The world is home to a huge number of dipterans. The detachment has about 150 thousand species. And there, as a rule, flies and mosquitoes fall. Many representatives resemble each other visually, however, they are not related. However, almost all members of the Diptera order can ruin a person’s existence. One has only to go outside in the summer, as mosquitoes and flies immediately begin to buzz on all sides.
This is a large and permanent army, which will crawl into any gap and deprive of peace. Flies - perhaps the most ancient living creatures on earth, which are ubiquitous. And in the valleys, and in the mountains, and in the tundra, and by the sea. The oldest specimen found in the Republic of China. And its age is about 145 million years.
However, such old members of the winged squad are not to be found now. But everyone knows firsthand sticky creatures that are called dun flies. They are truly huge, but not yet the biggest flies in the world.
Eclipsed all
In Russia, the most common fly is called "room". It can be found at home in May, sometimes it appears even earlier. It depends on the air temperature.But in fact, the housefly is the most common on the planet. It can be found literally in every country. It usually grows to 5-10 millimeters. Distinguished by its bulging eyes and small antennae. And instead of a mouth in a winged unusual proboscis. Few people have ever met such a fly that constantly sits in the “sweetest” places. Long and unusually thin legs with special suckers help her to reach the farthest corners of the apartment. It is the latter that help the insect to be in a horizontal and vertical surface. It is therefore not surprising that this dipter can be seen on the ceiling.
A feature of almost all flies is that they are very mobile and at the same time fly fast. In this, for sure, everything was already convinced, I am trying to hit the insect with a fly swatter. By the way, such uninvited guests in the apartment actually need to get rid of, and the sooner, the sooner. And the point here is not at all in the annoying and constant buzzing. Flies are carriers of a huge number of microbes and worms-parasites. That is why, if a product with a fly at the top is in sight, then it is better to get rid of such food in order not to get infected with some disease.
Fighter fly
But the biggest fly in the world is called Mydas fly (Gauromydas heros). This copy can grow up to 6 centimeters in length. At the same time, the size of the wings of such an insect is about 10-12 centimeters. Diptera can be found in the forests of South America. Moreover, a meeting with her can be quite fraught for a person. The fly can develop quite decent speed. And when confronted with it, bruises the size of a five-ruble coin may appear on human skin. However, the more dangerous these representatives are still unknown.

The biggest fly in the worldThe biggest fly in the world
However, there are other huge flies, which are not only distributed on one continent. Regardless of their place of residence, everybody saw a horse fly or, as it is also called, a horse fly. She has other names, for example, March Fly, Gadfly, Muse Breeze, Bulldog Fly. It grows to a length of three centimeters.
Such a front sight is considered one of the largest in the world. As expected, biting such an insect is very painful. The representatives of this detachment have very powerful mouth jaws. They are comparable to live knives that can cut through the skin. Fly jaws working in full power, and all in order to get blood. Therefore, it is a pest not only for humans, but also for animals.Favorite dinner Horse flies - the blood of cattle and horses. It is not uncommon for several flies to attack one animal.
Most of the year, fortunately, the Horsefly eats pollen and nectar. The insect needs blood only during the mating season. And like most insects, only females can bite animals and people.
Deadly Dangerous
However, all these types of flies are not as dangerous as the following. Larva fly is able to adapt to a living organism and lay its parasitic eggs there. Mostly suffer from such insects horses. They swallow two-winged eggs with food and become the incubator of these creatures. Then the larvae begin to nest right in the stomach and intestines, feed and grow, and then gnaw themselves passages to other organs. Unhappy horses fall sick and die. At this time, the larvae turn into flies, crawl out and continue to multiply.
The most dangerous fly larvaThe most dangerous fly larva
Another flesh eater is the Sheep Nose Bot Fly. She devours sheep, rushing into their bodies unceremoniously, like a previous fly. There they multiply, and, absolutely quickly and destroy all the organs that come across on the way.
But the greatest horror must be the larva fly larva man Bot Fly.This copy already eats the person. Moreover, it relishes only human flesh and brains, and does not recognize anything else. Therefore, a person who became a victim of this creature, quickly dies in terrible agony. Of course, if the time attack does not detect (and this is very unlikely).
All these individuals adapt well to the new place of residence and are able to adapt to any conditions. They are difficult to destroy, they can carry their eggs over great distances. They, most often, can be found in Canada, America, Russia, Australia, Europe. And their danger is that flies are quirky and cunning, with their strategy of transferring eggs to a living organism.
These creatures have the following tactics: a man-eater carries and spreads eggs on insects that come into direct contact with humans. It can be gadflies, and gadflies, and mosquitoes, and mosquitoes, and even the most ordinary flies. In addition, carriers of parasites can be other blood-sucking. In contact with humans, the eggs remain on the skin of people, after thermal interaction with the skin, the larva, which imperceptibly enters the body, is imperceptibly hatched.Well, after a long, deadly process of eating a living organism begins. And this process is already irreversible. Voracious larva will amaze and absorb everything in its path until it is found or tragic consequences occur.

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