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Gabriel the Archangel was chosen by God to informThe Virgin Mary and the people are glad news about the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. Therefore, right after the Annunciation, Christians worship the minister of the sacrament of salvation of all mankind. The calculus of the Archangels begins with Michael the victor, and also the champion of God's enemies. Gabriel is the second in the hierarchy. He is the messenger of the Lord for the proclamation and interpretation of Divine secrets. The Church of the Archangel Gabriel is on Chistye Prudy in Moscow. It was erected in the 18th century. Today it is an Orthodox church of the Archangel Gabriel. Let's talk about this servant of the Lord in detail.

Gabriel the Archangel

Who is Gabriel?

Almost in all book sources about it they writethe same. Gabriel the Archangel is one of the seven higher cherubim, bringing the prayers of the saints. His name in the European language means "the power of God." Archangels Gabriel, Michael are the highest hierarchs of the Light Forces. Their names are mentioned many times in the Scriptures. Gabriel is described as a heavenly messenger, conveying God's messages about the salvation of mankind.

Moses, who escaped the punishment of Pharaoh, he taughtbooks, writing about the creation of the world and Adam (the first person). He told about the life and deeds of the patriarchs, telling about the division of tongues and the flood, and also explained the location of the planets and the heavenly elements.

The prophet Daniel learned from Gabriel about the future kings, the time of the coming of Jesus and the time of liberation of people in the Babylonian captivity.

daily messages of the archangel Gabriel

How did Gabriel depict?

The closeness to God of this supreme cherubIt is unquestionable, as he passed on the most important New and Old Testament messages. The Holy Church depicts it with a paradise branch in hand, which Gabriel was brought by the Mother of God. Sometimes he holds a mirror of jasper in his left hand, and in the right he holds a flashlight with a burning candle. In this there is a certain meaning. The mirror says that the Archangel saves the human race by transmitting God's messages, and the lantern with the candle symbolizes the mystery of God's word for each individual destiny. And this mystery is revealed only to those who look into their hearts and try to find there a spark of the divine. Archangel Gabriel (and Mikhail, too) are keen to ensure that people move along the path of spiritual search. Remarkably early depiction of the divine messenger. Archangel Gabriel, whose icon is now a canvas with a respectable husband, was previously depicted with green wings and in armor.

Who helps God's messenger?

First of all, Gabriel takes care of hopefulon conception. He gives his parents strength and courage, and also helps them find balance and graceful faith, which has a great impact on the development of the child.

The second mission of the Archangel is to help people whosework or life goal is closely intertwined with the art of communication. If necessary, you can refer to the cherub, if you are a singer, confessor, musician, journalist, writer, model, teacher, actor, correspondent, dancer or artist. Gabriel-Archangel will open all the doors to realize your talent. He, like a sports coach, inspires and motivates people of art, helping them to overcome fears and not to postpone business in the long box.

prayer to Gabriel the Archangel

Archea Nadezhda and Gabriel

Archea Nadezhda is the companion of the supreme Archangel. It embodies the feeling of goodness that appears in people who are thinking about their future. If a person woke up in the morning in a state of waiting for something good, quiet joy and happiness, then next is Archeya Nadezhda with helpers. She presents a spiritual gift to a person for acquiring new awareness and experiences, and also harmonizes his outer and inner space. This gift is a pass for training in theological schools and universities. The training itself occurs in a dream and, having woken up in the morning, a person can not remember anything, but at the right moment he can use this knowledge as naturally as if he were studying in the usual mode.

Hope and Archangel Gabriel, whose icon isin many Orthodox churches, help a person to develop certain knowledge and skills. For this it is enough to ask in prayer that they send good, bright thoughts and help in the formation of pure and clear intentions.

By the way, Gabriel-Archangel also protects on Earththe original purity of God's plan. He maintains on the planet energy and information for the realization of the main divine purpose for all mankind in a virgin and undistorted form. All this Gabriel and Nadezhda support by protecting the purity of the relationship between people, and most importantly - between a man and a woman. Turning to their family, they give the joy of parenting.

archangel Gabriel icon

Prayer to Gabriel the Archangel

When this cherub is summoned, they receivepowerful energy feed. Since Gabriel is the archangel of action, a person immediately has the power for active and fruitful actions that change the situation for the better. Prayer-treatment:

"During my sleep, I call on Gabriel to takeme to the Institute of the Spirit. And in the name: "I am what I am," I ask you to inspire me and to fill God's will. I ask the Archangel for him to put into my waking consciousness the necessary information for the fulfillment of my personal divine plan, when it is needed. I fully accept this help. Thank you »

Another prayer to Gabriel the Archangel:

"The holy cherub who brought joy from HeavenPure Virgin, fill my heart with joy and joy. Oh, great Archangel, you told the Virgin Mary about the conception of the Son of God. Open to me, the sinner, the day of my death, ask the Lord for my unfortunate soul, so he will forgive my sins; and let the demons do not restrain me for my sins for my sins. O great Gabriel, save me from the grave diseases and troubles, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen"

Epistles of the Archangel Gabriel

The Daily Epistles of the Archangel Gabriel

It is clear that within one article they can not be listed. Every day of the year there is a message. We will tell only about a few.

About faith and trust

Faith and trust are essential componentsyour evolution. Faith is the unshakable conviction that you are only a part of the great Whole, and that there are much higher aspects of the Source and yourself, with which you can always connect. Trust is a belief not only in the existence of these aspects, but also in that they help and guide you at every stage of your life path. They will never leave you in a difficult moment.

Demonstrate your trust and faith, even ifit was hard times. After all, they will not last long, and everything that happens happens for good. Remember - you are not alone in your journey. The best way to survive these times is to practice humility, and also give up resistance. Rejoice in the miracle of your own existence and realize that it's more than enough to be and be in the Stream. You are adorable, divine and you do a wonderful job.

About love

Love is alignment with the Source, whichrepresents an eternally expanding flow of unconditional love. Love is the flow of the Source energy that any person can use.

Some people deny love.But they do it because of fear, which creates even more restrictions, discomfort and resistance than the true reason for giving up love. That is, if you react from the standpoint of resistance, denial and fear, you seem to limit yourself and get into the cage.

Being an extension tool, lovesupports freedom and growth. Any place in which a person will freely flow his own love, will begin to expand. From this position, one can regard love as a tool of manifestation.

What in your own life needsexpansion and growth? Just send love to this place, be it your relationship, finances, your self-expression or your own body. The act of sending love can essentially transform any situation.

the temple of the archangel Gabriel

About water

Many Epistles of the Archangel Gabriel containthe mention of a stay in the Stream, which is considered the most important element of enlightenment. Water is the substance closest to the flow. It is important for good health and is very relevant now, when on the planet there are accelerated changes.

Water helps to move your energy.It absorbs various vibrations, cleans and allows the body to change in the most natural way. Just as oceanic and sea currents are moving under the influence of other planets, it is worthwhile to move to you. Plunging into the water (salty water perfectly cleans the body from the outside) and consuming it in large quantities, you choose the movement in accordance with the rhythms of the universe, helping yourself in the simplest way. When dehydrated, your body exits the Flow state and enters the resistance space. So drink plenty of water!

About fear

Feeling frightened, you can not earnbig money or doing something like that. After all, fear is one of the components of vibration shortages, and the energy of contraction and limitation can not be creative. This is similar to trying to wash, sitting in a dirty puddle. You can not create positive changes, being under the influence of negative energies (that you do not want). To create the desired, you need to turn to him face, turning away from the unwanted. All the rest is a matter of leveling and following the call of your Soul.

Be yourself

Your unique essence is needed by the planet.That's why you are now on it and are. Your vibrations are related to the respected and vital aspects of the energy of the Whole. Even without doing any actions, but simply existing in Being and clearly and purely radiating your own vibrations, you are already striving to fulfill the purpose of your stay on Earth. You are already concerned with the aspect of the Source. Each person is at his own stage of learning this truth. To maintain the mosaic of essential energies on the planet, it's enough to just be yourself. This will help her more than you can imagine.

the archangel Gabriel and Michael

Live now

If you can gain a foothold in the moment Now, thenwill come to realize how well you feel it. Staying in the moment will allow to keep a full presence and concentrate only on what really is subject to your control - the current moment and yourself.

Focusing on the moment Now, youfeel great support, kindness and just a good mood. Many are concerned about the wrong things: predictions for the future or judgments about the past. It's just worth staying in the Present. This will allow you to see the right things and practice your vision through this vision.

Each of us goes through a period of change,which can be too complicated. The most optimal way to overcome the changes is to go through them at a time at the moment Now. This will save you from defocusing and overloading. Moment Now, in which you create and live, it will help to keep the focus of attention and balance. This is the place where you can stay in peace.

If you are interested in other daily messages of the Archangel Gabriel, we suggest that you consult the relevant literature.

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