The legendary Suvorov. Crossing the Alps

The history of the Russian Empire is full of varioustests and turning points. A lot of true heroes and real men were ready to give their lives for the welfare of their homeland. One of the Russian generals, the founders of military art was Alexander Suvorov. Everyone knows that this is a real fighter who was strong in spirit and did not lose a single battle, even when the number of enemy troops was significantly larger than his own. At the end of the XVIII century Alexander Suvorov made the crossing through the Alps. The Russian emperor instructed the military commander to transfer troops to Switzerland in order to connect them with the corps in which the compatriots were. Three weeks later, the hero of Russia made a campaign.Suvorov crossing over the Alps

Says history

Many are still debating whetherSuvorov entered. Going through the Alps was really necessary? But the commander carefully planned everything and carried out the order of the emperor himself. It should be noted that this campaign played an important role in the Russo-French war and became a continuation of the Italian offensive. In addition to the fact that the Russian troops came from the north of Italy, also part of the Austrian soldiers also went with them. Suvorov's crossing the Alps (year 1799) was carried out in order to inflict a significant blow to the flank and rear of the French troops. Alexander was always famous for the speed of his decisions, suddenness, onslaught and ruthlessness, so for this case he chose exactly such methods. His main goal was to overcome the path so soon to catch the enemy by surprise and deal a decisive blow. In this regard, the passage through the Alps was carried out through the heavy pass St. Gotthard. The whole operation took place in difficult conditions. On the one hand, cruel nature, adverse weather conditions, and on the other - the treacherous behavior of the Austrians, constant disputes, battles, skirmishes.

Legendary event

transition of the Suvorov through the Alps year,

Suvorov finishes crossing the Alps on October 81799, exactly 18 days after its inception. The clever commander still managed to attack the French suddenly and inflict great damage on them, which many times exceeded their own losses. It is because of the Swiss campaign that Alexander Suvorov became a real hero. This was a turning point in his life and military service. It should be noted that the French general admitted that he was ready to give all his campaigns only for the Swiss epic A. Suvorov. Arriving on their native lands, the Russian commander received the rank of Generalissimo of all Russian troops. In honor of the successful operation that Suvorov made (crossing the Alps), a granite cross with a height of twelve meters was cut in Switzerland. Alexander himself called his army "Russian bayonet", which was able to collect all its forces and deliver a decisive blow, unexpected, strong and irreversible.crossing the Alps

And what happened next?

Summarizing, we can say that thanks to the campaignSuvorov battle took place at Adda. This event is a real feat. Then the Russian army won for the first time during the campaign, recovered in spirit, believed in their strength and tuned in to new, incredible victories.

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The legendary Suvorov. Crossing the Alps The legendary Suvorov. Crossing the Alps The legendary Suvorov. Crossing the Alps The legendary Suvorov. Crossing the Alps The legendary Suvorov. Crossing the Alps The legendary Suvorov. Crossing the Alps The legendary Suvorov. Crossing the Alps