle of detergent. To this should be added drying and combing. Therefore, care can take a day, or even more. It turns out quite troublesome, though it costs to be held only once every few weeks (for hair of such length). That is why Tran Van Hai has not washed his head for several years.
By the way, the appearance of Tran Wai Hi and, in particular, hair, helps to maintain the image at work. The man specializes in the treatment of alternative medicine.His home in the province of Kien Gian is constantly open to all comers. It helps people get rid of various diseases, and, absolutely free.
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Well, before Tran Van Hai was another record holder in hair length. A man named Hu Satio lived in Thailand. His hair has grown to 5 meters 79 centimeters. The owner of this luxury did not become in the early 2000s. Relatives say that the record holder himself called death upon himself. This is because Hu Satio often hosted journalists, moreover, he allowed everyone to admire his hair and be photographed with him. And according to not written laws of that area it is a sin, because hair is considered an intimate part of the body.
Russian speaking leaders
Famous for their braids and residents of Russia. The owner of the longest hair lives in Volgograd. Record holder name is Tatiana Pismennaya. And her hair grew to 2 meters and 70 centimeters. And this is not the limit, because a 44-year-old woman does not plan to get rid of her hair. A Russian woman has been raising her hair since childhood, her parents simply forbade her to have a haircut. Now Tatyana admits that sometimes in a fit of despair she dreams of a haircut, because leaving, in fact, takes a lot of time and effort.
Tatyana PismennayaTatyana Pismennaya
Only to wash her hair Tatiana needs about four hours, it takes even more for drying. Therefore, the record holder washes her hair only once a month. The husband and children of a resident of Volgograd make a woman not even think about going to the hairdresser. One day, the spouse even threatened with divorce if his beloved even shortened her hair a little.
Amazing fact
It turns out that an ordinary person's hair grows only up to a length of 60-90 centimeters, after which they stop growing. Well, in the Guinness Book of Records get only those elected people who, because of natural anomalies, their hair does not cease to grow throughout their lives.

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