The drug against hair loss "Rinfoltil" - reviews, features and composition

Once again, when he discovered a bunch of lost hair on a comb, a man, looking at himself in the mirror, begins to think - something is wrong here. After all, there was no such thing before! And it should not be ... if the body is healthy, rich in vitamins and microelements, if everything is in order and there is no infection. And what to do if the trip to the doctors showed that health is normal, and the hair still continues to fall? The risk of baldness is a reason to be nervous (by the way, the process is only activated from stress). In order not to put yourself in a dangerous situation (and baldness is also a minus to self-esteem) and to preserve beauty for a long time, it will not be superfluous to help yourself. Fortunately, special funds on the market a huge amount. Not the last in terms of interest among ordinary people is Rinfoltil shampoo. Reviews of its performance are diverse, but most people agree that the tool works well.

rinfoltil reviews

Beauty and confidence

Traditionally beautiful, luxurious, rich hair is more valued by women. The fair sex is quite sensitive to any negative changes in their appearance, and when it comes to hair, even an extra ten hairs on a comb can already provoke an upset, spoiled mood for the whole day, or even tears of hail.

For men, as they think, the beauty of hair is not so important, but often these are just words that people calm themselves with. Any representative of the strong half of humanity wants to look beautiful, attractive, young, and without hair to create such an image is very difficult. It is unlikely that you will be able to regain your hair by losing it, so it is better to take measures in advance, while all is not lost. As the manufacturer of the shampoo Rinfoltil Sileks (trihologov reviews about this drug surprisingly all positive), his product - this is the most wonderful way to maintain its attractiveness for many years and say goodbye to the hair buns on the comb.

Causes of hair loss

It is very difficult to list all the situations that lead to problems with hair - too many factors affect our appearance. And yet, if you analyze the most typical cases, you can make the following list:

  • diseases;
  • drug therapy;
  • stressful situations;
  • hormonal problems;
  • diet.

Reviews of "Rinfoltil Sileks", "Espresso" and other products of the line indicate that the tool does not always cope with the problem with the hair - it depends on the cause. As a rule, those who have been struggling with alopecia for a long time, without going through a full examination by a doctor for personal reasons, resort to it. It must be remembered that in some cases it is necessary to eliminate not a symptom (which is hair loss), but its cause - for example, a pathology nesting in the body. But if the tests showed that everything is in order, the diet is normal, the hormonal background is also the same, then you can already resort to the means of “Rinfoltil”. Reviews trichologists show that the tool is safe, so worse from its use will not be exactly.

Genetics and Gender

In healthy (and almost healthy) people, androgenic alopecia is most often observed. This type of baldness is caused by the influence of androgens, that is, hormones produced by the human reproductive system. For some, the problem begins in youth, but in a mature, old age, an impressive percentage of the population is facing it.Statistics show that 80% of all men are already victims of baldness by the age of 60, and half among women. The severity is different, however, the fact remains.

rinfoltil tablets reviews

Faced with androgenic alopecia, a person rightly doubts - is it really possible to reverse the mechanisms caused by nature itself? If it is programmed in genetics, it would seem impossible to do anything. But you can try - this is exactly what the manufacturers of the Rinfoltil line of products are calling for from falling out.

Product reviews are indicative: many users note that the tool is valid. However, only subject to the instructions for use. However, note that, for example, shampoos, lotions "Rinfoltil" (reviews of this kind a lot) smell unpleasant. Well, they are, frankly, expensive. However, what does a modern man not sacrifice in order to preserve beauty, youth and attractiveness?

What is it about?

Especially noted in the reviews price "Rinfoltila." The drug is quite expensive, for the current year it costs approximately 600 rubles per pack of shampoo only 200 ml. Also on sale are lotions and ampoules.With regards to efficiency, all products of the series have approximately the same reviews: “Rinfoltil” for women is often presented as almost the best tool that saves hair. The percentage of positive feedback is about 80.

The drug is made in Italy, there was developed. Manufacturer - a large concern with a good reputation Pharmalife Italia Research, officially received the status of a scientific institute. Scientists who have created the basic formula of the described means have been cooperating with Italian trichologists, as well as doctors from other European countries for more than a year. To identify the clinical effect, large-scale tests were conducted, the results of which officially documented reviews of "Rinfoltil" were sufficiently positive to establish industrial production of products.

How it works?

According to Italian scientists, androgenetic alopecia is explained by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase produced by human glands, hair follicles. This compound affects testosterone, activates the formation of dihydrotestosterone, toxic to the hair.The more sensitive the hair, the faster the poisoning. This leads to a weakening of the curls, loss, weakened pigmentation, shorten the life cycle.

Reviews of the enhanced formula "Rinfoltil" contain references to the following positive aspects of using the series:

  • can be used during pregnancy, lactation, as part of only natural ingredients;
  • wellness complex effect;
  • health, beauty hair.

Argue, please!

The manufacturer himself explains this by the presence in the composition of the extract extracted from the berries of the plant Serenoa Repens. It has long been known for its positive impact on the human body, but the modern scientific approach has revealed additional effects and found new methods for applying these berries, in particular, the compounds contained in them with the qualities of an antiandrogen. Incidentally, in earlier times, the tool was used to cure the urinary, reproductive system, including the prostate.

rinfoltin for women reviews

As the manufacturer assures, it is the presence of this natural element that can be explained by the positive effect described by the Rinfoltil with caffeine reviews (as well as lotions, ampoules of this line).The compound is a photo-inhibitor that simultaneously inhibits 5-alpha reductase, and also reduces the activity of dihydrotestosterone metabolism in the hair follicles.

Maximum result

To enhance the effect of the extract extracted from the fruit of Serenoa Repens, the manufacturer added to all means of the described line herbal ingredients known for their influence on human health. In many reviews of "Rinfoltila" it is noted that confidence in people is caused by the presence of ginseng, ginkgo biloba in the composition of drugs. These components stimulate metabolism, thereby activating hair growth. In addition, peppermint is included in the composition, which dilates blood vessels, is naturally an anesthetic, antiseptic, and helps eliminate inflammation. Under the influence of mint, hair grows faster, it is more active, the blood circulation improves, the tone increases. Mint simplifies hair handling, which makes fixing a hairstyle much easier. Also, this component prevents dandruff.

An additional positive effect is provided by nasturtium extract, rich in vitamins and helping to heal small wounds faster.In addition, this component nourishes the hair. Finally, the composition contains Chinese camellia - a natural, natural antioxidant, an antiseptic, combating inflammations.

Do you believe me or not?

To enhance the effect of the drug (as well as to create greater customer confidence), the manufacturer added phytoestrogens to the product line. These components have a positive impact only on the female half of clients, and, if you believe the reviews of "Rinfoltil", quite a pronounced. Substances became known to scientists about a decade ago and are now used by trichologists around the world in constant practice.

caffeinated rinfoltil reviews

The complex influence of the components of the drug (as well as the confidence of the patient herself that the remedy will definitely help her) allows one to achieve amazing results. As the reviews of "Rinfoltil" (ampoules, shampoos, lotions - in short, everything) prove, the ruler really starts hair growth, and it is very active, and the hair seems to be revived. After a sufficient amount of time, following the instructions for use under the influence of the preparations (the reviews of “Rinfoltil Espresso” especially insist on this), the hair restores its natural color, and at the same time - the thickness. Excessive fallout stops, hair comes back to normal.

Effect - only in the complex

Total manufacturer is the attention of buyers:

  • lotions for strengthening and for activation, designed specifically for women and men;
  • shampoos to strengthen hair and to activate growth;
  • pills;
  • ampoules built on a reinforced formula.

rinfolit Silex reviews trichologists

As the manufacturer draws attention, a really tangible, lasting effect will be noticeable only when combining several products from the specified line. On the same, positive reviews about Rinfoltil also agree, however, it is true that the pleasure is not at all cheap. Let's take a closer look at prices:

  • lotion (pack of 10 capsules) - almost one and a half thousand;
  • shampoo (200 ml) - 600 rubles;
  • tablets (60 pieces in one pack) - 500 rubles;
  • ampoules (pack of 10 pieces) - one and a half thousand rubles.

To achieve a good result, you must simultaneously drink pills, use shampoo and ampoules. As the manufacturer assures (and it echoes the reviews about the Rinfoltil tablets, shampoos, and lotions), with such a combination the complex will have an unsurpassed effect. The hair will be healthy, the hair will remain in place, no alopecia - and so until the end of the course, and even longer.

New - from all troubles

Reviews of Rinfoltil tablets, shampoos and lotions prove that the drugs that have appeared in our market relatively recently already help many people, saving their hair from falling out. However, they are not just getting stronger. As they say, they disappear in other parts of the body!

The growth of hair on hands, face is slowed down. This is due to a different genetic program, which differs from the head of hair on the head by the mechanism of processing dihydrotestosterone. It is believed that the obvious evidence of this postulate is the abundance of bald men rich in hair on the chest and chin. In addition, it is noticed that if women have hands on their face, their hair grows more actively than it is considered to be the norm, then they begin to have problems with their hair on their heads - baldness threatens. And from all of this, almost naturally, in a magical way, a natural, plant-based, safe, pleasant application helps (unless it smells not very well). True, dear, but it seems to be his only drawback. And what money you will not give for beauty? If only it helped ...

Inside ...

Tablets "Rinfoltil" (according to reviews, the price for them is justified, but whether it is worth spending that kind of money - it's up to each customer to decide) presented by the manufacturer as an indispensable tool if the loss becomes abundant.They suit everyone, regardless of gender. Thanks to the intake of tablets, the components are in the blood, penetrate the skin from the inside, and affect the deepest layers, which are inaccessible to topically applicable substances.

Ampoules "Rinfoltil" (reviews about them as a whole are also positive) are created for those who are losing their hair baldness very quickly. Suitable only in a complex with shampoo from the same manufacturer. Can be combined with other ampoules of the same brand.

... and outside

Shampoos are presented in two options - for strengthening hair and against hair loss (the second option is stronger). Firming is suitable as a prophylactic, helps prevent hair loss, and can also be used in addition to the main therapy "Rinfoltil". Shampoo is needed to prepare the scalp for the lotion of the same brand. The strengthened version of the tool complements the treatment with ampoules, prepares the skin for application of the drug.

rinfolt from falling out reviews

Rinfoltil lotions are quite pleasant to use, although, as noted in the reviews, it does not smell very well. But to apply them easily, no traces remain. It is assumed that lotions will treat alopecia at the very beginning.If a person is confronted with a stressful situation (not only emotional, but also physical), it is Rinfoltil lotions that will help preserve the hair on the head. The manufacturer recommends their use during the acute phase of any disease that affects the hair, during the change of seasons, in another situation, unpleasant for the hair and provoking loss. It is believed that the best result can be achieved if you combine the lotion with shampoo.

Apply the drugs "Rinfoltil" can be simultaneously with the usual means for hair care. For example, you can use a special tool for hair styling to fix the hair, but it is important to observe one condition: apply only to dry hair and scalp.

What and how to treat?

The manufacturer recommends several schemes of using the tools developed by him. Choose a specific need, focusing on the condition of the hair. When choosing an inappropriate scheme, no one can guarantee any efficiency. If there is no need for treatment, but the person wants to carry out a preventive program to prevent future alopecia, then lotion and shampoo should be combined.Such a program is relevant during stress periods, when changing seasons, when moving or exacerbations of chronic pathologies. It should be borne in mind that the result can be achieved with a course lasting at least four years, and it is better to endure without a break for 4 months. One bottle of lotion is designed for 50 days, one pack of shampoo for one hundred days.

If baldness has already begun, then it is necessary to combine tablets, shampoo and ampoules. Approximately calculating how much such treatment will cost, you need to take into account that one pack of tablets is enough for 25 days, ampoules for twice as long, shampoo will be spent in about a hundred days. The manufacturer promises a more or less noticeable result after 4 months of continuous use of drugs according to this scheme.

Will it help or not?

Where do negative reviews about such a magical tool seem to come from? After all, there are those users who confidently write that "Rinfoltil" does not help at all. In most cases, the manufacturer (his representative in Russia) refers to those cases where the drugs can not have any effect. All of these situations are listed in the instructions for use of the series.There are quite a few such “non-guaranteed” situations. For example, if the bulb has already been atrophied, there will be no effect, even though all the drugs are used at the same time. Therefore, the real result is promised only to those who started the treatment program in time.

rinfoltil enhanced formula reviews

Also it is impossible with the help of "Rinfoltila" to prevent baldness, triggered by drugs. For example, if a person is being treated with beta-blockers, anticoagulants, psychotropic substances, hormonal or fighting cancer, “Rinfoltil” is powerless. Also, there will be no result if the hair suddenly began to fall out very actively, since the reason is most likely not in genetic alopecia, but in a lifestyle or state of health.

All individually!

How long to wait for the effect if it was decided to trust Rinfoltila? The reviews here are very different - after a couple of weeks, someone noticed a positive trend, while others didn’t feel it on themselves after three months (it seems that there is a result, but it seems that it’s not clear). The manufacturer explains this by the individual characteristics of the organism, susceptibility to active ingredients.In most cases, it is possible to hope for a result by the fourth month of use, and the first time will be the growth of practically colorless hair, which will acquire normal thickness and color over time, under the influence of the treatment program.

The manufacturer also does not guarantee that after the termination of the Rinfoltila course, the effect will continue for at least some time. The company assures: a long-term result is possible, it depends on the characteristics of a particular organism; if it is not observed, it recommends that you continue to use the line of drugs. You can also resort to them occasionally, from time to time arranging your hair “medical holidays” for 3-4 months. To make the hair feel better between such periods, it is advised to use Rinfoltil shampoos constantly. They are neutral, therefore suitable for daily use.

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