The furnace-stove with their own hands: technology, drawings. How to make a stove with your own hands?

Oven-stoves appeared in the early XX century. However, today they are still relevant. After all, now only houses with gas or electricity are heated, but where there are none, you have to do everything in the old manner (with wood or coal). Here also the device thought up by a hundred years ago helps. After all, a stove, a stove made with their own hands, can heat any room. Another advantage of this remarkable invention is that it can be drowned with wood, coal, sawdust and wood chips. In general, all that can burn. This is a great device for heat and cooking.

stove with his own hands

Now stoves are widely used in unheated garages, various outbuildings, in summer cottages, in hunting houses, in a word, in the so-called field conditions.

Such a stove can be bought in the finished form, you only need to remove the chimney from the room. But mostly they are made of scrap materials. In how to make a burzhuyka with your own hands, now let's look in detail. Only before we discuss the design flaws.

These furnaces have two drawbacks. Firstly, the fuel in them quickly burns through, because of this, the stove needs to be fed often. And in places where there is a shortage of fuel, this is a problem. Secondly, its surface is very hot, and you can easily get burned. However, all inconveniences can be minimized, and in the future we will consider these methods in detail.

What is the furnace-stove?

  • A chamber where solid fuel is burned.
  • The grid-iron made of a metal lattice.
  • Chimney pipe.
  • The branch where the ash falls when burning.

Forms of burryuk and materials for their production

In general, they make their own stoves with the use of cylinders, old barrels or large cans. It can also be made from a wide pipe. From all this so-called cylindrical potbelly stoves are easily made. There are also rectangular, for their creation they use metal boxes or the structure is welded entirely from sheet steel.

gas stove with his own hands

Its shape does not affect the functionality of the furnace; rather, it is the desired aesthetic appearance or material that turned out to be available. There are even designer stoves, which can be of any shape and resemble various objects. To get a good stove with their own hands, the drawings clearly show all the subtleties of its design.

potbelly stove do-it-yourself drawings

Making potbelly stove from gas cylinder

The most common homemade stoves from gas cylinders. They have thick walls, so come out durable and mobile stove. First you need a markup. In the center of the cylinder is drawn a door for the combustion chamber. From it we retreat 10 cm downwards and apply the contour of the second door (for a blower).

pot stove with his own hands from the balloon

Then, using the grinder or autogen, cut the doors along the contour. Between them, you need to hold a closed line. On it the cylinder is sawn into two fragments. This is necessary so that the grille in the area of ​​the cut should be welded to the bottom part - the blower. Firewood will lie on it, and the ash, into which they will turn into a combustion process, will fall through the rods, freeing up space for a new solid fuel. After the grill is installed, you need to reconnect the two parts, welding them together.

After that, you need to make a hole with a radius of about 10 cm where the valve was.Then in this place we weld the pipe, which will serve as an exhaust. Well, the simplest stove with the hands of the balloon is ready, you can put it anywhere and use.

However, this option is only suitable for heating the room. If you plan to also cook on such a furnace, then you need a slightly different design of the upper part. The top must be cut off and the bars welded inside so that you can put the pan. The hole for the pipe should be cut in the upper part, but on the side. Thus, it will be possible, if necessary, to cook food, and when you just need to heat the room, you should cover the top with a lid that came out of the top of the bottle. Only you must first brew a hole where the valve is screwed in and make a comfortable handle.

Rectangular potbelly stoves

furnace stoves with their own hands

Such a stove with their own hands are made from various metal objects: car tanks, different boxes, or it is simply welded from sheets of steel. The direct form is chosen when it is planned to fully prepare food on such an oven. After all, it allows you to put on the fire more than one pan.The principle of operation is the same as in a cylindrical one: it is necessary to build doors for the combustion chamber and the blower, as well as an opening for connecting the chimney pipe, where the combustion products will go.

Design features for better heating

If you need to heat a large building, then it is advisable that the exhaust pipe goes horizontally in the room. After all, if from the oven it goes right up and out, then with the smoke all the heat will also quickly be on the street. Therefore, the temperature in the room will quickly decrease. And if the pipe from the furnace goes horizontally throughout the room, the smoke stays in it much longer: the exhaust is like a battery, which has a rather high temperature. And in this case, the stove made with its own hands becomes like a cauldron.

To the surface of the stove could not burn, they attach a box to it. These are additional plates that are installed on three sides of the oven at a distance of 5–10 cm. The surfaces of the stove and the box should not touch. The air gap between them does not allow the box to become very hot. This, firstly, saves the room from fire, and secondly, it allows you to feel more comfortable near the stove.This protection is more convenient to do for a rectangular design, but you can make it for a stove made of a cylinder. Moreover, the box can be built from a regular piece of tin, because it does not heat up enough to burn out.

Long burning stoves

And now consider the question of how to make a stove with your own hands, so that it gives out even longer heat without the need for recharge. All wood-burning stoves are hot and quickly burned. Because of this, they need to often throw up fuel. However, if the stoves are not allowed to burn so much, and make its fuel smolder little by little, then the heating time from one bookmark of firewood can be significantly increased.

Such long-burning stoves are made a little differently than usual ones. They are intended for heating only. The easiest way is to make it from a cylinder. Only the upper part is cut, which then becomes the lid for the stove. After that, a hole is made for the hood on the side of the upper part of the stove. Firewood is laid on top, and not through the doors as in conventional models. Then a metal circle is made with a hole in the center.It should easily go inside the bottle. A pipe is welded to a hole in such a metal pancake, which should be longer than the height of the container. It will play the role of a blower, delivering oxygen inside the furnace to maintain fuel smoldering. And the final touch is the cut-off part of the cylinder, in the center of which you need to make a hole, where it should tightly, but freely, pass the pipe-blown.

long-burning stoves

Because of what such a stove heats up for a long time?

The principle of operation of such a furnace-stove, made with their own hands, is simple. Firewood is loaded into the cylinder, which is completely burning chamber, and set on fire. When everything broke out, immerse the metal circle with a welded blower. This part is quite heavy and puts pressure on solid fuel, which slowly smolders due to pressure and low oxygen supply. The smoke emitted at the same time, goes up, and then goes through the chimney, which is welded under the lid of the furnace. Such a stove with a hands-stove is done quickly, and will serve for many years.

How to make a stove on solid fuel and gas?

In many places where it is possible to connect propane, a gas stove can be created from an ordinary stove, only slightly modified.Make it easy, you only need to buy a regular infrared burner. Depending on the shape and design of the stove, it is better to set it low in the area of ​​the blower so that there is enough space in the combustion chamber for heat from the gas. Thus, the stove becomes truly versatile. After all, two types of fuel significantly expand the possibilities: if there is no firewood, you can use gas, and vice versa.

Potbelly stove as a subject of decor in the interior

Despite the fact that the stoves are considered in cities where all modern comforts are available, remnants of the past, they are still used even in modern European-renovated houses and designer interiors. Some craftsmen put such units even in apartments. After all, the stove made with its own hands can have a decorative look and become a functional decoration of any room. She will be able to fill the room not only with warmth, but also with the atmosphere of comfort, when firewood crackles in the fireplace, and there is a blizzard outside the window. Now designers began to design various types of stoves, so today it is not just a tool that helps to survive the cold winter, but also the most beautiful type of accessory.

stove wood stove with his own hands

It does not matter whether the stove was made with his own hands or bought in a store, you should always remember about safety. A metal sheet must necessarily lie near the stove in case there is a coal falling out when throwing firewood. Also, do not hold flammable objects or plastic near.

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The furnace-stove with their own hands: technology, drawings. How to make a stove with your own hands 67

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The furnace-stove with their own hands: technology, drawings. How to make a stove with your own hands 82

The furnace-stove with their own hands: technology, drawings. How to make a stove with your own hands 11

The furnace-stove with their own hands: technology, drawings. How to make a stove with your own hands 45

The furnace-stove with their own hands: technology, drawings. How to make a stove with your own hands 38

The furnace-stove with their own hands: technology, drawings. How to make a stove with your own hands 6