The drug "Drapolen": analogues

The drug "Drapolen" is an ointment that has anti-inflammatory properties. In this article, analogues will be considered for the drug "Drapolen".

Description of ointment "Drapolen"

drape cream analogues

The cream contains benzalkonium chloride andcetrimide, as well as auxiliary components. With personal intolerance to the components of the drug appears allergic reaction. If this situation occurs it is necessary to stop using the drug. In the absence of allergies, the cream is suitable even for newborns. The use in pregnant and lactating women has not been tested. Therefore, it is possible to carry out therapy, but with great care.

Indications for use

Drapolen is active against pathogenic microorganisms, it has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Effective agent for diaper dermatitisnewborn children. Perfectly heals wounds, scratches, sunny and thermal burns of mild degree, with contact dermatitis well helps. To the drug "Drapolen" ointment analogs act the same way.

Applies externally, it is lubricated by dryAffected places. Apply the remedy when the first symptoms appear. It is good to apply the cream every time you change a diaper. Approximately four times a day apply cream on the affected areas.

Has no side effects. It is well tolerated in children and adults. The means of "Drapolen" analogs will be considered below.

draped analogs cheap


"Drapolen" can be purchased in any pharmacy chain at a price of 280 rubles per package. A recipe for a purchase is not required.

Shelf life

Store in a dry, dark place for 3 years. After the expiry date is forbidden to apply "Drapolen".


Let us consider the most well-known analogues analogous to "Drapolen". These include:

  • To the Ethanius.
  • "Miramistin-Darnitsu".
  • "Bepanten."
  • "Desitin".

According to the active substance, the preparation has no analogues.


This is to the drug "Drapolen" analog. This medication is made on the basis of the ammonia derivative. It has bacteriostatic and bactericidal action. As a result, the synthesis of bacteria is disrupted. With a drug wound heals faster, he is a wonderful anesthetic. Regeneration of tissues also improves, but this is a mild effect.

Indicated for use with:

  • trophic skin lesions;
  • inflammation of the vaginal mucosa;
  • burns (thermal, radiation, chemical);
  • dermatitis, due to radiation exposure;
  • cracks in the nipples and rectum.

How to use the drug?

The cream is applied to the affected surface 1-2 times inday. It may be necessary to use the drug for about a month until complete healing. There are no side effects, only individual intolerance can be.

Ointment "Miramistin Darnitsa"

drape analogue ointment

Consider the other analogues to the drug "Drapolen". Cheap drugs can also be purchased.

In the Miramistin Darnitsa, the active ingredient miramistin and auxiliary components. It is a remedy with antiseptic properties.
The antimicrobial effect extends to Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as fungi

Ointment is used in the following cases:

  • Therapy of an infected wound. Treatment of trophic ulcers, purulent focus, bedsores, suppurating postoperative wounds, fistula, etc. Prevention of repeated infectious infection of granulating wounds.
  • Deep and superficial burns are treated,frostbite. Prepare wounds from burns before surgery. He treats candidiasis of skin and mucous membranes, staphylo- and streptoderma, pyoderma, dermatomycosis, onychomycosis, keratomycosis on smooth skin.
  • Protects against the possibility of infection of domestic wounds, that is, has a preventive effect.

As a side effect, there may be burning and itching. The occurrence of an allergic reaction with individual drug intolerance is not excluded.

Before application, it is necessary to treat wounds and burns in a standard way. Then apply a thin layer of ointment. Possible simultaneous reception of antibiotics. Also apply bandages with this tool.

The dose of antibacterial drugs may decrease with the use of Miramistin Darnitsa ointment.


To the drug "Drapolen" instruction on the use of analogs does not describe. But "Desitin" is appointed in the same cases.

This ointment is a dermatoprotector. Has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, absorbent effect. Apply externally.

Indications and contraindications

"Desitin" is used for:

drape instructions for the use of analogues

  • diaper dermatitis in infants;
  • any superficial wounds of the skin (for example, scratches, cuts, abrasions, etc.);
  • not strong and small burns of any origin (for example, thermal, solar, etc.);
  • diaper rash;
  • swaddling in infants;
  • pressure sores;
  • ulcerative lesions of the skin, including trophic ulcers;
  • eczema in the period of exacerbation;
  • streptoderma;
  • simple herpes.

Not applicable for allergies and hypersensitivity. It is often used in newborns before putting on a diaper. Excellent cope with diaper rash.


drape analog

What else is there to the "Drapolen Cream" analogues?

The ointment contains dexpanthenol. Helps with diaper dermatitis, diaper rash, inflammation on the skin. Cracks in the anal passage with hemorrhoids treats well. Diathesis, atopic dermatitis, burns quickly "Bepanten" cures. Can be applied on the face with irritated skin.

It is applied several times a day to the affected areas. Nursing women can lubricate the nipples in order to heal.

The analogs described by us can not be limited. But the choice of the agent is better coordinated with the attending physician.

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