The check of abundance - how to fill in correctly, the sample and features

To achieve this goal, there isa variety of ways and techniques. Someone resorts to meditation, someone sets clear tasks and performs them. Each of them is effective in its own way. There is another very interesting and fascinating technique called the "check of abundance". How to properly fill it, when and how much it will act, we will talk about this in this article.

How does the method work?

Of course, for each person is very importantthe principle of the operation of this or that technique. In fact, this is the factor that should be of the least interest. This is due to the fact that the deeper we penetrate into the method itself, the more we begin to doubt it. At this stage, any technique begins to lose its magical power. The "check of abundance" is no exception. All you need to know is a person using a tool such as a check of abundance, so this is how to fill it correctly and when it needs to be done.

check of abundance how to fill correctly

In addition, in some cases this technique may not work and there may be several reasons for this:

  • A person does not believe in the reality of this method and believes that all this is a joke. In this case, of course, the universe will not reciprocate and will also consider a person's appeal for a stupid joke.
  • The fields on the document are incorrectly filled in, and they do not match the pattern of filling the check of abundance.
  • The man missed the opportunity thathim the universe. Sometimes what we order does not just fall into our hands, but some chance is given to fulfill our dream. For example, a person wants to buy a new car, fills a check and in a few days he is invited to move to another job. Because of some fears or insecurities, he refuses the offer. The universe offered a person a variant that would help him to earn as much money as he needs for a new car, but he refused it himself.

Laws of the Universe

This method is associated with specificlaws. Even a long time ago scientists managed to find out that the Universe is boundless. She can ask for anything, and she will gladly give it. Some even compare the universe with gin. Any your desire can be fulfilled immediately, it is important only to be able to ask for it correctly. This is how money magic works. An abundance check for a universe bank is a trifle that it can execute at any time. Believe that this is really so. It is very important, after filling the check, to release the desire.

check abundance fill pattern

Do not hold on to it, try to forget about it andnot to remember some time. In addition, one should not think about how it will be realized. Believe me, for you it is absolutely not important. Ultimately, the result is important.

Basics of technology

From the name of the method it becomes clear what will beuse some check, namely the most common bank. You can draw it yourself or print an image from the computer below.

check the abundance of the sample and how to fill it correctly

Of course, it is preferable to do it yourself. Thus, you put in it your energy, which is so necessary for fulfilling the coveted desire. After the form is ready, the most important and the most important question remains how to properly fill the check of the universe's abundance. It is from how correctly it will be filled and will hang the result. Do not rush or do it with excessive sneer. Take the assignment with all seriousness. You can imagine that you are in a bank, the universe fills a check for you, and you only observe this process.

How to fill the check of abundance correctly

On the check must be indicated such fields: "Payment", "Appointment", "Amount", "To", "Date", "Signature". Each of them must be filled.

  • In the column "Amount" it is necessary to indicate how much moneyyou would like to receive. The value can be any, but not less than what you really need. On the other hand, do not specify sky-high sums. If you write a number, and in your head you have the thought "How funny, but I'll never get that much," then the equivalent should be significantly reduced. Let it be a small and real amount, but when you get it, you'll believe that the method really works, and the next time you double it.
  • In the column "Appointment" it is necessary to indicate the purpose for which you need this amount of money. For example: to buy a car, a house, etc.
  • In the column "To" it is necessary to indicate your full name, first name and patronymic. In addition, if there is a "From" or "Sender" field, it is necessary to write the word "Universe" there.
  • The "Signature" column also indicates the signature of the sender, that is, the universe.
  • In addition, you can create a "Payment" field and write "Fully Paid" in it.

check the abundance of the universe as correctly filled

What not to specify

We have already figured out how to correctly fill in the checkabundance, and now we learn what not to mention in it. First of all, these are the terms of execution. Every desire is individual, and its fulfillment can depend on many things. Do not specify a specific framework for its execution, and as soon as you completely forget about it, it will necessarily come true. In addition, you need to pay attention to the amount that you specify in the check, it must necessarily be due to your desire. You can not just wish one million dollars for small expenses. Think about what you would like most of all in the world?

money magic a check for abundance for the universe bank

Let's say a new and beautiful purse. Go shopping and find out its exact cost. It is this figure that must be entered in the "Amount" field. A sample of the check of abundance and how to properly fill it, we have already considered, but did not take into account another important point: when it is necessary to fill it.

Date of check registration

Perhaps you are already determined to go forpen and paper to fill the check, but do not rush. First you need to look at the lunar calendar. The thing is that it is necessary to fill out the blank of the check of abundance correctly only on the first day of the new moon. It's no secret that this day is well suited for writing plans and drawing up a wish list. Together with the Moon, your energy will grow throughout the month, and desires will come true. It is very important to observe this rule and fill the check of abundance on the first lunar day.

check of abundance how to fill in the form correctly

Expiration date and method of storage

Most likely, after you fill out the check,you will have a question about where to put it and how much to store it. A check of abundance, a sample of filling which can be viewed above, must be kept in a secluded place.

Find a special box for this. Waste checks should be deposited there and stored. As a rule, the check works exactly one lunar month - until the next new moon, but if during this period the desire did not come true, do not get upset, but already on the way to you and you need to wait a little longer. It is important to know that every month you can fill a new check, and it will necessarily work.

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