The Banner Saga: passing an unusual game

In the game The Banner Saga the passage will leadplayer through one of the ancient Scandinavian legends. This project is designed for the plot component and an interesting gameplay. The user will often be given freedom of action and the opportunity to make tactical decisions on his own. It is for this reason that during the adventure there may be difficulties that need to be overcome.

Features of The Banner Saga

Passage of the game opens before the gamerAn original ancient world where people live next to fairy-tale creatures (dredges, warbles and centaurs). The plot tells the story of the three main characters, which are united by one destiny. It all started with the attack of bandits on one of the villages, and then the chain of events was woven into a fantastic adventure.

the banner of saga

The graphics in the game are similar to the animated, which emphasizes the atmosphere of fantasy. Scandinavian mythology intertwined with interesting characters, which is evident during the passage of each of the missions.

First chapter

At first, the story acquaints the user with the mainaspects and conducts a small training. In the game The Banner Saga the passage begins with an introduction, after which the player enters the city. Here the character with a familiar face gives the task to the protagonist. Communication takes place only in dialog boxes, and the first missions are also performed through conversations. The starting fight will take place in the bar "Nobleman", where the Skiffling hid. About this hero will be informed by his familiar trader named Hadd.

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Together with Eirik defeat the enemies and move topier (watch the red pointer). Do not avoid battles, because it helps to earn fame and respect for your companions. After talking with the guests, leave the village with the caravan of Prince Ludin. Spend the night in the camp and go on with the caravan until there is a plot battle.

Complexities with control in the fight will not be, becauseon the side of the player stronger soldiers. Nevertheless, even at the beginning of the game, interesting twists of history await the user before the beginning of the second chapter. If you have the game The Banner Saga in Russian, you can feel the whole atmosphere of what is happening. To do this, you need a licensed version or crack for a pirated client.

The second episode

In the second chapter of the game The Banner Sagawill transfer the user to the other end of the card. The main hero will no longer be Ubin, but Ruk, who with his daughter Aletta prey on a drag. Suddenly there is an attack on the native town of Skogr. Here you should make two decisions. The first is about collecting provisions on the way from the hunt, and the second - about the recruitment of satellites with whom it is necessary to occupy the defense. After the next bout, it is necessary to develop a chain of actions in the course of dialogues, which will gradually influence the plot.the banner saga in RussianThe starting solution will be the inspection of houses or a pass. In any case, before Ruk there will be a scene where the giant brings a baton over the head of his daughter. The correct solution here is to shoot an arrow directly into the dredge, otherwise Egil will die with any other choice.

Next, Hands with the team will move to the centralthe throne room, where Iver will invite him to leave this settlement. From this choice depends, in what direction will further develop the game The Banner Saga for this character. This project often sets a gamer's choice, and make it better for all users, based on their own experience. Then you get a personal identity story, which will be remembered for a long time by computer game lovers.

Cheats in The Banner Saga

In the game The Banner Saga cheats are not necessarily a prerequisite for victory. It will not be difficult even at the maximum level, and interest in the introduction of codes is reduced.

 the banner saga game

The developers did not provide here consolecommands, so you can enter passwords only with the help of an additional trainer installation. There are not a lot of teams here. The main one is the addition of incredible power to the main character in all characteristics. This will make every next fight easy.

In addition, in the game The Banner Saga cheats canopen the character editor, add the necessary amount of fame, and give the team endless supplies. The rating of the main character affects the attitude of the surrounding people to his person, as well as their consent to join the team. Numerous supplies will help not to worry about eating in the transitions between cities and other destinations along with satellites.

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