The game "Mafia". The reviews are amazing!

Do you like to spend time in a noisy company of friends? So why do not you try to play the wonderful game "Mafia"? Reviews about her are only enthusiastic.

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History of the game

In 1986, Dmitry Davydov came up with the game "Mafia". Reviews about it even now amaze with an abundance of compliments. Initially, it was played in the classrooms, dormitories and corridors of Moscow State University. After some students began to leave the country as the university graduated, the game spread to different countries. For example, in the US, the first mention of it is in 1989.

According to the author, the game is based on the cultural and historical theory of the psychologist L.S. Vygotsky. In the creation of Davydov intertwined competition and representation, the struggle for survival and show.

The prototype of the game is the European analog"Killer", which was known from the middle of the twentieth century. In the "Mafia" the participants are trying to find a group of villains, while in the "Killer" players are looking for only one maniac.

The essence of the game

The rules are simple. All participants of this action are divided into several categories. The main ones are peaceful townspeople and mafiosi. Other characters have their own functions. The winner in this game should be either villains or civilians.

mafia game for survival reviews

You will need a deck of special cards for the game. Ordinary too can approach, if preliminary to discuss with the friends, what picture that designates. Before the game "Mafia", reviews about which are only flattering, cards are distributed to each participant by a shirt upwards. It is at this moment that everyone understands what role they have taken on themselves. There must be as many cards in the deck as there are participants. The leader is determined either by voting or by lot.


Why the game "Mafia" reviews gets onlyenthusiastic? Probably, because during the discussion the players get to know each other from the new side and just have a pleasant time. Let's figure out which characters are the main characters in this game.

mafia game reviews

  • Civilians. Functions as such they do not. Their goal is to answer two questions:
    • Who kills peaceful citizens?
    • And who among them is a mob?
  • Mafia. Mafia players kill at night townspeople. The number of villains depends on the total number of players.
  • Fallen woman. The function of this auxiliary character is a night pastime with one of the players and saving him from death at the hands of the mafia.
  • Doctor. It is clear that he saves the villagers killed by villains.
  • Policeman. His role is to arrest suspects and track the order.
  • Maniac. It occurs very rarely in the game process. He can side with the townspeople or the mafia, or he can defend his ideas. At night, it strangles peaceful people, because of what they can only be explained by gestures.

Rules of the game

reviews about the game mafia

It is known that the "Mafia: a game of survival" reviews get only admired and very deserved. Therefore, it is rather necessary to understand the rules.

  • The game consists of two periods: day and night.
  • On the first day, participants come up with names, get acquainted with each other, evaluate behavior, make first conclusions.
  • Night villains wake up. When they open their eyes, they get to know each other. Then the mafiosi make a choice. Other characters have no idea what card has fallen to.
  • On the second day it becomes clear who was killed. During the discussion next following this, suspects are identified. The one who was elected by ballot shows his card and retires.
  • The second night comes. When the presenter calls the participants in a certain order, they begin to perform their functions. Initially, the mafia is engaged in murders. Then the Doctor saves the townspeople. The fallen woman chooses whom she will spend the night with. The policeman seizes the suspect. After all this, a maniac can wake up and strangle one of the players.
  • On the third day the presenter talks about the events,occurred over night. If the victim was saved by the Fallen woman or Doctor, then his character is not disclosed. If the Mafiosi killed the confusing, then its "saved" automatically dies. The killed person leaves the game. The discussion continues. Strangled can only gesticulate, say - no.

Subtlety of etiquette

To the game "Mafia" reviews received only positive from the whole company, you need to adhere to some rules and advice.

board game mafia reviews

If two participants scored the same amountvotes, the remaining players were not able to determine the choice of the suspect, then the discussion begins anew. To vote then you need 2 candidates selected in the first round.

You can give your vote only for one participant.

Players who are eliminated should not give out others with emotion, word or deed.

Categorically you can not spy.

At night, during the game, all participants must behave as quietly as possible.

It is strictly forbidden to disclose your character.

Vows are not welcomed, mention of the devil or god. The conditions for all are equal.

The board game "Mafia" reviews gets good,because there are no losers and winners in it. This is a great entertainment, through which people recognize each other and show their didactic talents in practice.

It is very important to be able to maintain composure. If you lie to the player is so-so, then he should look at least calmly. Perhaps he should practice before the next round.

Reviews about the game

After studying reviews about the game "Mafia", each playerwill be able to make sure that everyone likes this wonderful pastime. This is indeed so. Which only the statements do not sound to the variation "Mafia: the game of survival." Reviews are just flattering. Rarely when a disgruntled player meets.

"Mafia is immortal!", "Excellent game for a cheerful company", "The real classics of the genre" - perhaps, these statements will most fully reflect the mood of all participants.

What conquers people in this game? Ability to show wit, think logically, the opportunity to have a great time in the company of your friends.

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