The engine of VAZ-2109. Tuning engine VAZ-2109

VAZ-2109 is, perhaps, one of the mostknown and common cars in Russia. As is known, the VAZ of the "ninth family" was equipped with three power units. Each of them differed in its capacity and working volume. Today we will look at how the engine (VAZ-2109-21099) is arranged and learn the ways of its tuning.

The first engine

Initially, the "nine" was manned by onepetrol engine for 1.3 liters, which produced up to 64 horsepower. This unit is eight-valve, with a carburettor type of power. Injector prototypes appeared only in the early 2000s.engine repair VAZ 2109 With this engine, the car dialed "hundred" in 16 seconds. At the same time, its maximum speed according to passport data was 148 kilometers per hour.

VAZ-2109 with 1.5-liter engine

In view of the fact that the ninth family of "Lada" hadvery low dynamics characteristics, it was decided to develop a newer and more dynamic motor at the Volzhsky Automobile Plant. He became a 1.5-liter 8-valve carburetor-gasoline engine. VAZ-2109, namely its export modifications, had no longer a carburetor, but an injector type of injection. It was this 1.5-liter motor that was installed on most VAZs of the "eighth" and "ninth" families.

Injector modifications

In 2000, the Volga plant modernized the oldcarburetor engine for 1.5 liters and made it injector. Thanks to the system of distributive injection, the engine power increased significantly - up to 78 "horses", the torque increased, while fuel consumption decreased. Also it is necessary to emphasize the ecological compatibility of the "nine" operation, in which the injector engine.

VAZ-2109 and technical characteristics of its engine

Let's look at the characteristics of the mostpopular motor, which was installed on the "nine" for more than 10 years. This is a five-liter 8-valve unit with a carburettor type of power. All the characteristics we will divide by the points:

  1. Number of cylinders.There were 4 of them, as on all the other engines of the "nine".
  2. Diameter of the piston.For each cylinder, it was 82 millimeters.
  3. How the motor works:1-3-4-2. This is a classic scheme of operation of all carburetor engines.
  4. Compression ratio- 9.9.
  5. Rated motor power. At 5600 rpm it was fifty-one horsepower. In dynamics, this figure increased to 68 horsepower.
  6. The minimum number of revolutions that the crankshaft can make is between 750 and 800.
  7. Piston stroke. On a 1.5-liter engine, this figure was seventy-one millimeters.
  8. The maximum torque at 5600 rpm is 106.4 Nm.tuning engine VAZ 2109

Thanks to such an aggregate, the "nine" was one of thethe first domestic car, which had such excellent dynamics characteristics. The maximum speed of the car according to passport data was 148 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the jerk from zero to "hundred" was estimated at 14 seconds. For cars of the late 80's this is a very, very good dynamic indicator. Of course, now there are more powerful and economical analogues. However, our car owners have found a way to revive the good old "nine" and improve its "heart" to the maximum. As you guessed, this is tuning the engine. VAZ-2109 can be modified in several ways. Below we will look at some of them.

Increase motor volume

There are a number of different methodsforcing the VAZ engine. The most reliable of them is an increase in its working volume. The effectiveness of this method, as they say, is obvious. Judge for yourself - more combustible mixture gets into the combustion chamber, accordingly, in such quantity it gives a lot of energy. If to make such repair of the engine, VAZ-2109 will become more powerful by 20-40 percent. But that's bad luck - along with the power of the car increases and fuel consumption by 15-20 percent. Therefore, before you start tuning, pay attention to the consequences. However, expenditure is not a significant problem. Instead of 7 liters, it will now "eat" 8.4. The difference does not frighten or shock.engine VAZ 2109 injectorSo, what is the essence of this method? Its whole feature is the boring of the cylinder block for a larger piston diameter. In this case, it is necessary to purchase and install a new set of pistons and rings (also with a large diameter).

Crankshaft Replacement

If you put the other crankshaft on the "nine" (witha large radius of the crank), you can achieve a high stroke of the piston. Accordingly, and the volume of cylinders will be more (that is, the engine will become more powerful). VAZ-2109 in this case will not "eat" more fuel, while its dynamics will increase significantly.

True, this is a more costly method than boring a cylinder block. Among the new details that must be purchased for these works, it is necessary to distinguish such as:

  1. The new crankshaft.The diameter of its crank must be between 75 and 80 millimeters.
  2. A set of new pistons.You should choose the ones that will be maximallyapproach the acquired crankshaft. It is important to consider that the cylinder block has its maximum height and a very large piston in it will not work.
  3. Piston rings(a set of compression and oil-removal).engine VAZ 2109 price

In addition, you need to find a master who will perform the work on boring the block for a given set of pistons. By the time the entire tuning of the engine (VAZ-2109-21099) can take from 1 to 3-4 weeks.

Finalization of cylinder head

Strangely enough, but an increase in the working volume -this is not always an advantageous method of boosting the engine. Sometimes motorists resort to finalizing cylinder head and replacing the camshaft for tuning (that is, non-standard). In fact, this method really impresses with its effectiveness. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to do this, since the completion will concern not only the head of the unit. It can be and zapressovka other saddles, and installation of new valves with the big diameter. If you do such an engine repair, VAZ-2109 will be more powerful by 5-15 percent, depending on the amount of work done.

Exhaust system

engine replacement VAZ 2109

Studies have shown that the car losesa significant part of its power is the output of exhaust gases from the system. Accordingly, if you refine the exhaust system, you can significantly increase engine power. This method is good because it does not require the presence of an experienced locksmith's hand. Even in it there is no need to modify the motor directly. The engine remains in the same state. But in order for the gases to be released at a higher speed, you need to carefully calculate the design of the exhaust system of your car. The whole point of refinement is to increase the diameter of the pipes, change their profile and internal polishing. The method is less complicated than the previous two, but it is also very laborious.

What can this give? Due to the completion of the exhaust system, engine power is increased by 15 percent. If you consider that during the work you never dismantled the engine, but simply "tuned" the pipes, then this method can be considered one of the most effective among all the others.

Engine Replacement

VAZ-2109 is a very specific car. The fact is that the early motors, installed on the "nine", have less power and weak - as by today's standards - the dynamics. Everything changed radically only in the 2000s, when the Volzhsky Automobile Plant began to equip the "nine" with new injector units. Thanks to the new technology of fuel delivery to the cylinder, the power and dynamics of acceleration of the car significantly increased. Why all this conversation? The thing is that you can increase the motor power without the painful boring and finishing the crankshaft. To do this, it is enough to buy and install the whole injector VAZ engine instead of the former carburetor. However, this method is effective only for those who have carburetor 1.3 and 1.5-liter engines.

If you buy a new engine, VAZ-2109 (the price ofwhose engine is 25-30 thousand rubles) will not only be quick and maneuverable, but also economical in terms of fuel consumption. After all, whatever one may say, the injector is a more advanced fuel distribution system.VAZ 2109 engine

At the same time, the old motor can always be sold on spare parts (or entirely with attachments). As a result, the price of all tuning will be from 10 to 15 thousand rubles.

How long does it take to remove the engine? VAZ-2109 has a relatively simple design, so you can replace the old carburetor with an injector in 1-2 days. It is important that the new motor also includes hinged parts. Without them, the new engine will not work. VAZ-2109 "injector" is characterized by low fuel consumption (about 6-7 liters) and high power. This is ideal for those who want to quickly and reliably increase the power of their "nine".

Installing a motor with a foreign car

Which engine on the VAZ-2109 can be installed withforeign cars? This is a very complicated question, since there is no single answer to it. Some motorists advise to put the motor from the German "Audi" and "Volkswagen" 90-ies. But one of the most suitable options is the installation of the engine from Opel Vectra.remove the engine VAZ 2109

However, whatever this motor is, mount itits better with the home gearbox. And this is an additional cost, and to a greater extent from the financial side. Plus, you will have to enter a new motor in the technical passport.

Which option is best for you?

As you can see, the ways to refine the motor "nine"great variety. We recommend that you just replace the motor with another one. But not with foreign cars, but with an injection VAZ. So you will not have problems with the installation (because the body structure has not changed for decades) and queues at the traffic police. In an extreme case, it is possible to make the motor in the PTS unmanned.

Well, in addition to the new engine can be refinedold exhaust system, replace the manifold and muffler. By doing all these operations, you will increase the power of your car by 30-40 percent. After such tuning the car will "take a hundred" for 10, and even less than seconds. The main thing is to know the sequence of all tuning works.

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