On the surface of the Earth is not one hundred volcanoes. Among them are the highest volcanoes, the most powerful volcanoes, the largest volcanoes. And one thing unites them - everyone rises to tens and hundreds of meters and is frightened by his power: it is possible that the volcano will begin to release steam and ash.

Where most active volcanoes

Volcanoes are geological formations that appear in the crust above cracks. And it is through them that ash, lava, loose rocks, water vapors and gases erupt to the surface.
Eruption of a large volcanoEruption of a large volcano
A volcano is called acting if it showed signs of activity (for example, it threw gas and steam) at a historical time for a person.
The largest number of active volcanoes is located in the Malay Archipelago. It is the largest on the planet, located between the continents of Australia and Asia. And in Russia, a large accumulation of volcanoes is located in Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands. In this part, about 60 volcanoes erupt each year.But there are data on 627 volcanoes, which showed signs of life in the last 10 thousand years.

Largest volcano

One of the largest volcanoes in the world is called Mauna Loa. From Hawaiian, it literally translates as "Long Mountain." The volcano occupies most of the island of Hawaii and is considered perhaps the most active in the world. Mauna Low erupted exactly 33 times since its first fixation in 1843. The last time the volcano "came to life" in 1984. Then about 30 thousand acres of land was covered with lava, and the area of ​​the island itself increased by 180 hectares. Mauna Low rises to 4169 meters above sea level. But if you measure the height of the volcano from the bottom, then the figure will be twice as much - 9 thousand meters. It is even higher than the famous Mount Everest.
Mauna Loa - the largest volcano in HawaiiMauna Loa - the largest volcano in Hawaii
Hawaiian is not only the largest and most powerful volcano, it is also the most massive. Its volume from the base to the top is 75 thousand cubic kilometers. By the way, there are many legends around Mauna Low. According to one of them, the elder sister Pele, who was the goddess of water and the sea, drove the volcano mistress Pele from the house. When Pele tried to build her own house, her sister sent waves to destroy it.As a result, Pele settled on the island and made herself a house called Mauna Low, it was so massive that the waves could not overwhelm him.
The largest volcano Mauna Loa is activeThe largest volcano Mauna Loa is active

The highest active volcano

The highest active volcano, some called Lyulaylyako. It is located in the Chilean-Argentine Andes. Its height is 6 thousand 723 meters. The eruption of the largest volcano was last recorded in 1877.
However, in the question of which is the highest volcano in the world from among the active ones, the opinions of scientists differ. Some believe that the highest is Cotopaxi. It is located in the South American Andes, in Ecuador. Its height is less than the previous one, only 5 thousand 897 meters. But the last major eruption was recorded in 1942. Cotopaxi can rightly be called the most beautiful in Ecuador. This is due to the riot of greenery at the foot and graceful crater. However, the picture is deceptive. Cotopaxi, like a number of others - the most dangerous volcanoes. In Ecuador, starting in 1742, 10 rather large eruptions were recorded that destroyed the city of Latacunga (it lies very close to Cotopaxi).
Lullaigliaco is one of the highest active volcanoesLullaigliaco is one of the highest active volcanoes

The most famous volcanoes

However, all of the above volcanoes are hardly known to the general public. The most famous in the world are the volcanoes of Vesuvius, Fujiyama or, for example, Etna.
Vesuvius is located in the south of Italy near Naples and is active. True, the volcano is not very big, its height is only 1281 meters. Vesuvius is one of the three active volcanoes in the country. And one of the most dangerous in the world. To date, mankind has known more than 80 eruptions, and the most famous occurred 2 thousand years ago - in the year 79. It was then that the cities of Pompeii, Stabiae, Herculaneum were destroyed. The last eruption recorded in 1944, lava destroyed the city of Massa and San Sebastiano.
Vesuvius - one of the most famous volcanoesVesuvius - one of the most famous volcanoes
The highest volcano in Africa and generally the highest point of the continent - Kilimanjaro. The volcano is located on the territory of Tanzania, 300 kilometers south of the equator. One of the peaks of Kilimanjaro - Kibo - reaches 5895 meters. Uhuru Peak - the highest point of the volcano. Scientists suggest that the age of Kilimanjaro is more than a million years.And what is most surprising, even though the volcano is almost at the equator, many glaciers have accumulated on its slopes.
The largest volcanoes can be seen in Asia. Famous Fuji is located on the Japanese island of Honshu, which is 150 kilometers from Tokyo. The volcano has almost perfect conical outlines and has been a cult of local residents since ancient times. The height of the mountain is 3776 meters. Now the volcano is weakly active, the last time experts recorded an eruption in 1707.
Fuji is the largest volcano in AsiaFuji is the largest volcano in Asia

The strongest volcanic eruption

But the most powerful volcanic eruption in history occurred in 1883. May 20 began to show activity Krakatau. That day, residents of the capital of Indonesia began to hear the first peals: people began to feel the shaking of a volcano, which is located 50 kilometers from the capital. Such phenomena lasted for three months, the volcano subsided, then activated. Floating pumice layers accumulated on the surface.
August 27 of that year there was a strong eruption of a volcano that man has ever seen. The hum was heard even 5 thousand kilometers from the epicenter. Ash climbed to a height of 30 kilometers.The volcanic structure spread over a vast territory, in a radius of up to 500 kilometers. Gas-ash pillar rose to 70 kilometers, that is, already climbed into the mesosphere. Ash covered over 4 million square kilometers and occupied a total of 18 cubic kilometers. The force of the explosion was estimated at 6 points. According to experts, it is 200 thousand times more than the force of the explosion that destroyed Hiroshima.
The most powerful eruption of the volcano KrakatauThe most powerful eruption of the volcano Krakatau
As a result of the eruption, about 300 villages and cities of Indonesia were wiped out. The result: 37 thousand dead, most of the people were swept over by a tsunami about 30 meters high.

The highest volcano in the world

The highest volcano in the world from Spanish translates as "salty eyes." Ojos del Salado is located on the border of Argentina and Chile, and rises to 6891 meters. The record peak is in Chilean territory.
The largest volcano in the world, Ojos del Salado is considered extinctThe largest volcano in the world, Ojos del Salado is considered extinct
The volcano is called inactive. All because of the history of mankind there was not a single case of eruption. However, sometimes Ojos del Salado reminds of itself.For example, in 1993, the release of water vapor and sulfur was noticed.
By the way, as the editors of uznayvse.ru have managed to learn, some geographers have already reclassified a volcano into an active one. Thus, having displaced from the first place the list of the highest active volcanoes Lulagliaco. However, the controversy has not yet subsided.
Also interesting is the fact that Elbrus is also a volcano.

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