The breed of curly cats is called?

A friendly relationship between a person and a cat is a fact,which science has not yet explained. The wild habitat taught the animal to take care only of itself and its offspring, but human affection does not forget it. Devotion to a cat and predisposition to people is characterized by her personal interests. A peculiar nature in the nature of some breeds is an indicator of individuality and temperament. Curly, fluffy, smooth-haired, and also hairless individuals are distinguished by the presence of a typical individuality. The breed of curly cats by mankind is appreciated for their unusual appearance. They will fit as pets for loving people who will imitate them in the game and pay due attention.

Types of cats with curly hair

There is not one breed of curly cats. What is the name of each of them? Nature has awarded them with distinctive features, and the man gave a unique name - Rex:

  • elegant and sophisticated Cornish;
  • curly selkirksu;
  • ridiculous and peculiar Devonian;
  • short-haired with wavy hair to the Ural Rex;
  • fluffy laperma and boredom.

the breed of curly cats is called

Each breed of curly cats is individual. The photo will only be a confirmation of the peculiarity of the Rex.

Cornish Rex

A playful, affectionate Cornish is a small animal, closer to the average size, with an unusual appearance. Nature has awarded the cat of this breed:

  • an egg-shaped head;
  • large size of ears;
  • curly whiskers.

It is possible for a long time with emotion, without taking his eyes off,admire his short hair with curved hairs. Unusual wavy hair of this breed has many colors and patterns, including a bicolor - pure white and tortoiseshell.

breed of curly cats

Looking at the wool, you might think that the animalbecame a victim of a hairdresser who decided to experiment during the haircuts, giving the fur coat a wave form. But this is not so. Short, soft, wavy hair is nothing but the product of a spontaneous mutation, which this breed of curly cats received as a reward from nature.

The description indicates that the suit itselfis considered rare in the feline world. The first known Cornish rex was named the representative of the feline living on the English peninsula of Cornwall. His hair looked like a fur garment of a rex rabbit. But this is not the only similarity. The representative of the cat had a rabbit-like egg-shaped head, crowned with atypically large ears, enlarged eyes, curly whiskers, and unusual lengths of hind paws.

But an interesting appearance is not the only thingdistinguishes it from ordinary feline breeds. Cornish is a very intelligent and active animal who likes to be involved in everything that the host does. He willingly learns everything that he is taught, and by the nature of his activity lends itself to training. Acquiring it, you need to consider that as a friend the owners will not get a gentle and quiet, accustomed to the hands of a home toy. It is an active animal that is always on the move.

Selkirk Rex

It should be noted that these unusual pussieshave curly not only hair, but also a mustache, eyebrows. This increased curl gives them an unprecedented charm. Even inside the ears, the hairs look like charming rings.

In color Selkirkov is divided into:

  • monochromatic;
  • striped;
  • spotty.

The color of the animal, as a rule, must match the color of the eyes.

breed of curly cats

Funny Selkirk descended from short-haired Britons, exots and Persians. The process of formation of the rock is not over, it is being carried out at this time by crossing with other species.

It is worth noting that cats have perfectly adapted to life's circumstances. They are endowed by nature with curiosity, benevolence, activity, love and affection for the owners.

Devon Rex

The breed of curly cats, the name of which is Devon, has become similar to some fairy-tale characters (elf, fairy).

Having a predisposition and successful genetics, animals are ideal for living in a family environment.

Devon has a memorable and unusual view. The peculiarity of the shape of the cat was received, harmoniously combining a short muscular body and high paws. Also, the difference between the breed is a small head and disproportionately large ears and eyes.

breed of curly cats photo

Cats perfectly understand what their owners want,well give in to training. As an addition to the enchanting appearance, they also differ in dexterity and jumping. The love of jumping and lasagna constantly keeps them in motion. In communication with a person, a quiet and pleasant mumble is used. In comparison with other species, the breed is more friendly. Hostility on their part in relation to others is extremely rare.

The Urals Rex

The difference of the breed is a long, wavywool. But this difference is also their advantage. The rarity and imperceptibility of molting do not require additional care and constant cleaning. In the content Ural pets are simple. The main factor is the periodic care of the fur coat with its periodic combing and washing.

breed of curly rex cats

This breed of curly cats is very mobile. I am happy to spend time with my family. She is endowed with the opportunity to feel the slightest change in the mood of her master. Loving and caring will guarantee the good mood of others. Their light murchan at the moment of joy is a sign and thanks for the attention shown.

Habits and behaviors of felines

Each breed of furry when co-inhabited with a man accompanies a typical behavior towards people.

Sitting at the entrance doors, they can meet the master, anticipating his arrival, or follow, like a dog, on the heels under the guise of a guard.

Care of the owners of some breeds, painfully grieving.

But there is also a typical behavior for all varieties:

  • movements of the trunk, tail, and paws indicate their location;
  • The sounds made during communication speak about desires;
  • in females, during reflux, all reflexes become aggravated;
  • males at the same time mark the habitat.

breed of curly cats description

The breed of curly rex cats is an excellent choice for couples with children. They are in excellent contact with other animals in the house, frequent visitors.

Additional advantages of contact with the variety

They are considered exceptional therapists who are ready to treat their hosts at any time, very fond of traveling with their families.

There is an opinion of breeders that their woolhypoallergenic due to its special texture, and therefore safe for the person in contact with the animal. Some people with allergies that have a variety of rex have a lesser symptomatology.

Any breed of curly cats will bring the owner the joy of communication. The day spent with the pet will be filled with ecstasy and pleasant emotions.

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