The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes

Famous TV presenter of the project "House-2" XeniaBorodin stubbornly and long went to his goal. Because of her desire to become a popular TV presenter, the girl even quarreled with her parents. In the article we will describe how the personal life of a TV presenter such as Ksenia Borodina, whose weight, by the way, always evoked frank envy among her acquaintances and girlfriends was developing.


growth of xenia with beardXenia was born on March 8, 1983. A year after the birth of the girl, her parents divorced. A few years later, Xenia's mother met an Italian architect, and then married him. The new husband had his own construction firm in Italy, so it is understandable that Ksyusha's mother went to live there. The daughter was left in Russia with her grandparents. On vacation the girl always went to Italy, but she did not want to stay there permanently. She was always drawn back to her homeland, to Russia.

From the first to the ninth grade, Ksusha studied at theordinary Moscow school. After graduating from nine classes, she continued her studies at a private lyceum. Even then the figure of Xenia Borodina evoked jealousy in her classmates, although she did not pay attention to it at all. The class in which Ksenia studied at school was very friendly. Former classmates are still encountered.

Carier start

Everyone in their childhood dreams of growing up and becoming onecosmonaut, who is an actress - the list can continue indefinitely. But Xenia Borodina always dreamed of becoming a famous TV presenter. But after completing 11 classes, she entered the Institute of Hotel Management.

The girl just raved about the idea of ​​getting onTV. She constantly filled out and sent out her questionnaires to various agencies, participated in various castings, and the growth of Xenia Borodina was not at all a hindrance. Castings, interviews lasted long enough, but there were no offers.

Naturally, there came a time when a girlshe simply despaired, began to consider herself completely incompetent and lowered her hands. In this state she accepted the offer of her stepfather and finally decided to permanently move to Italy. Xenia bought tickets, said goodbye to everyone and got on an airplane, which was supposed to take her forever to a warm, sunny, but still foreign country. Already sitting in the salon, the girl received a message from the TNT channel. She was announced that she had been casted, and she was invited to become a TV presenter of a new project.


what growth is XeniaNeedless to say that his move girl immediatelysame canceled. She had to quarrel with her mother and stepfather because of the right to go to meet his dream. She took a chance and won. Participation in the new TV project "Dom-2" brought Ksenia crazy fame. Now she is a popular television presenter and just leading a variety of holidays. She wants to see and host many celebrities as guests.

Ksenia Borodina (height, her current weightalmost correspond to the ideal proportions) does not stop there and continues to develop his career, because for this she has everything you need.

Personal life

How does the personal life of each person begin? Of course, with the first love. However, very few people who met their first love, go with it in life. Xenia is no exception, the first love happened when she was 17 years old, she was just happy. Young people have been together for more than two years. During all this time, Borodin managed to commit many insane acts. But even after years the girl does not regret any of her own follies.

Young people did not become an exception to the majorityand then quietly parted. Being the leading TV project, the girl unwittingly became also its participant thanks to Oscar Karimov, who fell in love with her without memory. It was quite natural - how can you not fall in love with such a beauty as Ksenia Borodina! Growth, the weight of the girl at that time was constantly discussed by the participants of "Doma-2". After Oscar left the project, they met for a while, but then broke up.xenia beard growth and weight

Two years later, TV host Borodina marriedfor a well-known businessman, later they had a daughter named Marusya. Three years after the legalization of the relationship, the couple divorced. According to some information, now Ksenia meets with Alexander Terekhin, also a former participant of the project.

Interesting Facts

In fact, Xenia is also subject to complexes. As they confessed to a certain printed publication, it always complexed because of its growth. The girl always considered herself too small. You want to ask, what is the growth of Xenia Borodina? According to the leader, its growth is 165 cm. With such growth, according to the majority, not because of what.

a figure of xenia beard

Recently, a TV presenter is very oftenTo see in advertising of known coffee for growing thin. Spectacular Xenia Borodina, the height, whose weight is now just perfect - a great model for advertising, given that after giving birth the girl had extra pounds, which successfully disposed of.

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The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes The growth of Xenia Borodina and its complexes