The history of "Yandex". How to clean?

Such a popular browser in Russia, like Yandex, sometimes still puzzles its fans. Despite, by the way, all its simplicity and lack of demand. The history of "Yandex" sometimes contains such information that the user would like to hide.history of yandex

Why do you need it

Most often, the history of "Yandex" overflows with time, as a result of which the browser stops working normally. Some pages do not open, some start to “fail”, some do not load all the information. Therefore, the history of "Yandex" and requires thorough cleaning. Another reason - visiting sites whose content you want to hide from prying eyes. For example, from the family. And here, too, the story of "Yandex" is to be to clear Yandex browser history

About browser

In addition to the popular search engine, there is a browser of the same name. Its cleaning does not take much time. And the use is quite simple. However, before clearing the history of the browser "Yandex", you need to clearly divide in your understanding that there is a browser and that there is a search engine.The first is a program where the user browses the site and searches for information. In the browser there is a line where the domain names are entered.Yandex history open

Search system

It is in any browser. Just go to the official page of the search engine or use a special line in the settings. It is usually referred to as "Yandex-bar". When a user enters a query into a string, the system automatically prompts popular queries from other users. You can choose the appropriate option from the drop-down line, or you can enter further in your own way. It is noteworthy that the system remembers requests of a specific user on a specific personal computer. Therefore, when re-entering a single word, it offers those options that were previously used. Clear this story is difficult, and sometimes simply impossible! The search engine is only partially dependent on the end user. Most often, it works by itself, every minute receiving requests from all over the world, processing them and forming the most popular phrases (keywords). how to restore Yandex browser history

We clean the browser

Before you clear the history of the Yandex browser, you should remember that all the passwords and logins that were previously saved will be erased with it. Therefore, they first need to at least remember and write somewhere.In addition, everything will be erased from the memory: a list of the most visited sites, queries that were previously entered in rows (not in the search engine!). If the user is ready for this, then we can proceed. First you need to go to the settings (this is the image of the nut in the corner of the screen). Then go to the "History". And then select the "Clear" key. It is noteworthy that the browser still notifies that it will be lost by the user. And if he is ready for this, then you only need to confirm the intention by clicking "OK". After that, all sites and links will be erased, and access to them will be lost. Although not forever. There is a chance to return them, as described below.

By the way, there are special cleaning programs that remove all unnecessary files and folders from the computer, including the history of browsers. A prime example is the popular utility CCleaner. It analyzes all unclaimed and harmful / useless files, and then prompts the user to get rid of them. If the Yandex browser is installed, the program will clean it, eliminating the need to enter the settings and restart the computer.

Partial cleaning

Sometimes you want to remove only some of the sites from memory.The objectives are pursued very different (for example, delete the list of services for adults, which stores the history of "Yandex"). You need to open the settings as described above. And then already tick off the sites and links that you want to remove from the browser memory. When done, you just need to click on the "Delete selected" button.


Clear history is easy. And what if you suddenly need to return it? Is there a way to restore the history of the browser "Yandex"? Actually, yes. But this requires some skills in using a personal computer. Higher than that of a simple user. There are two ways: rollback of the system (operating system) to a certain date and installation of a special utility (auxiliary program). The first option is quite dangerous. So, for example, as a result of a rollback, some other important settings may be lost. Therefore, it is worth starting with the utility download. For example, Undelete Plus. It is quite simple. What is browser history? This is nothing more than a small system file in the computer's memory, which is deleted during cleaning. A utility can return it to its place.After recovery, you will have to restart the computer and re-enable the browser. Typically, the story appears in the appropriate section with the preservation of the date and time of a visit to a particular resource.

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