Pimply people are often shy of their lack, trying to avoid society. This problem is familiar to many celebrities who spend a lot of money to fight acne.

Most Acne People

The appearance of acne on the surface of the skin - the result of a malfunction of the sebaceous glands. The reason usually lies in hormonal surges that occur during puberty. Acne also occurs due to inadequate skin care, neuralgia, gynecological problems, dysbiosis and problems with the genitourinary system.
People most often have acne on their face.People most often have acne on their face.
To solve the problem of the constant appearance of acne, you must first find the cause of their occurrence, you need to start with a dermatologist. In addition, it is important for people suffering from acne, to quit smoking, eat right, do not eat fried, sweet and fatty, drink away a course of vitamins "E" and "A".
The most acne people in the world are teenagers, who are fifteen or seventeen years old.They are characterized by not passing the rash, not only on the face, but also on the body. This lasts about three years, although everything is individual. During this period it is important that adolescents observe hygiene and eat properly.
Millions of teenagers dream of getting rid of acneMillions of teenagers dream of getting rid of acne
It is impossible not to recall such a disease as acne. Adolescents often suffer from acne, but there are cases when this skin disease occurs in mature people. It turns out acne (acne) suffers every fifth woman from twenty-five to fifty years.
The causes of acne are many. To recover, you will have to be examined by several doctors, but first by a dermatologist. Today, acne can heal. In this case, cosmetic procedures are resorted to as a last resort; you must first undergo a compulsory medical treatment.
If the treatment of this disease is carried out incorrectly or was the beginning too late, noticeable scarring of red color, spots and scars are formed on the spot of acne. The person is subsequently forced to struggle so that these scars are visible as little as possible.

Most Accented Celebrities

Everyone knows that many celebrities in life are not as beautiful and perfect as they appear on the screen or in glossy magazines. Even huge earnings can not fix their problems with appearance and skin.
Eels - one of the main misfortunes of the stars. It is known that Cameron Diaz rarely attended parties and prestigious parties because of attacks of acne. For a long time she used special creams worth more than ten thousand, most likely it helped her cope with the painful problem. It is possible that the matter is not in creams. The purity of the skin could be affected by hormonal changes that occurred after the onset of forty years.
Actress Cameron Diaz has serious skin problems, including acne.Actress Cameron Diaz has serious skin problems, including acne.
Katy Perry, the dream of many teenagers, often experiences the same skin problems as her fans. Moreover, she is no longer sixteen, her face, and sometimes her body, is covered with acne. Often, the skin brings and such a famous person like Rihanna.
Tirelessly struggling with acne is one of the richest models - Kate Moss. The vagaries of the body from time to time reflected on the face of Olivia Wilde.
Acne is even among Hollywood stars.Acne is even among Hollywood stars.
Paris Hilton as a teenager had a problem of acne, but now, when she is over thirty, her acne does not cover her face.
Do not save from acne multiple procedures worth more than fifteen thousand dollars a week, which holds Victoria Beckham. Sometimes Gwyneth Paltrow loses beauty because of purulent red spots on the face. The problem of acne and singer Britney Spears did not pass.
Lily Cole, who often appears on the pages of Citizen K, Vogue and Numéro, doesn’t look attractive without makeup, with red pimples on her red-haired face. Her unusual beauty is the result of considerable efforts of stylists and cosmetologists.
Britney Spears has acne too.Britney Spears has acne too.
Fortunately for celebrities, they are not afraid of acne. After all, it follows a whole beauty industry. But according to uznayvse.ru, the most beautiful women in the world have very different problems.

The biggest pimple in the world

If acne is not treated, purulent giant lesions can form in their place. The carbuncle is considered the biggest acne, which in turn is a kind of boil.They usually appear in the groin, in the armpit or on the neck.
People often confuse boil with a carbuncle. The difference is that when a boil occurs, only one hair follicle is damaged, while the carbuncle inflames several follicles at once, which is much more serious, the inflammatory process is more difficult.
The biggest pimples are carbuncles.The biggest pimples are carbuncles.
Initially, inflammation begins with the appearance of several dense tubercles, which then merge to form a hemispheric pimple. Sometimes carbuncles reach the size of a child’s palm and have a bluish color.
Maturation of large acne lasts up to two weeks. If a carbuncle occurs, it is important not to treat it yourself, but to see a doctor. Improper or late treatment can lead to the fact that there will be an infection of the blood, venous vessels, will begin such a serious disease, as lymphadenitis or osteomyelitis. If purulent pimple is on the face, it can cause the development of purulent meningitis. Often, treatment of the advanced stage is not complete without prescription of antibiotics and injections by the doctor.

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