The decision to create an LLC: highlights

In accordance with the law, when creatingLtd. are performing certain formal procedures. Among them, it is mandatory to register an enterprise in authorized bodies. When the organization is registered, the registry records information about it. Establishment of an enterprise begins with a decision. It, along with other documents, is provided to the registering authority. Let us further consider what isdecision to create LLC.


The decision to create LLC- one of the documents required for the formulationorganizations on the account. It is made out in the case when as the founder one person acts. If an enterprise is created by several participants, then they hold a meeting. In this case, a registration protocol is provided to the registration authority, in which, inter alia,decision to create LLC. The document is drawn up by the secretary of the meeting. The protocol is signed by all founders. It specifies the place and date of the meeting, the issues that were discussed there.

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The decision to create an LLC, taken by a singlefounder, signed by him. The document also indicates the place and time of compilation. The act provides information on the adoption of the charter and the authorized capital of the company.

Where do the documents go?

The decision to create an LLC, a sample of whichsubmitted in the article, shall be submitted together with other securities to the territorial division of the Federal Tax Service. The tax service checks the documents, and after a while the information is included in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. From that moment the enterprise is officially working. Experts recommend to make a decision in several copies (2-3). This is due to the fact that the document can be requested not only by the tax inspection, but also by other institutions. For example, a banking organization or fund is sometimes included in the list of required securities and the decision to form an LLC.

Package of documents

The following documents are submitted to the territorial subdivision of the tax service:

  • Statement. It is compiled according to the unified form P11001.
  • The company's charter. It is provided in 2 copies.
  • A receipt certifying payment of a fee.
  • Copy of the sv-va on the right of ownership of an immovable object. It can be a building in which the production activity will be carried out, or a land plot.
  • Decision on the formation of LLC.

decision to create a sample ooo sampleAfter providing these documents, the employee of the registration department determines the date when the participant / representative of the enterprise comes for the certificate.

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The decision to create an LLC: highlights The decision to create an LLC: highlights The decision to create an LLC: highlights The decision to create an LLC: highlights The decision to create an LLC: highlights The decision to create an LLC: highlights