Drug "Methyluracil" (candles): instructions for use

The drug "Methyluracil" (candles): composition

When pain in the rectum or damage to the vaginal mucosa, the doctor usually prescribes an anti-inflammatory drug called Methyluracil in the form of suppositories. It accelerates the process of cell regeneration and metabolism in the body. Candles as an active ingredient contain the substance - methyluracil. It gave the commercial name of this drug. In one suppository contains 0.5 g of methyluracil, and as excipients - alcohols and paraffins. The presence of these components must be known to people who suffer from allergies. Candles are available in a contour pack of ten.

methyluracil candles

Other forms of drug release

This drug is available in two more forms:

  1. In the form of tablets that are packaged in consolute. Sold for fifty or a hundred pieces.One tablet contains 0.5 g of methyluracil.
  2. In the form of 10% ointment. Available in aluminum tubes with a volume of 25 g. The ointment contains the active substance in an amount of 100 mg.

Therapeutic effect

methyluracil candles during pregnancyIt is an anti-inflammatory, reparative, immunostimulating, leukopoetic, anabolic, wound-healing agent. It normalizes the exchange of nucleic acids, accelerates the process of regeneration of tissues and all organs, stimulates tissue and cellular factors of immunity. The substance methyluracil triggers the work of various structures that produce active ingredients. They, in turn, activate the healing process of the wound surface. The drug is able to have an anti-inflammatory effect, that is, to suppress the activity of proteolytic enzymes, and therefore it is very effective in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Indications for use of the drug "Methyluracil"

Candles are used to treat and repair tissue of the vaginal mucosa, rectum and pelvic organs. The following are the conditions and diseases for which this drug is prescribed:

  • proctitis;
  • microseries of the vaginal mucosa after childbirth;
  • removal of polyps;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • abortion;
  • proctosigmoiditis;
  • cervical erosion;
  • for rehabilitation after cauterization of the cervix;
  • colpitis;
  • vulvitis;
  • erosive and ulcerative colitis;
  • anal fissures;
  • radiation damage to the colon;
  • cystitis.

Side effects when taking this drug

methyluracil candles instructions for useAs a rule, the drug is well tolerated. But the appearance of allergic reactions, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, headache. You can feel a slight burning sensation when injected into the rectum of the drug "Methyluracil" (candles). In pregnancy and during feeding, suppositories are not recommended for women. If you do not avoid taking the medication, it is best to consult with an obstetrician-gynecologist to compare the expected benefits to the mother and the permissible risk that can harm the fetus and the baby (when breastfeeding). Self-use of the drug is not recommended.


Prohibited drug treatment for children under three years. Not recommended for use in the presence of:

  • Hodgkin's disease;
  • leukemic forms of leukemia;
  • hypersensitivity to the active component;
  • hemoblastosis;
  • malignant tumors in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • excessive granulation in the wound.

Dosing and method of use

The dosage is set according to the instructions, which must be in the dosage form of this drug. It also describes the duration of the course of therapy. Consider the rules for the use of such a drug, as "Methyluracil" (candles). Instructions for use states that they are prescribed for damage to the large intestine, hemorrhoids and are introduced into the rectum. Often, gynecologists recommend these candles to use for cervical erosion. But the manufacturer’s instructions indicate that suppositories were not developed for use in gynecology. Before use, be sure to consult with a specialist.

Introduction technique

methyluracil candles during pregnancy

Wash your hands first. Take the drug. Candles, as mentioned above, are contained in blisters. You can pull them out with scissors (cut along the contour of the suppository). Before inserting the candle into the rectum, it is necessary to make a bowel movement (with an oil enema).Then wash the anus with water and dry with a cloth. Next, the patient must adopt a comfortable posture. Take one candle and insert your finger deep into the anus. Then wash your hands. Clean underwear to wear and lie down for half an hour. It is administered rectally in the following dosage: adults 1–2 suppositories three times a day. Children aged 3 to 8 - half a candle and from 8 to 14 - one candle 1 time per day. The duration of use depends on the healing process.

How to introduce vaginal suppository "Methyluracil"?

Candles gynecologists are sometimes prescribed for the rapid healing of cervical erosion. Recommend to introduce them vaginally twice a day. Best in the morning and in the evening. The course lasts about two weeks. Before the introduction should be douching chlorhexidine solution or infusion of chamomile. Candle deep insert into the vagina. Wear clothes that do not smear smear, as the candle in the vagina will melt and can flow out. Be sure to lie in bed for half an hour.
methyluracil candles

special instructions

It is best to keep the drug "Methyluracil" in a dry place inaccessible to children. Candles to apply strictly according to the above indications.The drug is released only by prescription of the attending physician. Shelf life is two years. Remember, self-use of this medicine is not recommended!

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