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The best animal psychologists

In these eyes you can look endlessly. They reflect the whole range of human feelings - joy, trust, tears, smile, frankness, an invitation to play. These creatures cry and laugh gently kiss and hug, always remain faithful to each other and do not tolerate separation. Enough one-on-one meeting in order to be a captive of emotions for the whole life and disinterested desire to make friends with them forever. They are the people of the sea, friends human sea kings. The name of them - the dolphins.

If I were told a few years ago about the method of treatment with the help of dolphins - I would hardly believe it. Yes there are proven facts that animals can heal, for example, a cat falls exactly on a sore spot, and the dog is always trying to ease the pain and lick just cut finger. But what dolphins can treat ...

During the next Crimean holiday, I heard a story parents who with the help of dolphins treated a child with mental disorders. “It's hard to understand,” she said then. touched mother, - this must be seen and observed. That's when we went to get acquainted with dolphins in the water area of ​​the Cossack Bay, where in the summer time there are constantly sessions dolphin therapy. In winter, classes are held in an indoor sea pool.

Dolphin therapy, very often used by doctors in the field psychotherapy. Psychologists explain this by many features, in particular, friendly attitude to man. Myths about how dolphins help the mentally ill people return to society, originated from antiquity.

Why use dolphins? Because they are “good”. Because they are something unique. Because they are intelligent and capable to interspecific communication. Naturally, not verbally. These and other factors together form a therapeutic factor. And, thanks to this, a person changes his attitude towards himself. and to everything surrounding, gets out of self-isolation, shows various interests - verbally, and not verbally - compensates for the lack of emotions that develops.

Especially joyfully perceive contact with the dolphin children. They generally able to communicate with any four-legged creature, and here - a dolphin. Interesting, fun, emotional, effective. Actually, therefore now there are programs for the psycho-correction of children (suffering from developmental disorders). Sensory and speech in such children is stimulated. Stiff joints come to life. Emotional state improves. Stabilized energy. Normalizing heart activity. And all this - as a result of the game (swimming race, swimming, riding on the back of a dolphin, diving, manipulations with the ball, hugging, anything). The benefits are obvious. At least, about uselessness is not audible. So psychotherapy works.

But everyone is able to make a decision - to smile at him answer dolphin, or turn away. Smile

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