The fish was asleep. What is it for?

Have you ever tried to calculate how muchAre there any dream books? And can anyone do such a task at all? But all these books did not emerge from scratch, each of them contains colossal life experience and observations. Of course, for any reason to appeal to the dream-books, at least, it's funny, but some dreams can not be left without attention. At least for the sake of curiosity, it is worth asking, what does this or that dream mean. If his interpretation is favorable and promises good luck, why not tune in and meet her fully armed.

This is today in the dream books are looking more and moreentertainment for the sake of, and before such books were taken more seriously. Our great-grandmothers knew for sure: if a fish was dreamed - wait for the replenishment in the family. And no pregnancy tests are needed. And since there were no contraceptives then, hardly anyone was upset by the fact that sleep did not always come true.

How many dream lists exist, so many interpretationsto the same image. Some of them are very curious. For example, Sigmund Freud believes that if a lady or gentleman dreamed of a fish, they are brewing problems in their sexual life. His dream book interprets such dreams in the following way:
* Fishing in a dream - you can not forget about your problems for a second, it prevents you from relaxing during lovemaking;
* To eat a fish dish in a dream - for a man such a dream means that in bed he is excessively selfish and does not count with a partner;
* unsuccessful fishing in a dream - the fear of being insolvent in bed.
Agree, a very interesting interpretation of the image. In addition, none of us will not stop to pay attention to the intimate side of life.

As a rule, the dream book interprets not onlya separate image, but also the situation as a whole. For example, what do you think the fish dream about? Miller's dream interpretation says that after such a dream you can expect from the fate of a generous gift.

According to the same author, to catch fish in a snack network- means success and prosperity in business. Activity and enterprise will soon bear fruit. Watching in a dream, how do others fish? This means that a second wind will open, there will be strength and energy for active action, and fate will be on your side. In a dream, they spent time wasted, so nothing and not catching it - in reality you do not fuss in vain, now is not your time.

If the dreamed fish is dead, but fresh, it's a good sign, signifying a quick joy. Live fish, trembling in her hands, promises the girl a quick acquaintance with the groom.

The esoteric dream book is not so complacent. According to his interpretation, fish in a dream symbolizes an early illness, as well as a cold and indifferent attitude on the part of those who are dear to you. The woman dreamed of a fish - not to avoid problems with children, pregnancy is possible. Fishing in a dream means work, useless and tedious. But if you dream about a fish that you managed to catch on the hook, wait for the fulfillment of desire.

Dream Interpretation (do not smile, such asit turned out, also exists) promises to everyone who saw a fish swimming in clear water in a dream, an ideal novel. But if the water is cloudy, you will not be able to find your ideal partner.
Fishing in a dream, according to an intimate dream book, means a profitable marriage proposal. And, the larger the fish, the more profitable will be matrimony.

Dreams are made up of different people, but how many people,so many opinions. For men fishing is associated with pleasure. A woman, on the other hand, has one nuisance from such a pastime. Here you have two fundamentally different explanations of the same thing.

Asking the question: "The fish dreamed up, what does this mean?" - you risk getting a lot of various answers, from ridiculous ones to frankly terrible ones. For example, do you know what to dream about smoked fish? According to one of the publications, such a night vision guarantees a fun trip. But a bright colored fish for a sick person means the most unfavorable outcome. Whether to believe in dream books is a private matter for everyone. But sometimes you should not forget about common sense, and before writing on the Internet forum: "The fish is asleep, am I really pregnant? !!", go to the pharmacy. Yet not a stone age in the yard.

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The fish was asleep. What is it for The fish was asleep. What is it for The fish was asleep. What is it for The fish was asleep. What is it for The fish was asleep. What is it for