The classic recipe for pasties

The right pasties - it is always tasty and satisfying. The filling must be meat. Indeed, how to make pasties without meat? However, modern cooking has stepped forward. Now you can easily find pasties with potatoes, cheese and even berries. Of course, they are more like ordinary cakes. We offer you a classic recipe for chebureks.

Pasties with minced meat

cheburek recipeDo you know the main difference between pasties and chebureks? The first dough should be crispy, unleavened (without yeast). Therefore, they are usually served to the table with the heat of the heat, hot and juicy. The classic recipe for chebureks does not imply any sauces. In principle, they are not needed, since the dough is very dense, and the fat does not flow through it. Yes, such chebureks cannot even “harden” even after cooling.

What ingredients will be needed

To prepare this hearty homemade dish, you will need three full cups of flour, a teaspoon of salt, a pinch of granulated sugar, a little sunflower oil, vodka,chilled mineral water (slightly less glass), two hundred grams of fresh pork, three hundred grams of beef, four onions, greens (if you are not a fan of greens, you can do without it), a quarter cup of broth or milk, ground black pepper and a little salt .

Cooking method

This recipe for pasties can not be called difficult, but it requires scrupulousness and attentiveness. Pork and beef fillet must be cut into small pieces, so that it is convenient to make stuffing. Peel the bulbs and cut them into slices. Now all this scroll through the meat grinder, alternating meat with onions. Salt and pepper the minced meat to your taste.

right pasties

Main cooking phase

Ground beef should be diluted with milk, broth or boiled water. Touch the filling with your hands. It should be a thick sour cream. Put a bowl of minced meat in the fridge and hold it there for an hour. It should cool. Now proceed to the test. In a deep bowl, combine the flour with sugar and salt. Then in the middle of this dry mixture, you need to make a small depression and pour vodka, oil and mineral water there. The entire contents of the plate must be mixed.Be careful at this stage! Stir in flour with a fork, whipping dough. Then you need to shift it to a clean board and start kneading. As a result, it should turn out approximately as a dumpling, but a little softer. If you see fit, add some more water or flour. Is the dough elastic? So, it's time to wrap it in cling film and hold it in the fridge for at least half an hour. In this case, you will not have problems with rolling.

The final stage

how to make pastiesRemove the dough and release it from the film. Divide into many pieces (approximately 50 grams each). Roll them into circles with a diameter of 13-15 centimeters. On the half of each circle should put two tablespoons of minced meat and a piece of butter. Then you need to close the filling with the remaining dough and pinch it. Now it remains only to fry the resulting "pies" in boiling oil. This recipe for pasties as close as possible to the original version.

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