The drug "Gastal" in pregnancy

Sometimes during pregnancy can beginheartburn, and, unfortunately, it torments many expectant mothers. The cause of its appearance is the growing uterus, it starts to press on the intestine, and it in turn presses on the stomach. Under such pressure, the stomach slows down its work and, consequently, the food from it is removed longer. Sometimes food gets back into the esophagus and then there is a burning sensation or as we used to call - heartburn. In addition, the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon can be hormonal restructuring in the body of a pregnant woman, which can cause an increase in the acidity of gastric juice.

Many believe that you can drink "Gastal" whenpregnancy, to get rid of the burning sensation. This is understandable, because at that moment they are ready to do anything to get rid of this disease. But in the instruction white on black it is written that "Gastal" at pregnancy is contraindicated. But, as a rule, many people neglect this and still take a look. Although many doctors admit a single dose of this drug and if appointed, it is under strict control. To drink or not to drink "Gastal" during pregnancy is your business, but it is still worth reading in detail the instructions that are attached to each unit of packaging. In addition, it also indicates side effects, for example, calcium is washed out of the body, and it is very necessary in pregnancy for the development of the skeletal system of the baby.

There are many other ways to save yourself fromfeelings of heartburn. For example, before you drink "Gastal" during pregnancy, learn to eat right. First, review your whole diet and diet. The daily diet should be divided into 6 receptions, with dinner should be three hours before your sleep. Eat more alkaline foods, such as sour cream, cream, low-fat meat, cottage cheese and eggs. In order for the intestines to work without interruptions, eat beet salads dressed with sour cream, drink compotes of prunes. Raw vegetables and fruits should be avoided, it is better to bake them and mash them. In this form, the stomach is easier to process.

In addition, it is necessary to exclude from the dietfatty meat, spicy food, and also pickled. If you have a weakness for spicy tastes - add ginger to food, it is very useful and does not irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach. It should be noted that frequent use of coffee and carbonated drinks can also trigger heartburn. It is better to drink jelly than to torture yourself.

Separate nutrition will help to avoid heartburn. By it is meant the use of proteins separately from carbohydrates, or vice versa. For example, meat dishes are combined with vegetables, cereals and pasta - with fruits and vegetables. But sour-milk products are recommended to use with any kind of products, as they favorably affect the intestines and the entire digestive system.

So, so that you do not have to ask such questions as "can Gastal" be pregnant? ", It's better to start right nutrition today and you do not have to resort to illegal drugs.

If you still have heartburn, drink more kissels, they envelop the esophagus, which significantly reduces the burning sensation. Also, pay attention to what kind of food there was heartburn.

There are also drugs that help fight this unpleasant feeling. But they should be prescribed only by a doctor. Of course, he can appoint "Gastal", the reviews in this case will not hurt reading.

In general, do not forget about folk medicine. After all, our great-grandmothers and grandmothers somehow escaped. Here is one of these recipes: we take in equal parts dried herbs - basil, marjoram, yarrow and ginger, pour a glass of boiling water and after about 10 minutes filter. During the day, you should drink this tincture, dividing it into equal portions at will. The method is simple and cheap, and the drugs are quite expensive and it is not known if they will help.

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