Millions of fans around the world will say: a football game is always an expectation of bright moments, a beautiful game and virtuoso heads.

The most beautiful goal of 2013

The International Federation of Football Associations or in other words FIFA each year reveals the coolest goals. In the number of nominees gets a dozen of the best. In 2013, two girls even became candidates.
Several football players compete for the title of the author of the most beautiful goal.Several football players compete for the title of the author of the most beautiful goal.
So, Peter Ankersen from Denmark (Esbjerg), Anthony Di Natale from Italy (Udinese), Italian Panagiotis Koné (Bologna), Nnemania Matic from Portugal (Beneficique), Louise Necib from France (“Lion”), Daniel Luduenha from Mexico (“Pachuca”), Juan Manuel Oliver from Brazil (“Nautico”), Lisa De Bath from New Zealand (“Sky Blue”) and, of course, Spanish Neymar (“Barcelona”) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic from France (“PSG”). Neymar scored a goal in a game with the Japanese national team of the Confederation Cup on June 15, 2013, and Ibrahimovic scored a goal against the English team in a friendly match on November 13.According to the results of the open voting, the most beautiful goal of Ibrahimovic was recognized as the first in the “Best Goal of 2013” ​​rating.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored one of the best goals of 2013Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored one of the best goals of 2013

The most beautiful goal in the world

The most beautiful goal of the year, though it was in 1988, belongs to Marco Van Basten. Footballer hit the opponent's gate in the final of the European Championship. The ball hit the gate of the USSR national team, which was defended by Rinat Dasaev. By the way, the ball flew an incredible trajectory from almost zero angle. And until today, Rinat Dasaev himself claims that this goal was the most memorable in his career.
Rinat Dasaev is one of the best goalkeepers in history.Rinat Dasaev is one of the best goalkeepers in history.
Another beautiful goal in the history of football was scored by the famous Zinedine Zidane. The ball was in the goal "Bayer". Zidane scored it with the fly in the Champions League final in 2002. And he brought to Real Madrid a coveted cup from Madrid.

The funniest goals

However, along with beautiful goals in football, there are ridiculous goals. The championship in this anti-rating belongs to the defender of the Dutch team called “Sparta”. He was scored in 1973 while playing with Barcelona. Defender of "Sparta" was able to hit the ball from his goal.Due to the high impact force, the ball rose into the air and burst there. Then in the form of a rag dropped into the opponent's gate. Despite numerous shouts and disputes, the judge ordered to replace the ball and counted the goal.
The funniest goal was scored by a torn ball.The funniest goal was scored by a torn ball.
An absurd name is called a goal during the match with Flamengo against Madureira. The Flamengo goalkeeper put the ball into play, but at that time a strong gust of wind caught him and brought him into the opponent's goal. The Madreira goalkeeper did not even have time to understand how this happened, since at that time he was straightening his boots. As a result, Flamengo won with a score of 1: 0.
Amusing can be called a case that occurred in Romania in 1980. Local "Polytechnic" fought with the Brazilian "Atletico". The match was tense. During the attack, the attacker from Brazil himself hit the opponent’s goal, triumphantly tripping over the goalkeeper. The blow was very strong, so much so that the Brazilian broke the barbell with his head in half. The game was stopped, the bar was replaced, but after 20 minutes, the Brazilian re-entered the field.
There was a case when a bar was broken on the field, but the ball was in the goalThere was a case when a bar was broken on the field, but the ball was in the goal
But the champion in scoring goals in their gates is called Brazilian defender Pinheiro.In one season, he was able to hit his own goal as much as 10 times. And when the player was transferred to the attack, in the first game he again managed to get into his own net. They say comrades gave him a birthday compass with the words "Remember, the enemy on the other side."

Beautiful goal head

In the ranking of goals, there is a list of the best players who were able to hit the opponent's gate with a header. And here, most leaders have Russian roots. The most beautiful goal in Russia, which was scored with his head, belongs to the striker of “Spartak” from Moscow Yuri Movsisyan. Moreover, he scored, according to the results of the first part of ChR 2013/2014, two goals at once. The goal scored against Zenit from St. Petersburg is called the best.
Yuri Movsisyan scores beautiful goalsYuri Movsisyan scores beautiful goals
Popular sports publications immediately wrote about the football player that this is the first and, probably, the most important goal of the Armenian striker in the match against Zenit, who was able to return the red-and-whites to the game in a difficult moment. Then Glushakov fulfilled a corner, on the nearest bar Yuri Movsisyan almost zero angle, and on instinct, without looking, cut the ball with his neck, so much so that he was in the grid from the far post.
The Armenian striker scored another goal against the Volga team from Nizhny Novgorod. Commentators say, Dmitry Kombarov went on the left flank, made a perfectly accurate canopy right on Movsisyan’s head, and the latter drove the ball from the bottom corner with a powerful blow.

A beautiful goal in hockey

There are beautiful goals not only in football, but also in hockey. One of those belongs to Alexander Radulov, who, as is commonly believed, helps his partners more often than himself. But in the match against Podolsk "Vityaz" CSKA striker distinguished himself in a masterpiece.
Alexander Radulov scores beautiful goals in hockey stadiumsAlexander Radulov scores beautiful goals in hockey stadiums
Radulov was able to score a goal during a fight with two rivals and for three seconds he easily walked around Sergei Rosin twice. Everyone was shocked by the ending of the episode, where Radulov literally hung in the air and hit the opponent’s gate in a horizontal position.
The most beautiful goal in Russia was scored by Nikolai Zherdev in 2013. Once he was the leader of the Moscow Region "Atlanta" because scored a lot. In the match against Spartak, he was just able to show the beauty and hard work. The player having worked on the defensive has robbed an opponent, rushed to the attack and with one movement he could deal with the defender first, then the Spartak goalkeeper.

The best goal in football

Well, the best and most beautiful goal in the entire history of football was scored by Diego Armando Maradona. To this day, his goal, which went to the gates of the English national team in one fourth of the World Cup (it was held in Mexico in 1986) is called unsurpassed. The most beautiful goal of Cristiano Ronaldo, not even a candle. However, according to, it is Ronaldo who is one of the most expensive footballers in the world.
Legendary Diego Maradona scored beautiful goalsLegendary Diego Maradona scored beautiful goals
In Mexico City, on June 22, 1986, under the gaze of 114 thousand spectators at the Azteca Stadium, Maradona received a pass in his half of the field. The footballer ran 60 meters and was able to beat five players (Terry Butcher, Steve Hoxha, Harry Stevens, Terry Fenwick and Peter Reed). In the end, Maradona sent the ball into the goal keeper from England, Peter Shilton. And this was the second goal in this game, which Diego scored.
Not so beautiful, but the same famous goal Maradona, who was scored in the 51st minute of the game. England's footballer Steve Hodge didn’t hit the ball very well and sent it towards the goalkeeper of his team. The goalkeeper beat Maradona and sent the ball to the English goal with his left hand.Violations were not recorded, and in the stands the fans started a fight - the Argentines were attacked by the British. The passions in the stands reached the highest point also due to political overtones: there were common territorial claims of Argentina and Great Britain on the Malvinas Islands.
It should be added that Diego Maradona said the following about his goal: “I didn’t touch the ball at all. It was the hand of God. ” Since then, the goal and began to call the "Hand of God." By the way, the match ended with the score 2: 1.

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