The drug "Mifegin": reviews of doctors, instructions for use, composition and features

"Mifegin" is a medical product intended for the induction and preparation of childbirth, as well as the artificial termination of unwanted pregnancy. This drug stimulates the reduction and increase in myometrial tone.


The active active ingredient of “Mifegin” is micronized mifepristone (200 mg in one tablet). Included and auxiliary components: Aerosil, Povidone, corn starch, E572 and CMC.

Reviews of the drug "Mifegin" consider below.

Mechanism of action

Mifepristone causes the pharmacological action of the drug. This active ingredient is included in the group of steroids of synthetic origin and has an anti-progestogenic effect, that is, it inhibits the production of progesterone, which is responsible for the readiness of a woman's body for pregnancy.The effect of the substance on suppressing the production of progesterone in the body was confirmed by the results of animal experiments in laboratories.
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Part of the drug mifepristone, allows you to interrupt the effect of progesterone on the myometrium and endometrium (inner layers of the uterus). This effect leads to a reduction in the uterus, as it causes a hypersensitivity of the above-mentioned metryas to prostaglandins. If you take "Mifegin" in early pregnancy, it will cause the expansion and then the opening of the uterus, which in 95 percent of cases leads to abortion. In the appointment of the drug in the later stages of pregnancy, it is taken, and after a few days of prostaglandins. Thus, it is possible to shorten the period between induction and the onset of medical abortion. If the doctors stated the prenatal death of the child, then after taking the tablets "Mifegin", according to reviews, the birth begins on average on the fourth day.

Mifepristone, entering the body, quickly absorbed. The drug reaches its peak in about an hour and a half. Almost all of the active substance is associated with plasma proteins. Up to 90 percent of the drug is excreted in feces, the rest in the urine.

Release form

"Mifegin" is available in the form of yellowish tablets, convex on both sides. One pack contains 3 tablets. This tool is supplied to medical institutions in packs of up to 700 blisters. It is impossible to find a drug in pharmacies, it is only available to institutions that have permission to conduct a medical abortion procedure. You can not buy this tool in online stores, as there is a very high probability of getting a fake. This caution comes from the manufacturer. This is confirmed by the drug "Mifegin" reviews.


"Mifegin", being an anti-progestogen drug, is used exclusively under inpatient conditions in gynecological medical institutions. Assigned tool for the following indications:

  1. Medical abortion with menstruation delay is not more than 50 days.
  2. Preparing the cervix for surgical abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  3. Preparing a woman's body for the onset of labor in the case of a full-term pregnancy.


The list of contraindications for the use of "Mifegin", according to reviews, is quite impressive.Under the ban is the drug in the following cases:
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  1. Insufficient adrenal glands, kidneys and liver in a severe chronic form.
  2. Hypersensitivity to substances that are part of the drug.
  3. Bronchial asthma that is not treatable.
  4. Poor blood clotting on the background of long-term use of anticoagulants.
  5. Genetic impairment of hemoglobin production (porphyrin disease).

Ban on abortion

Medical abortion of uterine pregnancy "Mifegin", according to doctors, is prohibited for the following indications:

  1. If pregnancy was not confirmed by ultrasound data and special tests.
  2. Delayed onset of menstruation for more than 50 days.
  3. The presence or suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy.
  4. If taking prostaglandins is contraindicated.
  5. When the pregnancy occurred while taking oral contraceptives or the presence of intrauterine contraceptives.
  6. The process of inflammation in the genital system.

Reception with caution

Caution should be applied "Mifegin" in the following cases:

  • Uterine fibroids, which developed latently.
  • Stitches on the uterus after surgery.

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  • High blood pressure.
  • Smoking more than half a pack of cigarettes per day by women after 35 years.

If the above conditions are present, the decision on the appropriateness of taking the drug is made individually. This will be confirmed by mifepristone or Mifegin reviews.

Preparation for a surgical termination of pregnancy in the first trimester is prohibited if:

  1. The presence of pregnancy is not confirmed by the results of ultrasound and special tests.
  2. The delay in the onset of menstruation is more than 84 days.
  3. Confirmed ectopic pregnancy.

In the later stages of pregnancy, the drug is not used to prepare for a surgical abortion if it is impossible to treat with prostaglandins. Price and reviews of "Mifegin" interest many.

In preparation for childbirth

Drug is forbidden to be used at preparation before childbirth in the following cases:

  1. Gestosis (toxicosis) in severe form.
  2. Eclampsia (late toxicosis, accompanied by convulsive states).
  3. Fatigue or prematurity of the fetus.
  4. The fruit is located wrong.
  5. Placenta in previa.
  6. The selection of the bloody content of unexplained etymology.
  7. If the pelvis of the mother and the head of the fetus are in disproportion.


The use of "Mifegin" in the procedure of abortion or preparation for the onset of labor should occur in inpatient treatment in specialized medical institutions. Medical abortion consists of the following steps:
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1. Examination of the patient in order to confirm pregnancy, its uterine or ectopic form and the period of gestation. Medical history to determine the individual characteristics of women's health. If a medical abortion is indicated, the patient is notified of all the nuances of this procedure, complications and side effects. Usually a woman is given a few days to think about the situation and make a decision.

2. To accept "Mifegin", according to reviews, it is necessary according to the instructions and only in the presence of the attending physician. The dosage regimen is determined individually and depends on the duration of pregnancy. Most often, three pills are prescribed at once. After that, the doctor should observe the patient for several hours.If a woman feels satisfactory, then she is allowed to go home, setting a date for the next visit to a medical institution.

3. The result of taking the drug is determined after a few days, and is confirmed after two weeks.

4. After taking “Mifegin”, maintenance therapy is prescribed. Medicines are prescribed to reduce the muscle tone of the uterus.

If the verification ultrasound did not confirm the termination of pregnancy and showed partial or complete pregnancy, curettage or vacuum aspiration is performed. Saving the fetus after taking the drug is impractical.

To facilitate labor activity, a woman is prescribed 1 tablet of the drug with a repeat after 24 hours. After several days after taking the first pill, the activity of the birth canal is assessed, and in some cases prostaglandins and other drugs are prescribed.

Breastfeeding does not apply to contraindications. If the patient is prescribed a medical abortion, she should stop lactating for two weeks after the procedure.

This confirms the “Mifegin” instruction. The price (of reviews) for this drug is quite high. It ranges from 2,700 to 3,500 rubles.

special instructions

As mentioned above, it is not recommended to maintain a pregnancy if a screening ultrasound examination two weeks after taking “Mifegin” revealed partial or complete preservation of the fetus. The active ingredient of the drug does not affect the intrauterine development of the fetus, but with this form of abortion, misoprostol is also used, which can cause the development of abnormalities and pathologies in the unborn child.

The use of "Mifegin" at home, according to reviews, is unacceptable, because it requires consideration of any risks associated with abortion, such as a rhesus conflict and others.
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If a woman has an artificial heart valve or is diagnosed with chronic endocarditis, then before the procedure it is necessary to conduct antibiotic therapy for prophylactic purposes. Independent reception of "Mifegin" is strictly prohibited. It should be carried out strictly under the supervision of qualified medical professionals who have a license to carry out such procedures.

After medical abortion, menstruation begins on average in 20-50 days.It depends on the individual characteristics of the female body. The effectiveness of the procedure is not determined by the nature of bleeding after an abortion. These secretions can be both abundant and scarce, and at the same time are similar to menstrual. To assess the results of medical abortion, an ultrasound scan is performed two weeks after taking it.

With regard to the interaction of the drug with other drugs, after using the drug should be within 12 days to stop using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Shelf life means 3 years. It does not require special storage conditions. This is confirmed by the "Mifegin" instructions for use and reviews.

Side effects

The main side effects are complications that occur after the procedure of medical abortion, namely:

  1. Intensive bleeding.
  2. Partially or fully preserved pregnancy.
  3. Pain in the lower abdomen.
  4. Weakness, headaches and dizziness.

The active substance of the drug can cause the following undesirable effects:

  • Allergic reaction.
  • Vertigo and headaches.

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  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Weakness and lethargy.
  • Rash on the skin and urticaria.
  • Increased body temperature.


At the same time taking "Mifegina" for recruiting abortion with drugs that contain misoprostol, the following symptoms are observed:

  1. Vaginitis (inflammatory process in the vaginal mucosa).
  2. Insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  3. Malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Digestive problems.
  5. Anxiety and nervousness.
  6. Pain in the legs.
  7. Loss of consciousness.
  8. Anemia.
  9. Beli

If the drug is taken according to the instructions, and the dosage does not exceed 2 grams, intoxication is excluded. Reception in high doses can lead to the development of adrenal dysfunction.tablets mifegin reviews


Only a qualified doctor can decide which medication to prescribe for medical abortion. For this purpose, drugs similar to Mifegin, such as Agesta, Mifepristone, Pencrofton, Ginestryl and others are presented on the pharmaceutical market.

The closest in composition "Miropriston." It contains the same active ingredient as Mifegin. Used for medical abortion in case of delayed menstruation up to 42 days.It has similar side effects and contraindications as the original drug.

Reviews about "Mifegin"

As for the reviews about the drug, they are quite contradictory. Some women complain that the drug did not work, and had to carry out the curettage procedure. Doctors, however, tend to argue that this probability is not more than two percent of cases. For many patients it is psychologically difficult to expect two weeks before the control ultrasound.

Another vital topic in the discussions is the desire of some women to have a medical abortion on their own at home. Doctors warn that it is absolutely impossible to do this. The consequences can be dangerous for a woman. In addition, she will not be able to critically assess her condition after taking the medication. Possible complications from self-administration of the drug can be risky for the life and reproductive function of a woman.

The article presents in detail to the drug "Mifegin" instructions and reviews.

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