The best films of 2000

The beginning of the new millennium was indeeda significant moment for humanity in many areas of our lives. Cinema was not an exception. A whole galaxy of excellent films marks the beginning of a new century. This article contains many remarkable films of 2000. The list of the best is difficult to compose, because this year was rich in a great movie, but it's worth trying.

Serious movie

The new century began with really high-qualityfilms, many of them became cult. This is the "Requiem for a Dream" - a tough psychological drama with a very instructive meaning and a soundtrack that has become legendary. Drug dependence became more and more urgent and a burning issue and it was worth devoting such a serious and serious film to it. This new topic from another angle continues the criminal drama of Stephen Soderbergh "Traffic", which received the main award of the American Film Academy for directing. It reveals the whole system of illegal drug trafficking from different sides on behalf of direct participants in the chain. A very exciting action-packed movie with a chic cast. "Perfect Storm" is an adventure drama based on real events. In 1991, the strongest Halloween storm hit the Atlantic coast of the United States. The plot is based on the struggle of the crew of a small fishing vessel with the elements, as well as with each other. The film was spectacular, exciting, with good special effects, for which it was also noted by the American Film Academy. In our list is worth noting also an interesting adventure drama-Robinsonade "Izgoy" with Tom Hanks. She was nominated for an Oscar and received the Golden Globe. The protagonist after the crash lived for 4 years on an uninhabited island, eventually he was able to return home, but no one was waiting for him there.

best movies 2000

Historical epics

In the category "Best Movies 2000" it's mandatorymust be "Patriot" with Mel Gibson and Heath Lager in the lead roles. An epic historical drama about the US War of Independence, large-scale, tough, interesting, it was also awarded three nominations for the Oscar. Historical drama Ridley Scott "Gladiator" received as many as five gold statuettes in the main categories. The film became a revival of the genre "peplum" in historical cinema. Despite many differences with the history, the tape about the Roman commander-gladiator Maximus won the hearts of both spectators and critics. It is epic in scale, touching, exciting, with excellent staging of battles and fights and an interesting story. We can safely say that the best films of 2000 were mostly marked by "Oscar", and this already says a lot.

best movies of 2000

Fantastic Adventures

At the beginning of the new millennium, besidesa serious drama movie, great movies for the soul, for the whole family at the cinema or for friendly gatherings with popcorn. The first of the series "Destination" was released in 2000. A very dynamic, intense thriller is designed more for a teenage audience, but it will be interesting for all fans to tickle their nerves. At the same time, the first of the screen versions of the comic books about the mutants X-Men came out. This fantastic action movie became a box office blockbuster, and Hugh Jackman Wolverine's role brought incredible popularity.

Not really superhero comics, butSuperheydochki "Charlie's Angels" also appeared in 2000. Beauties Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lew, thrilling adventures, dynamic fights and dizzying chases combined with flashing humor will definitely not let you tear yourself from the screen to the end of the viewing. In the "best films of 2000" definitely worth making "The Sixth Day" by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a fantastic film in the genre of cyberpunk about the near future, in which there are robots and the ability to clone a person, although this is prohibited, but there are always those who like to violate the prohibitions. It turned out a very fascinating tape with an unexampled and interesting storyline. The best films of 2000 often became the beginning of a series of films, they were good enough to get a sequel. As, for example, the "Black Hole", the first of the films about Riddick, where he acts first as an antihero, but as the plot develops much changes. This good dynamic action movie will be interesting not only for science fiction lovers.

2000 movies list of the best

The best films of 2000 - comedies

The leader in this category can be called "9 yards"an excellent tandem of Bruce Willis and Matthew Parry, an assassin and a dentist, as well as $ 10 million. Black humor and a non-trivial plot make the film guaranteed to be successful. It's also worth seeing Miss Congeniality with the unbeatable Sandra Bullock as a clumsy dumbass - an FBI agent who, by fate's fate, found herself at a beauty contest. A wonderful, instructive comic thriller. Like the "Shanghai Noon", in which the hero Jackie Chan goes to the Wild West in search of a kidnapped Chinese princess. In the process, he finds himself a partner and they together fall into enchanting woes.

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