In the age of scientific and technological progress, residents are beginning to learn to appreciate the environment. And some people move to ecologically clean areas. Are there such people on the planet? So, the cleanest countries in the world.
It is worth noting that experts in the preparation of the rating from 140 countries evaluated literally everything in the states. From water quality and air quality to pesticide use and biodiversity.

Colombia - closes the ranking of the cleanest countries in the world

In fifth place in terms of purity is Colombia. This country takes care of its fertile land. By the way, flowers and coffee are grown on it, by the way. The product provides a stable export income. And a clean environment is the key to a high life expectancy of 73 years.
Colombia is located in the northwest of South America. The state is washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. From the north to the south in the country stretched the Andes. And in the intermountain valleys the main agricultural fields are located, so the majority of the population of the state lives here.
Scientists: In every country of the cleanest ranking there are mountainsScientists: In every country of the cleanest ranking there are mountains
Nature, and the climate, quite comfortable for residents. In the north reigns subequatorial arid climate. In this part of the country are located the main resorts and main ports that constantly attract foreign tourists. But less popular is the west coast, which is washed by the Pacific Ocean, because there are frequent precipitations and tides.

Costa Rica

The name of the Republic of Costa Rica is translated from Spanish as “rich coast”. He is really rich in healthy people. And this is perhaps the smallest state in Central America. It is washed by the narrow isthmus of the country between two continents, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Despite its spicy location, in Costa Rica, basically, only the white population.
Costa Rica is the fourth in the ranking of the cleanest countries. And this is due to attention to the nature and economy of the state, which depends on ecotourism. In general, by 2021, the country plans to achieve a zero balance of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Costa Rica has avoided serious deforestation, threatening a number of other Latin American countries. Therefore, the state and received almost the maximum assessment of experts.So far, Costa Rica has not completely coped with the problems of the conservation and protection of marine areas that need protection.


Norway is already in Northern Europe. Almost the entire territory of the kingdom is occupied by the Scandinavian mountains, which are heavily dissected by fjords and deep valleys. The mountains are covered with glaciers.
Norway is one of the greenest countriesNorway is one of the greenest countries
Norway is one of the cleanest countries in the world. And this is despite the fact that it is highly developed from an industrial point of view. The latter fact determines the wealth of the state. Per capita accounts for more than 33 thousand dollars a year from the country's GDP. And the main source of income is oil and gas production, as well as fishing. However, electrochemistry, electrometallurgy, fish processing and pulp and paper industry, as well as shipbuilding, electrical engineering are developed. Not the last place is occupied by agriculture. In the country they eat meat, milk and grain of their own production.


In the same Northern Europe is the kingdom of Sweden. On the one hand, the country is washed by the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea, on the other - by the Danish straits.In the north and west, mostly mountains with snowy peaks and plateaus, but in the south - lowlands and plains. A sufficient part of Sweden is occupied by lakes and forests, and quite clean. It is especially valuable that there are many national parks in the kingdom. The inhabitants did not neglect the agriculture, the lands and pastures were located along the Gulf of Bothnia. The country has a very comfortable climate - it moves from maritime to continental. Sweden has a fairly large length, so in the north in winter, the thermometer can reach minus 14 degrees, and in the south just to zero. In summer, the temperature is stable from 10 degrees and higher.

Switzerland is the cleanest country

Switzerland scored the maximum number of expert points. Therefore, she has the proud title of "The cleanest country in the world." The state is located in Central Europe, next door to Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein. Most of the country is located in the Alps. Therefore, the inhabitants here constantly breathe mountain air. From the south-west and north-east of Switzerland stretches a system of mountain ranges. Lepontica, Penninsky, Retiysky and Glarnsky Alps. They rise at a level of 3.5 thousand meters.Some peaks can reach 4 thousand meters. Well, the highest point of the state - Dufour peak height of 4,634 meters. In the mountains are located firn fields and glaciers.
To the north-west of the Alps lies the Swiss plateau. It is located at an altitude of 400-1200 meters and is famous for its hilly terrain and lakes. The climate is humid, temperate. In winter, here you can not much wrap up in fur coats - the air warms up to zero degrees. But it is on the plateau. In the summer, on average, about plus 19 degrees.
Switzerland - topped the ranking of the cleanest countriesSwitzerland - topped the ranking of the cleanest countries
There are many rivers in the country, they are high-water and full of rapids. What is the Rhine with the influx of Aare, as well as the Rhone, Ticino, Inna. The state is famous for its large picturesque lakes. This is Constance, Lago Maggiore, Geneva. Almost a third of Switzerland is occupied by forests, and almost half of the country's territory is allocated for agricultural land, and most of it is occupied not by arable land, but by hayfields and pastures. In the lowlands, you can find gardens and vineyards, as well as deciduous forests of beech, oak, ash, maple, elm and linden, the higher into the mountains, the more often you can stumble upon spruce, fir, larch and pine.But even higher - subalpine and alpine meadows, as well as overgrown azaleas, rhododendron and juniper. Well, on the tops of the mountains - rocks and glaciers.
The country has a huge number of reserves, in the valley of the Engadin is the Swiss National Park.
Moreover, Switzerland is perhaps the richest in the world in terms of GDP per person. It is therefore not surprising that the country cares about the health and life expectancy of residents. It has everything for a long and comfortable life.

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