The best billiards in Moscow: photos and reviews

Such a hobby as billiards in Moscow is a unique chance for every person to have fun at a low cost. In night clubs, bars, shopping centers and other establishments this equipment is installed for entertainment. However, there are several places that are especially loved by visitors.

SEMENOV - a place where you can spend your time with the whole family

Russian billiards is especially popular in Moscow, here it is called "true male". In the entertainment complex SEMENOV, located on Tkatskaya street, weekly competitions are held. Every young person can try to test their abilities at a professional level. The participant with the most points gets the winner’s cup. Sometimes there is a special training program. Beginners can get a master class in billiards.

billiards in Moscow

In the men's area is a daily broadcast of sports channels. For every visitor is offered a strong drink.In addition to this type of entertainment, the SEMENOV complex also has a bowling alley and several slot machines.

billiards in Moscow

Fun time here can also be women and children. While the breadwinner of the family seeks to launch the ball into the hole, the rest of the family can sing karaoke, play quests or have fun in a room with toys.

Incredible combination of style and comfort in one place

Russian billiards in Moscow

On the street Young Lenintsev, 12 is an amazing entertainment complex called "Asaki". More than five years ago, he was awarded the highest status - five stars. A very cozy restaurant has been created on its territory, which is always glad to welcome new visitors. Also this is the place where you can play billiards in Moscow. First of all, it is worth highlighting the design of the game room: classic colors create an unsurpassed style, and paintings by famous artists fill with a special atmosphere. A total of eight billiard tables are installed, each of which is served separately.

 play billiards in Moscow

In the entertainment complex, you can come to play one or a large company. Administrators recommend pre-registering for a specific time.Once a week you can get a master class from an experienced specialist. Periodically, Asaki organizes various tournaments for both men and the weak half of humanity.

Entertainment for every taste

One of the most popular entertainment is billiards in Moscow. Addresses of entertainment establishments, where there is a similar service, are found at almost every metro station, if you look for them on the map of the capital of Russia. For example, not far from the metro station "Perovo" is located one of the largest entertainment complexes - "Caribia".

 where to play billiards in Moscow

This is a place where you can come to relax with the whole family. Children can have fun at the water park, visit the amusement area or play paintball. There is also plenty of entertainment for the older generation. For example, there is a billiard table. Games on it are carried out according to Russian traditions. Every weekend evening there are large-scale tournaments. In the "Caribbean" will always be fun to every person!

Good rest at the best prices

For many people, billiards in Moscow is not a cheap pleasure.But there are places where you can fully relax at the best prices. For example, such is the entertainment complex "Admiral", which is located two steps from the metro station "Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard." One hour of billiards here costs from 200 to 350 rubles. This is a fairly low cost compared to renting a table in other similar organizations. It is also worth noting a convenient schedule, you can relax here until 5 am.

billiards play in Moscow

The advantage is also the presence of Japanese and Caucasian cuisine, free internet, ample parking and the possibility of non-cash payment. On the territory of the complex there are several televisions where sports matches are broadcast. Inexpensive in this place are and strong drinks. If there is a question about where to play billiards in Moscow at reasonable prices, then, undoubtedly, this will be the entertainment complex "Admiral".

A place for active recreation

If there is a desire not only to sit at the table, but also to fully relax, then you should give preference to the Scooter club. It is impossible to count on one's fingers how many diverse entertainment zones there are in this place.First of all, it is worth noting that here is the best billiards in Moscow. Unfortunately, there are only two tables, but the games are carried out according to all traditions. When you come to this place, you can learn to play billiards, practice your skills with friends, take part in a tournament or attend the role of a fan. The game is monitored by the administrators of the hall, who evaluate it by the most stringent rules. Each participant can receive a gift and a photo as a keepsake!

billiards in Moscow addresses

There is also entertainment such as bowling, beach area, karaoke, slot machines and much more!

Positive reviews, recommendations of visitors

Each visitor has his own opinion about an entertainment establishment that he recently visited. In total there are several reasons why they recommend playing billiards in Moscow.

  1. In "Asaki" is always a good cue, never got a bad stick. Here the most polite staff, always remind the rules, if there is a need for this. Another advantage is the incredibly delicious food in the banquet room.
  2. Caribia is where the original event can be held.The organizers do everything to make each event unusual. Here they always try to find a competent approach to each visitor.
  3. In the "Admiral" prices simply can not but rejoice. It is also worth highlighting the incredibly comfortable atmosphere, thanks to which you feel at home. When tournaments take place, this place is always fun.
  4. Most of all positive feedback received the entertainment center "Scooter". Children are delighted with this place and are always happy to come here again. As for billiards, a training program at the highest level is organized here, in a few days the beginners turn into real professionals.
  5. In "Semenov" is always the most polite staff that serves customers at the highest level.

Negative reviews

It is worth highlighting a few negative reviews from visitors about each institution.

  1. In the five-star "Asaki" is always difficult to get. Almost never empty seats. To play billiards, you must pre-book a table, at least one week in advance.
  2. In the "Admiral" constantly broadcast sports matches.Because of this, fans there periodically gather. People far from sports do not always like it.
  3. In “Scooter”, as well as in “Caribbean”, there is always a large number of people, it is always very noisy and difficult to fully relax.
  4. In "Semenov" do not like outdated repairs, many design objects worn out noticeably.

Today, few people do not like billiards. Playing in Moscow is a popular entertainment, fortunately, there are several places where you can satisfy your need.

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